NBA Grants Permit to 4 Companies for GMO Imports

Four Companies have been granted permits to start the importing products that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

In a statement issued today, National Biosafety Authority chairperson Dr Paul Zambezi explained that the permits had been granted to Gatbro Distributors, Pick N’ Pay, Southern National Import and Export Limited and Choppies Super Stores market following a Board decision at a meeting held on July 5, 2019 in Lusaka.

Among the products which Gatbro intends to import include Bokomo Otees, Bokomo Pro-nutro, Instant porridge, Bokomo cornflakes, Bisto and Knorr soups.

Pick N’ Pay will bring in 72 different varieties of food and feed, which include brands of Bobtail dog feed (medium, large, steak, Feline cuisine- adult chicken flavours) and No Name Popped rice, Knorr soups, Ace instant porridge, Kellogs cornflakes, Imana Soya and Imana gravy roast chicken flavor.

Other products include Top Class soup, Simba Doritos, Bakers snack time, Cheese and some other PnP branded products which may contain GMOs.

Southern National Import and Export Limited will import various pre-mixes, including bread mix, soft roll mix and Bakels 15 per cent soft mix, among others while Choppies will import various flavours of Ace porridge.

“As the NBA, we would like to reiterate that food safety is very important and we cannot allow any food or feed which is not safe for human consumption nor for use as animal feed to be on the market. Such products which have been allowed to be on the Zambian market by the NBA have been established to be safe for consumers,” Dr Zambezi said.

He has indicated that the NBA is currently reviewing other permit applications which are at various stages.

Since the beginning of this year, the Authority has renewed six permits to place on the market products which may contain GMOs.

“The six are for Cold Chain, Zambian Brands, Comox Trading Limited, Horizon Distributors and Innscor Distributors. To ensure compliance, permits to sell products that may contain GMOs are valid for six months,” stated Dr Zambezi.




  2. Moses Mwamba

    Its sad that we are back to importing GMO. This is what President Mwanawansa MHSRIP, fought so strongly.


    Dr Levy Patric mwanawasa u were really a pipo’s person ! please come back to life and see these…. of pipo

  4. Stanza

    Y can’t just do the same products locally than importing GMO foods, we have plenty land even irrigation can be done.zns is there they can be able to do winter crops .ur even proud at GMO when other countries refuse such staffs .corruption in Zambia will never end y killing your own children, every GMO food has got it’s own disadvantage and a big one .don’t blind Ford the people that now it’s safe ,u want to bring more complications now to people of Zambia cause at the end expect new expensive diseases appearing to people already the diety is a problem to follow in many homes due to state of our economy now drugging poison to your children what a father. Just fund farmers the commercial farmers they can do the production of cereal foods then we create employment by opening up factories which makes standard products ,we can also start exporting than start getting GMO foods sure ,consumer protectors don’t just accepte who ever comes to u and say let’s allow it look at the future of our country ,ur not helping here but killing though it may sound like ur helping reality is nooo.let’s start producing such simple things within it will b part of creating job opportunity to our fellow Zambians y ist that PNP still goes back home bring things to Zambia and sale not opening their factories here? Mr minister Incharg please consider this as a point .remember in Germany Hitler what he did ,

  5. Jms

    When we do things we should consider how we love our country and friends maybe because of your staters you can’t recognize who you are what you should do this is failing to reason when you fail to reason its either you fight or you killing indirectly Zambezi is a coward who can’t refuse but giving an expiring date shame what a big foolish persons

  6. Binda

    I smell corruption. The manufacturers of GMO have taken advantage of our weaknesses to work together as a country and fight corruption. This is all because we are very much pre-ocupied with 2021 elections. It’s like there have been no general elections before in Zambia. Come on Zambians, let us work up.

    • The Seeker

      It’s difficult for anyone scrupulous to get rich quicker. So almost every one is venturing in corruption.

  7. charles mweeme

    Better still import 1.3million metric tonnes”‘GMO maize for the Congolese and we as.a country retain our own Locally Produced gmo free maiize(1.3mt.tons)for our own consumption

  8. Liverpool

    Why killing us ? Please let us die from hunger not bringing these food into our land.

  9. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    NBA and your Chairperson Dr. Paul Zambezi do you LOVE the people of Zambia or you just LOVE money which these Big Super Markets will give you after granting them permits to bring GMO foods on the Zambian Market???? You should put the lives of people first rather than money first!!!! We still remember when the late President Levy Mwanawasa refused to bring GMO foods on the Zambian Market. This Organization will put the PF Government into disrepute!!!!! NOTE: We as concerned Zambian Citizens, we do not want GMO foods on the Zambian Market!!!!!!

  10. Hev rena

    I’m shocked at people’s ignorance because GMOs are everywhere.These are improved varieties of advantaged genes.Talk about oranges,pigs ,Chickens and even the maize we eat is hybrid.There are no poisons in these foods.Bp and sugars are lifestyle diseases .we don’t exercise much most of us.Whites who eat these things even live longer.Even the cost of producing these things is cheaper economically..

  11. Gangsta grabs

    The plan is to kill 3 million Zambians by 2021 and replace them with 3 million chinese because there is no capacity to feed zambians,the chinese have their own money.You are dead,today dead

  12. Youth movement

    Please mwebantu how safe are these Gmos?How I wish mwanawasa was still alive so as to advice how he managed the nation without Gmos.

  13. indoshi palupe

    I don’t even go to choppers and pick’n’ pay… _fools!

  14. Namona

    Did these people consult government? If yes then let us go for prayers on 18 October 2019 which is a national day of prayers for president Lev mwanawasa to come back

  15. Wise man

    ignorance if you faill to lead a country just resign better we ruled by DR late mwanawasa’s control spirit how foolish are you amano kumpiyafye ngabwaca fimoneni kwatufipuba,fusekiiiiiiiii

  16. brown

    Foolish and useless leadership!!! GMO foods have a great harm on health. Zambians please let us not buy and eat things that our ancestors did not use to eat. Prevention is better than cure!! Very stupid government.

  17. Simeon

    Don’t allow gmos here don’t behave as if you are not educated

  18. No GMO Campaign

    Boycott outlets which are trading in GMO products.

  19. Chris

    Who told that we want GMOs product we are fine with what we have. Zambian pliz don’t buy any product that contains GMOs, this people want to kill us early, because they don’t care about us.

  20. sad mother

    Pliz God help us,we are in trouble

  21. sad mother

    Tizachita bwanji.

  22. Jms

    Don’t take advantage of innocent people (poverty) give what ever any person can take but don’t give anything bad to anybody (thats God’s, love)mind you God gave you mind why can’t most Zambians use their minds if you have minds let them bring what ever they want to then reject it when given to you a useless person can even give you something which will make regret in the end keep on advising although a foolish man will never change no matter how you try to convince him mind you intruders may try to bring unacceptable ideas the idea is to advise and refuse when given

  23. Saimbwende

    Sad day for my beloved country just because some was given enough money to buy a house then you allow gmo poison for your people shame may you who are allowing gmo burn in hell together with your families you heartless criminals

  24. One Zambian 1nation

    The problem with most of us zambian is we don’t research.Iam encouraging everyone to research first before, commenting on these social platforms. They say ignorance is personal but not private, that is to say , no matter how much you try to cover ignorance it will show. The other thing wrong about us zambian, is we always view things from political view point. We need to draw a line between speaking for a political leaders of our choice and national matters. It is high time, we sober up from political attachments and we begin to to view things neutral point of view ( well researched view point.)


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