PF Picks Mwachilele for Katuba By-Election

The ruling Patriotic Front has adopted Zacks Mwachilele as its candidate for the July 30 by-election.

Party Secretary General Davies Mwila unveiled Mwachilele at a media briefing expressing confidence at scooping the seat.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has set Tuesday 30th July as the election date for the Katuba Parliamentary by election.

Elections will also be held on the same date in six local government by elections in Kitwe, Mansa, Shiwang’andu, and Kaoma Districts.

The Katuba Parliamentary by election has been necessitated following the death of the Incumbent area Member of Parliament Patricia Mwashingwele of the UPND on 2nd May 2019 while ward elections are as a result of resignations and deaths.

Recently the United Party for National Development adopted Bampi Aubrey Kapalasa, a local businessman in Katuba, as their candidate for the upcoming Katuba Parliamentary by election.


  1. Chimz

    Ni Forward Chabe Iwe
    We shall wire them

  2. sotambe

    job well done wishing you all the best.

  3. Miyoba

    Nice adoption PF,this will adoption will surely give the people of Katuba hope,coz they have been lucking behind interms of development.Katuba needs an MP who can work with Government.

  4. KK

    Let us have more bio data about this man. Who is he and what is he currently doing? We Amy not be voting in Katuba, but, we need to know about our prospective honorable members. Upnd did the needful and shared more about their candidate. Otherwise all the best and let the best team win.

  5. puzzled

    imwe ba zambia reports what type of reportn is this last time u said independent member with a different firstname do you doz when writn o ni njala

  6. Ba Moonga Keegan

    Imwe banthu ,,we are used Na forward chabe. Aubrey Kapalasa forward ,,HH forward till etc

  7. Elephants

    As for me my support goes for a local business man .. ..all the best all the teams in your campaigns

  8. Honorable Mutande Brian

    Forward chabe no more to deal with foorish people, pf viruses will be all scanned in 2021

  9. Black people

    Zambia forward ,Zambia forward till 2021

  10. brown

    Foward chabe useless of we will see 2021

    • brown

      Foward chabe useless pf we will see 2021

  11. Gift silumbwe

    No more pf in katuba because katuba is for upnd and hh only till 2021 to pf you will cry you will see how people have welcomed our candidate Zambian people they will won’t vote for finished party Zambia forward forward till 2021 all the best to our candidate we love you Mr we will support you as the party and are going to win Zambia forward forward

  12. chi.2

    ba upnd we kno u ar gud at counting chicks b4 they ar hatchd.u ar gud at winning b4 final whistle.

    • Mapesho

      That’s why they end up at concourt. They never learn! By the way how far have they gone with 2016 general elections petitioning? Is the case live? What will happen if they are declared as winners? Will GBM come join them ? Kikikiki… so complicated.

      • Gift silumbwe

        Think to pf because I see you are finished finished party Zambia forward

    • Gift silumbwe

      Think before you comment katuba is for upnd and hh only and only

    • Gift silumbwe

      Zambia’s they no that you are finished party

  13. Kazungo Kendrick

    No more pfools, go katuba forward till 2021 forward forward

  14. D

    Reduce beer price

  15. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master


  16. Fisunge

    So ba gift slumber you’re the demographer you’ve even divided Zambia for your self you will be disappointed I didn’t know if it’s like that then forget about that hh winning 2021election since the voting pattern will be the same

  17. Village boy

    Dununa cabe

  18. Mungweee mwaume

    We wnt forward che not mbuziii noooo 2021 no HH che mwamvela

  19. Mooo

    Pf if you are voted then what do we Zambians need from you, apart from swindling from poor Zambian who can’t even manage to take there children to xul because of economic problem,wait and see guys God will never let his innocent children suffer for nothing 2021 red stand for danger

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