Chingola in Cattle Disease Outbreak

Foot and Mouth Disease has broken out in Chingola District on the Copperbelt with over 500 heads of cattle testing positive to the deadly disease.

District Livestock and Fisheries Officer Dr Emmanuel Chitambala has confirmed the outbreak of the disease in Musenga Area.

Dr Chitambala has said over 500 heads of cattle out of 800 at one farm have tested positive, an indication he said is very worrying.

“Yes I can confirm but this report is confined to one area, that is in Musenga Camp. Right now we have set up check points. By today, I can confirm that about 500 are affected out of the over 820 at that farm,” said Dr Chitambala.

Meanwhile, Minister of Fisheries and Livestock Kampamba Mulenga Chewe has banned the movement of cattle, pigs, goats, sheep and their products in all affected areas.

Ms Mulenga Chewe said the move is to help prevent the disease from spreading to other parts.


  1. puzzled

    ba reporter this is not a deadly disease am a farmer in monze osanama its treateble but only spreads fasters talk of colido disease

  2. Correction

    Its Mrs and not Ms ba reporter

  3. professor Clerk

    thanks availing the outbreak to us, but the question is; can an animal that is infected with this disease still be consumed by man without any negative effects??? If not, what have you done to regulate the movement of beef to see to it that the infected meat does not reach the consumer by any means?

  4. Bush

    I suggest that u go and treat that disease before it spread, than just sitting down just because it’s from one area

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