Renard Resigns as Morocco Head Coach

Rabat – Moroccan sports channel Arriadia has announced the “imminent” resignation of Herve Renard, head coach of Morocco’s national football team.

“Imminent resignation of Herve Renard from his post,” Arriyadia posted on its Twitter account.

The channel quoted a source close to the international coach.

Active on social media, Renard has not yet confirmed his resignation.

(Source: Arridia)


  1. jk

    Too bad mr lenard, u va to be strong 💪 and accept situation



  3. Mapesho

    Renard is very proud man. Can we have him back in Zambia?

  4. Joseph sakala

    So bad Mr herverenard , now what s the reason?

  5. Whyson

    He is our SEMEK let him come back in Zambia we still love him

  6. chilando Sydney

    we still missing him came back In Zambia


    The coward decline, the brave even still soldier ahead the more…it was expected, it’s a wind of coaches quitting and fired. You still a great coach though!!

  8. Impyakusu ichinyo

    Let also Edgar resign for failing Zambians

    • Gershom ingwe

      Fakako nzeru I we not ukamba vabola uyikako ba ECL bakutuma bauze bachite beka vinthu teto yai please

      • Mr Peace

        Bauzhye weo…

      • Francisco

        Sir you can even see the name of a person which shows that there is no humanity in that person

    • Paul M chilufya

      You must advise HH to resign not the DR ECL

  9. Elvis

    Herve Renard you are welcome back to Zambia. Mind you, we have even revised the monthly salary to a hooping $25000.

  10. Hev rena

    Well I have made enough dollar to go and settle in France. No more Football now.After all you Zambians still owe me.I now look forward to coach in the French league..

  11. Bright nweemba

    We still mis your coaching coucher Coz u mad us praude Came back in Zambia

  12. Escape from Sobibor

    We don’t need ….chi muselela kwakaba….

  13. Percy mulenga

    Come back to Zambia,we love you.

  14. Mac-B

    Let him rest he is tired

  15. AK

    He has lost his market in Africa

  16. Mateo


  17. Songwe Stephen Abraham

    It’s true we are still missing you. Just come back here in Zambia

  18. Lk

    He must not come back in zambia again. instead we must look for a better couch than him

  19. Shikoki mc

    Too bad

  20. Nenex That Patrick

    As far as the entire Africa concerned that you are a good coach so please don’t lose hope now if you lose hope that means that Zambia is calling you as our permanent coach no exchange with someone else.Morocco made an error of missing something that is already well prepared. There what was left for them,it was only to settle down and begin to eat.Mr Herve Renard you are about to do the right thing you are not stone but a normal human being with fresh blood. Do what you think is right.

  21. Ba Moonga Keegan

    It is not easy to coach African football. Go and rest since you have a lot of money

  22. pompa

    Lyashifye lyakubwela, nabomfwa tundalama pa zed

  23. Francis Pelekano

    We dont need him

  24. Patrick mukoso

    We miss u

  25. Amatole

    Let him come back to Zambia, he’s a very powerful coach. We need u nerve Renard to Zambia, don’t concentrate to these stupidity who re saying we don’t want u, u re most welcome to Zambia Mr!!!!;

  26. Ukunanatsi

    Anyway coming back to Zambia is good don’t get upset over nothing Lena we miss you. Come and nuture ebana daka sakala and mwepu

  27. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    We don’t want him

  28. Lubuto

    Iye ababambi kuwayawayafye mwe, just come back Zambia is your home.uwakucitile cisuma bamwibukisha lyonse..the better part of you never fail to qualify.. We are tired of watching you on wild cat we want to watch you on touch line,we have developed players you can manage Ba Renar….

  29. chiku-baby

    Morocco ataya imwe mu Zambia mudobe

  30. Herve Renard

    Don’t worry Zambia is my best destination so i will be back in Zambia soon because i want to raise the Zambian flag again like i did in 2012

    • Arnold

      come please we really miss you here in Zambia please

    • Chisanga Musanya

      Herve renard you are a good coach i remember when you came to Zambia ….know expected that you will deliver the results but seen Zambia reaching in quater final in 2010 and 2012 winning the afcon I consider you has the best coach …

  31. Concerned Citizen

    Come back in Zambia Mr Lena please, we still need your football talent.

  32. Central power

    I personally don’t want him back muselela kwakaba its true we still have pipo to control the chipolopolo boys.why can’t he just go Ku France

  33. Bashikulu Em2a

    Let him come back to Zambia on condition that faz does not get involved in player selection,and getting ka commission from his pay if offered the job.I personally like Herve Renard,good and reliable coach!

  34. SSP1

    Perhaps he was fired

  35. Black

    Go to Ghana and help those guys to win something

  36. Kochez

    Even if he comes back this time we are poor in terms of football

  37. Lazarous

    Here you’re the best coach so you should come back to Zambia

  38. Danny kasangula

    Sure we need you again

  39. Amos

    You most welcome to Zambia Renard

  40. But he gets $90000 monthly already. Can he come down to that? Maybe.


  41. Trump

    He should comeback to Zambia. At least we know he has pedigree. Not this bunch of jokers who become personal on matters of the nations football. Beston Chambeshi and crew have hit the ceiling.

  42. Reas

    No chance he has been exposed to good salaries already he can’t accept peanuts from Zambia

  43. Rooney

    That’s the way he is just leave him

  44. Wilson ii

    come back to your country…,,😋😋👈🙈

  45. mr K

    He will only do beter if he comes back in zambia.

  46. Fergalent

    Renard we will never forget about you. You registered Chipolopolo Boys in history book of football, we really miss you here in Zambia. Please continue your coaching career. Never loose hope you great coach.

  47. Benson

    Too bad Mr Herve but kindly come back to Zambia 🇿🇲 will appreciate🙏🙏

  48. Mac-B

    Does it mean when your team losses you have to resign no it means there is a problem some where so mr him you don’t have to behave like that moreover you know that in a game of football there are 3 things involved it either you win,you lose or you draw.waleti konse uko waya itimu Kusenda Africa cup no that’s not the way my dear



  50. Polo

    So what,go ku France and coach division 9 ka chikala you think you are a star maningi

    • Gershom ingwe

      Please people let’s respect him is our first time coach who helped us in terms of football not insults

  51. Chrissy

    Yayaya a black and white man.

  52. Messi

    Atleast! find a new challenge bululu nt in zambia this time you wil suffer from BP

  53. Simeo daka

    Just come back to Zambia

  54. a b

    I think renard can bring zambia back we miss you

  55. francis zulu

    Semeki just come back, your home is here.

  56. Abraham Mukumbi

    we need you ba coach

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