Another Boy Murdered by Friends in Samfya

A six-year-old boy of Musaila area in Samfya District of Luapula Province is reported to have been murdered by his friends.

Luapula Province Police Commissioner Elias Chushi has disclosed that the boy was on July 7, 2019 allegedly murdered by his friends while they were playing.

Chushi said on the same day around 16:00 hours, Bernadate Sashi aged 29, with her six-year-old son Innocent Mande of Musaila area in Samfya district, was at Katete Fishing Camp in Mbabala island of lake Bangweulu where her son was allegedly beaten to death by his peers.

The Commissioner said whilst playing, the deceased picked up a quarrel with his five-year-old friend who slapped and head-butted him.

Innocent is said to have fallen to the ground and became unconscious.

Chushi adds that the other five children who are not identified joined in beating up Innocent who died on the scene.

The deceased’s body is in Samfya District Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem while the accused is in the custody of his parents.


  1. Yabaa

    Wer are we going kanshi mu calo can chambia

    • Hammer

      Where on earth a five year old kills. My take on this is that an adult killed the boy and is framing innocent harmless children.

  2. Gangsta grabs

    Vintu vadula life yavuta mu government ya this ducks chikala.Then chimudala chinangu chinyamuka ati pawanyo! Pawanyo!

  3. Mrs Mwila

    eish!! this is so sad…why are children becoming this brutal…mwelesa twafweni

  4. Man chilu

    Parents let’s look after our children, this isn’t good at all.

  5. Kays Mayo

    Too bad!let’s take care for our kids plse!

  6. melchizedek chiyosha

    Too bad weeh

  7. Miriam

    My Lord , what is this young ones killing each other.

  8. Pastor Kelvin Kahyata

    This is what sin can do…. Our greatest problem is sin and our greatest need is salvation. Jesus Christ is the greatest solution to this problem. God said, “if my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face, then I shall hear and heal their land”. As a country we need to humble ourselves before God, seek His face and repent from our sins. By so doing Zambia shall be saved.

  9. Mr mvula

    The world is coming to an end zona aii ,,,, even children have started murdering each other

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