Chinese Investors Make Second Rating Tour of KCM

A delegation of over 50 Chinese from the China Non Ferocious Mining Company (CNMC) has made a second evaluation tour of Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) as the sale of the mine nears completion.

Vedanta Resources that owned 79 per cent of the mine is contesting the government’s takeover in the courts, arguing that the move will make them lose out millions of dollars invested in the mine.

Sources have revealed that over 50 Chinese nationals have put themselves in groups to tour the Finance Department, Human Resource and IT in their familiarization tour of KCM.

It has further been reported that two Chinese lawyers, Lui Jin and Chang SJ, are part of the team and familiarized themselves at the Legal Department.

“As I speak to you now, a delegation of over 50 leading Chinese business people are at KCM to finalise the deal. This is the second time that they are here, but I think there is a great chance that the deal will be concluded this week or early next week, or at least within this month,” the source said of the delegation consisting mainly of Chinese men and women and a few local indigenous Zambian staff from CNMC.


  1. Zambian People

    We don’t want those people to take over the mine, let them go where they have come from.

    • The killer

      Do you have any other people apart from Chinese bring them. You are welcome

  2. Mazuzyo

    And yo call this a listening government? Chinese Nooo! Austrians or Canadians! Yes! Please learn to listen from the grassroots!

  3. Bwalya Davies

    Comment: It’s better to give to the investor who is ready to take over rather than to wait for the unknown. Chines are ok what we need is to strengthen the labour laws and the union to be strong.

    • Zamzam

      Which union are talking about these pipo are traitors

    • mukonakulima

      Why have same labour laws failed to work where they are?

  4. Fisunge

    Those who are saying no do you have anyone from Australia and Canada those who can’t work with Chinese Shud resign simple ichintu chintu mwene mwebantu you say you don’t love them but when they advertise for jobs alot of Zambians go there why those who want to go to Canada can go or Australia

  5. Chileshe

    Now next Chinese they I’ll buy our country, maybe they have bought already. If they sale then it I’ll no longer our

  6. Wise Leader

    Some Zambians have a very mean thinking capacity,is it iliteracy which makes them this way or what?
    How can you damn say we want the investors from that and that country instead if they are not bidding and interested at all.
    Change the way you think.
    Otherwise,am personally gratified that so far KCM has attracted overwhelming interest from serious investors in Chinese.

  7. NonSense

    Non Ferocious?

    Are we supposed to take this new website seriously anymore? Shame.

    Better Mr Xi runs Zambia than Lungu.

  8. Youth movement

    Fellow Zambians we shouldn’t rush so as not to make the same mistake like in the past.We need credible investors who can also help in transforming the nation not just because they are ready to take over when we all know Who they are.



  10. Sosa

    Why can’t you go to these so called chinese mines and see how they keep their employees.What labour laws are you talking about? whose going to stand to force chinese to bend your way when the president has already pocketed huge sums and when u ask them why they pay low wages only to tell u that yo bigger boss is in our pocket.

  11. Jonas nyondo

    Waiting for the investor you have not seen ichintu Chintu umwene people of Zambia no Chinese investors have been to chililabombwe or chingola before go there and see how people are suffering

  12. mwamba

    Us Zambians let’s be very careful when choosing an investors for KCM
    Course we may end up not to achieve our go as Zambians .on issues like this we need to involve God so that we can have the light investor .
    More prayers is much needed in this isure .

  13. Peter

    No no we have tolated this people enough…Let the b president work out on this one and we may ask can these people allow us Zambia privatize a company in there country…. this is not good at all, this is the of route to be colonized…. just look at the background of them….yes it quite all right we allow foreigners in our country but they you not hold the responsibility as if it is there country….. may the supreme Court make law about this …… staying silent makes nothing, if you see the visitor is misbehaving tell him/her to respect the right of the people of the owner of the country……we aren’t fools by letting the come to our country….

  14. Jackal

    Who are Chinese? Are they strange creatures from another planet? No. They are human beings like you and they and are every where America Britain etc. They are the people moving the world forward. Chinese Chinese Chinese afya bupuba fye na ignorance muleishiba ifyo isonde lile enda. Amano ya bututu fye sure.

  15. Jackal

    You cover yourselves with Chinese beddings. You clean teeth with Chinese tooth brush, your wear Chinese cloths, cook with Chinese pots, eat on Chinese plates, watch Chinese TV, listen to music on Chinese HiFi or woofer, cover Windows with Chinese curtain, walk and drive on Chinese roads, Chinese schools, trucks, etc etc etc etc. What are you talking about? Are you mentally retarded or foolish?

  16. White

    So it’s simple common sense that we can’t run our mines..we have to look for investors..

  17. Mpemba Nkule

    Bring back Cecil Rhodes,he gives back civilization.

  18. Tuli Bantu

    Second evaluation tour of conkola copper mines as the sale of mine nears completion, what do you understand there guys, is this!!! What? Chinese take over, we,,,,we,,,,aweeee! Let the government finish this country, eve kaili in landlord ki Swaziland, kuno manyumba take azafakmo ba rent nakuyamba kutenga ndalama, tafa kudala….

  19. Daliso

    but some people mwandi kuwayawayafye……… Most of the things you are using are made by chinese and you are there talking nonsense about them. Let GRZ give kcm to them.

  20. Pilato

    Ba Pf baonaula echalo

  21. LWISHA

    Please please dont minestake to give chinese mine go at looking in chanbeshi please if you want to give chinese just sale seperte chililabombwe 1shaf and 2 .then CHINIOLA. one the smeltaer1 thats so mr own in mine please If you do that God bless you zambian all

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