Court Views 9 Houses Allegedly Owned by Chimese

The Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has viewed nine fully furnished constructed houses deemed to be proceeds of crime.

The houses in question, situated in Lusaka’s Ibex Hill Area, allegedly belong to former Zambia Air Force (ZAF) Commander Lieutenant General Eric Chimese.

Lusaka Magistrate Nsunge Chanda led a procession to view the houses on the scene.

State Prosecutors and defence lawyers were also present at the scene.

This is in a matter in which Lt Chimese and his co-accused are charged of Abuse of Authority of Office and Concealing Properties Deemed To be Proceeds of Crime.

Lieutenant General Chimese is jointly charged with his wife Sharon and Lusaka’s Chita Lodge proprietor James Chungu.


  1. Mr Fact

    Where were are you when he was constructed those houses,and you knew that his salary can’t buld those houses.

  2. Fisunge

    Suppose if he got a loan or maybe his a business man he’s going to defend himself since he has a mouth the court is for law breakers

    • Daniel Banda

      Sir/Madam Fisuge, raise your levels of understanding issues. The former ZAF Commander wouldn’t have been in court if those suppositions were a reality. In any case, he is in court to prove his innocence. Let’s wait and see.

  3. CWK

    This problem of investigating what some has owned should come to an end.
    So they are telling me that if u are a government worker u should not build houses? The government is promoting laziness in the country.

    • joze

      the chap was earning K30,000 per month. you cant own mansions with that amount, dummy!!!

  4. Mukanwa mukikopo

    Interesting, they waited until he finished constructing all 9 houses. Why did they not come in just after constructing one or two houses. Please Ba kamucheka be serious. Yours is to stop wastage and this should come first.

    • joze

      you can build a house from salary or loan, naimwe. but 9 in a short period is suspect.

  5. Flanker

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  6. Bombshell

    Lets call a spade ” a spade ” if the houses in question were built dubiously,then the suspect shud b probed.that doesnt mean he is guilty.thats my take

  7. Gunman

    Very Stupid People, Uku Ekutumpa Tulandapo Lyonse, Eric Was Government Worker, How Can He Fail To Have 9 Or 20 Houses If He Had A Source Of Income? Ulufyengo Bashetani Elwakulapo Muliimwe, Proceeds Of Crime Kwisa Ba Shetani Imwe? Mwilasebanya Abanenu. Nga Takwetepo Ing’anda, Ati Cipuba, Akuule, Ati Proceeds Of Crime, Caafya Shani Kanshi Ba Nkusa Imwe? Bushe Ali Lilofwa Mwaa? Ala, Ibwelenimo Imwe. Let The Man Alone, Alibomba Paku Kuula Mu Zambia. Bye, We Gonna Meet At The Polling Station In 2021 If God Says Yes, Mushupeni Mwana Mayo.

  8. yorum

    Comment he was a worker and of the highest rank so he can buy those houses, don’t tell me he didn’t have a salary to his name and how long has he been working? please be fair

  9. Fisunge

    Aini when he was working he invested for his future now you want to ati thief ninshi bakabolala tamubamona commander you did well to invest god bless you for all your investment

  10. Bashikulu Em2a

    Aaah!Kaya manje!!!

  11. Medhone

    dont trouble this man. mudala kula nayambi ayali ten.thats investment thnks

  12. James

    Live the man alone mmmmm, let him enjoy what he laboured for,
    He invested his money wisely.

  13. Black people

    Leave Chinese alone, Chitotela is a thief,do you think person with high post can fail to build a house? 2021 aleisa to fixe it,that’s when real thief will be seen, on my work to work

  14. Yahoo man

    Heeeeee liv tha man alone… Infact 9 naya cepa

  15. Ninja man

    Ndimwe Bantu ba bwanji.muntu amange nyumba ATI aba, without Ka nyumba ATI alibe nzelu.mutima Uma Baba ine

  16. Escape from Sobibor

    Leave him alone…he is following what your President once said “” Ubomba alya mwibala

  17. Hakasenke

    gunman kwena wansekesha. ifyo wafunfumuka akalimi kakwesuu kkkkk

  18. Wise me

    This level of suspected corruption is too big for ACC to prosecute. Chitotela has been acqitted you have a high probability of being acquitted. Just contact the honorable and his lawyers.

  19. HH

    wre did tasila lungu got the money which was stolen from z house

  20. Nyakoko

    Liv my friend alone n focus on current issues imwe na imwe so many to bring tp book not mu army ba zungu liv him akone.

  21. Clenser

    Cwk if u work for GRZ we know how much u get paid. Therefore if u put up properties which are not commensurate to your known sources of income then u will be arraigned. If u can show how u acquired your worthy then well and good no squables

  22. Jayalljay

    This is just for the show, he will be found with no case to answer, mark my words, this Zambia where Lady Justice is blind folded for real. Just a thought?

  23. Joshua

    This is madness, the man he was working, in ZAF with highest rank, and he build some houses, at crime .and, what was his salary ? what if he got a loan ?

  24. Angoni

    Going by public comments from this this fora the general is aquited.

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