Kitwe Mayor Demands Answers on Continued Trading of Chinese in Townships

Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe says he is disappointed that management at Kitwe City Council is failing to implement a Council resolution to restrict retail trading by foreigners in townships.

Kang’ombe, during an ordinary Council meeting, demanded an explanation from Town Clerk Mbulo Seke why management had disregarded the resolution passed last year.

He wondered why the Council management had continued to issue and re-new trading licenses as well as collect levies from foreigners, especially the Chinese, trading in townships despite them coming as investors.

Kang’ombe said the Council passed a resolution last year to restrict foreigners from trading in townships following a public outcry, a move he said was also disadvantaging Zambians who wanted to engage in trading business due to unfair competition.

“I want to find out why you have disregarded the Council resolution, why we still have foreigners who should come into Zambia in the name of investors with an investment license; an investment license simply means an investment of a minimum of $250,000. That is what an investment license is supposed to demand and we have a council resolution in Kitwe that all those foreigners that are trading, I think it was last year meaning for 2019, we could have done a very polite letter to them that for 2019, we are not going to renew the business levy unless you trade in other places but we have continued,” Kang’ombe said. “You go to Miseshi, you go to Kapoto; all these townships, which is against the Council resolution so I want an answer.”

Seke was at pains to explain to Kang’ombe why foreigners had continued to trade in townships, claiming that the Director of Public Health was not around at the time.

He said he had been briefed on the matter and had sent officers on the ground for an inspection.

“We will sit with our officers so that they don’t give out licences indiscriminately. Those that will not meet the requirement will not be issued with licenses,” assured Seke.




    • Chris Mo

      Your reasoning is that of an idiot! Stupid African!!

  2. Monde Katebe

    The Mayor’s question / concern was or is not based on restriction due to not meeting the health standard / regulation it is based on the fact that these ‘investors’ should not trade in townships so that our people can do their trading in these areas and be able to earn a living. In short, these so called ‘investors’ are bringing unfair competition. So, l do not see how the absence of the Director of Public Health affects the implementation of this Council regulation.

    • Cheryl Gondwe

      Our ever hardworking Mayor, please also include the RWANDESE, these are also trading in residential areas!! All at the expense of local Zambians. Why can’t they go back to their country now?? There is no genocide in Rwanda..

  3. Victor musaila

    Public health and restricting trading areas relating to investors are two different issues Mr. Town clerk, you are empowering foreigners instead of poor zambians, all investors must be in the central business district as advised by mayor kangombe, the problem with this government is that today you resolve to do away with street vendors next some politician says street vendors should be allowed to trade in streets. No consistency because pipo want to gain political milage. Congrats mayor kangombe for being practical

  4. Gangsta grabs

    May i propose mob justice and propert glabing.Stones dont need a permit,i got niggers ready to go equiped with lazor blades and lemon juice.Just a word and the blood is on you.

  5. Saleh nsabula

    Honerable mayor can you help us to voice out about the knew requirements for visa to china, this will affect a lot of businessman /women

  6. Dismas Simwanza

    its true foreigners are overtaking people of zed,they’re making money and taking it to their countries,please ,our leaders to something for us young youths ,our future is not good at all.

    • D. M

      The problem is that those Chinese have been allowed to trade by the PF president, nothing you can do.
      Poor leadership!

    • James Mukuka

      IT’S A CRISIS!

  7. DO OR DIE

    Mr Ck (Christopher Kang’ombe) please, do your work. Help us these people becomes headmen. (Chinese). please plz plz plz sweep them.

  8. shalben mwale

    Truely control the boundaries of these chinese traders otherwise our families will remain with nothing to do.

  9. Joseph malombe

    My country men and women,you known the government is not concert about his people what the government wants levy tax collecting so that they may have more money in there pockets.


    The problem of our leaders in our country, they respect foreigners than the owners of the land. That’s the reason why corruption in our country will never end.

  11. SEE MIND


    • Chris Mo


  12. Bigdaddy

    Shame on u with your managnent .it takes u a blink of an eye to eliminate a fellow Zambian trading on the street because Chinese say so. But it takes u million years to stop a China man from trading in the town ships. Where are your powers honorable mayor? Does it mean your power only works against Zambians?.u cleaned kitwe town in one day and no vendor was seen now that it’s involving a China man u take it to social media complaining about your management.stop being a cry baby ifiabufi do what u are assigned to do.

  13. Youth movement

    The mayor is right but we need action not just talking because at the end of the day you’ll be blamed alone.These investors are big business men who cannot compete with the locals,we need a proper workable system not just talking and making political based decisions.

  14. Jane Karima

    The Town Clerk has avoided giving a response. What has compliance to public health got to do with restricting issuance of trading licences to locals only. These Chinese trading in the townships bring unfair competition to Zambians’s and push them out of business.

  15. Sir mo

    Can one be called an investor wen coming to hower country,setting up a kantemba full of jumpees/munchos & working on his or her own without offering employment to locals .u will find de so called investors here in luanshya mukafubu house,roan mall salling staffs that can be sold by zambian.learn from Botswana were swanas have the power over foreigner unlike Zambia.

  16. Sir mo

    To the council’s all over Zambia plz be professional,my house is in luanshya but there was this day I felt very bad and wished I was closer enough to de council guyz there in kitwe near k square were a lady with a baby munuma and a tray pamutwe of bananas/apples was chased by council,she dropped de tray and de council picked wat she was salling and u could c her standing at a distance looking at the council with a baby on her back I said earlier if only I was very close I would av fought those council’ play with de lives of poor Zambian who are trying to make a living in the little they have and yet de called investors are allowed to sale even wat a Zambian can sale(chopet)

  17. romeo

    Poor leadership

  18. Fisunge

    Boss mayor kangombe as much as we appreciate your help with Chinese selling in Kalamazoo township in Kitwe we also want to know about that dirty compound which is coming up opposite chingola road cemetery do we still need those compounds in Zambia s prime areas give that land to proper investments than that please let us know that combons can become the breading area for tokota boys and thieves I demand for an answer that combons Shud go by 2021 or let them rebuild their structures please

  19. romeo

    This issue of chinise investrs I hurt it..this are the people why most of our Zambian people are suffering balitupoka incende konse tulasangwa tukolwe

  20. Rev. Henry Lunda

    For sure, why have we thrown our beautiful country to others in the name of lobbing for investors? It is my wish that all councils Solwezi inclusive would resolve enforcement of the simple and clear international law which forbids foreigners from retail trading! Simple example, a Zambian will never freely cross the border to go sell his or her goods at any border crossing even on the so called ‘market days’. He is restricted. Let us look at what is happening in our Community! The Burundies are the ones running almost all the illegally ‘Ntembas’ without licenses. A Zambian has been robbed the right to “start small and grow big” . Please let us love our country . To be patriotic is to love our nation, and the nation are not trees but the people of the particular country.
    God bless our nation.
    God bless our leaders.

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