Govt Releases $59m for CB Roads

Government has released $59 million towards the completion of roads under the Zambia Township Road Project on the Copperbelt Province.

Road Works in Kitwe had stalled due to lack of funding which saw the contractor, AVIC International who are working on 56 kilometers of roads, withdrawing labour.

The constructor had abandoned the site citing erratic funding for the project.

Special Assistant to the President for Project Monitoring and Implementation Andrew Chellah confirmed the release of funds after a tour of roads in Kitwe yesterday (Monday).

Chellah said he has been receiving calls on the slow pace at which road works have been going in the district.

He said the release of $59 million clearly shows government’s commitment towards improving the road network.

And AVIC International Copperbelt Project Manager Wang Peng said the release of funds will see works expedited.

Peng said the contractor will start by working on President Avenue where works had stalled for over two months.



    Too late..C/B has already slipped away to the opposition. Will not eat roads.

  2. Fisunge

    Iwe chansa you know that Zambia is as small as your house if your failed to take care of you when there were no roads this is the he Shud or you can you can’t it roads why?as for a road is food because my business from point a to b will move smoothly and if you don’t know the importance of roads don’t buy a car just buy a cat with cows

  3. Rreas

    Don’t give this government chance we have been neglected on the copperbelt Lusaka is not Zambia only copperbelt is the back born of Zambia’s economic. Lusaka road are everywhere. Are we not Zambians on the copperbelt. 99% of companies Lusaka manufactured perishable good pay as you earn is very small because the salaries which they get from indians and lebanees are peanuts which manufactured groceries products compared to what we contribute to the government on the copperbelt. But we are living in a desert. The worth should be shared equally not one side we are all special.

  4. Joseph malombe

    I want to thank all those who have given comments to road developments it is over what is happening in our country. Remember the money that is used for roads are tax pares money that needs to be shared equally and monitored with jealous when you look Mbala Nakonde road,it is shocking bec

  5. Joseph malombe

    To be continued; It is shocking because we couldn’t expecte the road to have patches this time but it is because of poor supervision by the government.A lot of cement were stolen that has led to road deplorable. If you read people’s comments, work up I mean those that supervise government projects. You should also make sure that those who are working on great North road are supervised well with efficiency to avoid the same mistake.we are not happy us Zambians giving us surb standard structures while your are perfect.When you’re constructing your offices,you build standard struchers look how you have belt Nakonde border post very standard but look at how you have belt Wulongo hospital substandard and rubbish don’t give us cheap infrastructure we are worth to injoy standard life the way you injoy life when we put you in office. I have a lot to speak but let me end here.

  6. Kascol

    Election fever,kuloleshafye😂

  7. Sj

    C/belt residents can only hope that this fixing of roads will include low, medium and high cost areas. Development is not for a selected few communities. But a wide spectrum of citizens. Comment

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