PF Appoints Sampa PF Youth Chair

The Patriotic Front has appointed Kasama Central Member of Parliament Kelvin Mutale Sampa as the new chairman for youth development.

Sampa’s appointment comes after the PF central committee, which sat on June 2, 2019, resolved to split the national youth and security committee which was headed by home affairs minister Steven Kampyongo.

Republican President Edgar Lungu, in his capacity as PF president, has since appointed Sampa to head the Youth Wing of the ruling PF.

President Lungu has wished Sampa well as he takes up the “challenging position” and hoped that he will discharge his duties diligently in the interest of the party.

Meanwhile, Kampyongo remains party chairperson for Security.


  1. Sam

    Wise decision my president Mr Lungu E C keep it up!

  2. Idiocy Detector

    Mfyo mfyo mfyo, nye nye nye, what stupid observation!

  3. Mr One Decided

    Instead of firing,suspend or give some forced leave to the likes of Chitotela & those high ranks personnel being investigated to pave way for smooth investigation but BOOOM!!! That’s what we’re getting in mother land… Whilst CBU is still closed😭😭💔…. God’s for all i hope your activities are for the betterment of my Zambia because i only have one country

  4. Mpwiii

    I don’t know ba sir,ka bulongoti katwishi

  5. Fisunge

    Inform let cbu remain closed kutumpa atase spoiling all that and you government gets money from trees. . ai let them organise them selves and pay for themselves that’s when they will learn

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