Bafana Win Sends Egypt Coach and FA Boss Packing

Egypt have sacked head coach Javier Aguirre after the hosts suffered a shock defeat by South Africa in the last-16 of the Africa Cup of Nation.

The Pharaohs were the pre-tournament favourites but lost 1-0 in Cairo after Thembinkosi Lorch’s 85th minute winner.

Egypt Football Association president Hany Abo Rida has also resigned, saying it was a “moral obligation”.

Mexican Aguirre, 60, was appointed in August 2018, succeeding Hector Cuper, who left after their World Cup exit.

Speaking after Saturday’s defeat, Aguirre, who still had three years left on his contract, said: “Of course I am responsible.

“I think the game was open and there were chances for both teams. The only difference was the goal for South Africa.”

(Source: BBC)


  1. Mapesho

    This is the way it is suppose to be even in political election, you loose you resign and give way to others. African leaders too selfish failing more than 3X ..still trying. Just fade up with them!!!!

    • Sosa

      Poverty fools are scared that’s why they always talk about HH.They are having sleepless nights… you can see their president is coming to CB every week.

      • Bana Simon

        Sosa you are right that’s why they are even back peddling….they are saying no tribe is superior than the other, after realising their tribe alone cannot take them to plot1. They have failed tremendously!

    • P.M

      He didnt resign. He was sacked !!Why do we have to politicise everything in zambia. Cant we for a change talk and dream of economy rather than useless politics?

  2. Bola na lesa

    I wish in Africa we could have more of leader like the president of the Egyptian football association who could take the blame and resign.

  3. Macmillan Mushinge


  4. puzzled

    iwe ka mapesho yama penso hw many times did king cobra lost b4 winning hh is a heavy weight politian unlike chang lu who is ridin on king cobra’s popularity when mazoka died upnd was placed 2 a third position nw second were it was b4 its only dat pfool believes in rigging not wining time wil cum just RB faild 2 rigg

    • Bk

      Do dream the party for one tribe shall. Never rule Zambia

  5. John

    so where does politics come in you chaps? Put FAZ in order then maybe we can talk. Kamanga came in but what has he done. Ponga came and left after a cloud but still nothing. All we want are the allowances. We want to feed our bellies. Ba Kalu even did a better job

  6. Binda

    Awe nomba yakosa ifintu, Afcon nomba yaba ma politic ya mu Zambia. Are Zambians becoming confused so much that they cannot distinguish between Afcon and general elections? This freedom of speech awe mwandi kaya

  7. Kings

    This is what hunger can do, people don’t want to change the topic, whatever comes on the table is politics. Lungu Chagwa And HH See How You Have Spoiled Our Youths. Bane this is sports news not politics, kikikikikikikikikiki, yabaa!. Zambian Soccer Is Messed Up.

  8. BL Simpamba

    Zambians who utilize this platform when the topic is about soccer just talk about soccer don’t include politics.You are forgetting that you sacked Sven just for the same issue why didn’t FAZ president resign?To others smple comment.

  9. Dr Fonicks

    My fellow country men and women, why do we mix up issues. This article is football related why dragging in politics? Let’s stick to the issue at hand. All we need is advise our soccer administrators to take leaf of what transpired with the Egyptian officials. Let’s not mix soccer with politics. we should always look at what the article is about. Let HH and ECL be spared on this issue.

  10. Mateo


  11. Constable


  12. ask them

    i see no reactions,u cant mix two thngs at de same time!

  13. Ama kopala

    Indeed this is a huge lesson for the soccer administrators in Zambia. Andrew Kamanga must start counting his days at Football House. Honestly speaking, Zambian football standards have declined ever since kamanga took over. It is shocking to see sleepy footballing blocks like East Africa appear at the current CAF tournament (95% of them participating), while Zambia sinks so low. It has bn the culture of most FAs across the Glob to resign if they fail to qualify to such tournaments. Then what else would they wait for. Seriously twice in a row Zambia failed to participate. We are tired of small tournaments like the COSAFA. We need Great Kalu back in the system. Finally those who celebrated the arrival of Andrew Kamanga must now sink their heads in the sand. For how long will we entertain the current football administration. No way guys, we have bn embarrassed for far too long. Abakulu bakulu, so goes the bemba adage. Great Kalu has more experience & exposure in football matters. Look at the embarrassing performance of Sven ( the past coach), honestly if kamanga was experienced in football administration he could not have insulted the Zambians with that poor choice of a Primary school coach. Plz my country men, let’s inform ba Andrew Kamanga to leave football House immediately bcoz Zambians will not tolerate another dry spell bcoz they don’t have the patience. Let Kalu come back. Guys Zambian football is not under seige, nor is it on trial by inexperienced coaches and administrators. There is no room for trials and experiments at that level. Some of us knew from the beginning that under kamanga, Zambian football standards would shrink. Here we are today, great Kalu has bn vindicated. In the next Faz elective conference, the delegates will not need to think with their bellies but to give the Zambians the right choice. Kamanga will go down the zambian football archives, as the man that destroyed the football path due to his naivety. Country men let’s act now. From ama kopala libwe. Thanks.

    • Wezi

      You are right big man,Kamanga waka red that’s why we are always loosing.Let’s try aka green or blue in soccer also.

  14. Dude

    People, Zambia is not participating @ Afcon, why can’t we use this platform for politics? Just asking?

  15. Daniel Banda

    Give us a break from your never ending complaining and politics of hatred.

  16. Jaytwo sikuku

    Congrats South Africa

  17. Hh

    Why bringing ichilema here. He will die trying not winning.

  18. Songwe Stephen Abraham

    Congratulations South Africa

  19. concerned

    They hav raised the pay for the Zambian coach to$25000.Yet the football performance is extremely bad.Its only in zed where u find such bullshit

  20. Chimz

    For once leave HH alone please! Why digress from the topic? What is being discussed here is football but you decide to bring HH! I think this obsession against HH is getting out of hand coz it seems some of you even in your sleep, all you see is HH 😂😂😂 If God Almighty has already determined that HH will rule this country, mark my words he will!

    • Doubt Katwishi

      Why bring Hakaivotela heka here. This guy is a failure.

  21. Joezman

    Nibolafye iyi 😆😆😆

  22. Impyakusu ichinyo

    Kkkkkk I think HH is a factor now uli onse uwaumfwa amasushi ni HH

  23. Shanse

    I think kamanga must resign too, football teyabana iyo

  24. Charles Kiliboy

    Why do we like politics
    Let’s talk about soccer plz
    If you’re a politician stay away from dis

  25. Licken George

    That’s what Kamanga should have done when Zambia failed to qualify for AFCON

  26. H f

    Chikubabe, Lungu nafutinafuti.

  27. Dr Fonicks

    What’s so disheartening is that we have missed two consecutive Afcon finals under the Andrew Kamanga’s admin. Zambia has in the past not experienced such a situation. Surely, there’s something terribly wrong with Faz. Kamanga and your staff think twice on this. Personally, I haven’t had the interest that I usually have when the Afcon is on since Chipolopolo are not there. Something must be done to put Zambia back to its original football glory. We are tired of you Kamanga and your team.

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