MMD Says Pact with PF Still Intact

MMD faction National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda says the partnership between his party and the ruling Patriotic Front is still intact.

During a media briefing on Monday, Nakacinda said the former ruling party would hold a national convention in 2021 to discuss and review the alliance with the PF.

He said the MMD is a transparent party whose leaders did not make decisions without consulting party members.

Meanwhile, Nakacinda has urged members of parliament not to politicize the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) proposals because they are progressive.

Nakacinda added that NDF was conducted in good faith and for the benefit of Zambians.


  1. Lisa

    Pf/Mmd has become irrelevant in the eyes of many Zambians. Corruption intensified from day one of the pact. Zambians have become poorer, no money in the pocket of many

    • The Seeker

      K100, which is infact a k100,000 and is our highest currency, has lost its value so much that it can not even by a bag of meali meal. This is a shame, and you are busy talking about PF/MMD partnership. Do you think we care?

  2. Joseph malombe

    Time is running out to day we may look fullish but tomorrow they will come very calm ,they will Neil down and plead for votes but only fullish people will cast votes for nothing.work up Zambians we need a Government that can care for the suffering of people,the Government that can hear the crry of his people not the Government that can put their agendas first.thank you my country men and women we mean good governance I say good governance.

  3. Elephants

    Mmmmm MMD is the party ruling because ¾ of the leaders are from MMD…..PF/MMD fyenu ifyo

  4. Jayz

    Hmmmm ba mmd na pf????

  5. Che

    MMD we know you we fished you out of government, don’t think we can give you a single vote if not your Owen party member’s children.pf we know you as well, bainzi bakunda pavintu voola. Both pf And mmd corrupt people, you are now rejected my Zambians.

  6. neutral

    Countrymen & women, l beg you to contemplate on the words found at ecc. Chapter 8:9.It says; ‘man has dominated man to his injury’.

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