Top Lawyers Quit Representing UPND After Fees Stolen

Top lawyers who have been representing the UPND in several high profile cases have made the decision to stand down from their representation of the party following allegations of non-payment of fees and financial misconduct.

According to a party insider, lawyers Keith Mweemba and Gilbert Phiri have stopped representing the UPND over disagreements stemming from the role of Party Chairperson for Legal Affairs Jack Mwiimbu, who is also Monze Central Member of Parliament.

The source indicates that funds that were meant to cover legal fees paid toward both Mweemba and Phiri had allegedly been misappropriated by Mwiimbu, while complaints to party leadership over this fraud were ignored.

The sourcesaid  this has led to several other UPND members being represented by junior lawyers that include Mulambo Haimbe, Sevyanji Sinkali and Cornelius Mweetwa, the Choma Central member of parliament, who was recently admitted to the Bar.

When asked why the 15 UPND members who were recently charged with unlawful assembly in Petauke  were being represented by  Mweetwa, the UPND insider said both  Mweemba and Phiri say they are owed huge sums of money and could not continue to represent the party.

“Keith and Gilbert have refused. They say Mwiimbu steals their money which party officials contribute towards legal bills. That is why most of these people are now being represented by Mwiimbu’s law firm called Muleza and Mwiimbu Associates,” the source said.

The source added that “both Zevyanji and Cornelius are from Muleza and Mwiimbu Associates”.

The source said  Mulambo Haimbe from Vincent Malambo and Company is also just representing UPND on matters that strictly concern Party president Hakainde Hichilema, while refusing all other requests for representation by the party.




  1. sunford munkombwe

    what ever involves UPND even if it’s not a national issue and does not bring development to the nation you wil stil report ! but when it’s the financial intelligent report you never even dare making followups.

    • Dude

      Why is it that every time Chris reports something negative about UPND, he becomes a bad reporter and good reporter when positive. Grow up ba UPND from your under 5 politics! You should be aiming for under 7 now.

  2. Dr Banda I

    He is stealing while in opposition, what more if we give them the mandate to take of the nation?Thieves.PF continue!

  3. Mwiimbu JJ

    It tragic for Zambia reports to engage in yellow journalism and defame individuals with impunity. Please note that at no time did myself or Muleza Mwiimbu receive any donations from anybody for legal work. I challenge the author to produce any evidence pertaining to the allegations. It’s not right to tarnish the image of innocent people with impunity. I have no doubt in my mind that the stupid person spreading this falsehoods has an intention of driving a wedge between myself Gilbert Phiri and Keith Mweemba. Let It be known that I sponsor a number of legal cases being handled by my firm. Hence it’s foolish for anybody to suggest that I’m stealing money. How can I steal from myself. I challenge the author to indicate the donors who made the donations to my law firm or myself. My colleagues who have been mentioned are free to comment.

    • Mr katimbe

      feel free to get in touch 0975310697

    • indoshi palupe

      You can’t steal from yourself, but you can take something from yourself…

    • Mapesho

      There is no smoke without fire! Tell us where this smoke is coming from then.

      • Ibu

        Obviously from the reporter’s ass. Kikikikiki.

    • Bana Simon

      @Mwiimbu, the allegations are serious if false, take them to court. Otherwise we will take it to be true.

    • Trump

      The report itself lacks merit. How can one steal fees paid to another lawyer? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

  4. Jms

    A lawyer is indeed a lawyer no matter how experience you have their is nothing different the knowledge is the same to have new ones is better than having people who refuses even to leave their jobs due to age we should be careful because bad people won’t allow to go alone unless a good person is attracted to them

  5. Gansta grabs

    So iwe ka reporter do you need a medal bitch? You dedicating yourself over time trying to shame the might upnd.If your wife stoped fucking you because your dick is lame take your ass hate to doctors

  6. Bwete

    I even wonder if this idiot the so called Chris phiri is educated coz he only reports about silly thing, maybe he’s just a cadre.Let him report about the NDF, FIC the drought experienced during 2018 and 2019 season other than showing his stupidity to the public. Makaka wecipubawe Pompwe

    • Doubt Katwishi

      People should realise that Chris is just doing his job.Informing the nation, helping them make informed decision when it comes to voting. Mind you, UPND has expressed interest in governing this nation. We us voters are entitled to such information.lelo lelo….

      • Ibu

        And didn’t dare to do his job over the FIC.

  7. King cool

    Stop accusing the reporters , that’s their job to report that comes across in their system. UPND not trusted, just from the top leader to the bottom .ma rubbish.

  8. Elephants

    Why my upnd zoona mweka mweka build this problem before illiterate Zambians hear this other wise they will not vote for you as you may be aware that as an educated with Masters degree I can’t waist time to vote for my friend whilst am busy making money

  9. Drugsquard

    The beginning of the end of UP and DOWN

  10. Mr. K

    Yes today he is reporting a bout silly things just coz it is upnd Chris continue with your work we know them that’s why they will never enter state house they are corrupt from head to toes

  11. Ucle Tembo

    Honestly speaking why mwiimbu out of all the UPND members to be told that you stolen the money meant for the lawyers representing the party, tell us the truth.

  12. Curious George

    A careful reading of the report reveals that it may be based on hearsay and speculation. But that seems to be the style of journalism in this country. In any case we seem to be a nation that gravitates towards gossip and sensationalism. As a nation we may need to carefully introspect on why this is so.

    Let’s try to dissect the information that we receive, from anyone, before we rely on it. This will force the informant to check his facts before he offload his data on us. Let’s become like the famous Bereans talked about in the Holy Bible.

    Here are some questions to consider as you digest this article: if the legal fees were meant for Keith and Gilbert, why would the sponsors give them to Hon. Mwiimbu? Since when do lawyers need a third party to receive money on their behalf? Secondly, Mulambo Haimbe is by no means a junior lawyer. He’s a very senior lawyer with good standing and a glowing track record. If the journalist had done even a tiny bit of research/verification, he would have been pleased to learn that Counsel Haimbe was the first Zambian lawyer to be admitted as a FELLOW of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. How did the journalist arrive at the peculiar conclusion that Senior Counsel is junior to Keith and Gilbert? Thirdly, all lawyers are of equal competence at the bar. This is a basic presumption of our esoteric profession. We do not engage lawyers based on experience but rather we base our confidence on their competence. So then why does the journalist seem to be so keen to press the point of the remaining lawyers as being juniors? Does the journalist have an agenda or a conclusion he wants to advance?

    Which brings me neatly to my final point. Should we not be cautious to read articles by non-neutral journalists? I always thought that a journalists role is to investigate, probe and then report the results of such probing. His/her report must be factual, well reasoned and, crucially, neutral. Is this article a neutral article?
    #blessed are the peace makers…

    Our country is young and full of potential. Let’s invest ourselves in making it blossom. This is our duty as citizens. We are much much more than our petty politics. Sometimes I wish we could find another system of governance that puts greater focus on the people than the politicians.

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