Kobil Lusaka Depot Source of Tainted Fuel in Lstone, reveals

The Energy Regulation Board has established that the Kobil Depot in Lusaka was the source of fuel contamination that affected service stations in Livingstone and Kalomo Southern province on 1st July, 2019.

Complaints were received at three sites namely Puma Service Station, Engen Petroleum Service Station, Total Zambia Limited about the fuel contamination.

Energy Minister Matthew Nkhuwa has revealed that fuel samples collected from  Kobil Fuel depot showed a cross contamination of Diesel, Kerosene and Petrol, further adding that the contamination did not occur at TAZAMA Fuel Depots.

“According to findings by the ERB, all samples collected from Tazama Lusaka Depots, Puma Lusaka Depot, Engen Lusaka Depot and Total Lusaka Depot were found to be compliant with all quality specifications except KOBIL Depot with quality specifications,” Mr Nkhuwa explained.

He has indicated that all motorists whose vehicles were serviced with contaminated fuel be compensated by the service stations in Livingstone and Kalomo upon submission of proof of purchase.

Mr Nkhuwa emphasized that contamination of fuel in the supply chain can occur during storage and handling at fuel depots, cross contamination during offloading or transportation from depots to service stations.

He said had the fuel contamination occurred at TAZAMA Fuel depot, the problem could have been widespread and not restricted to Livingstone and Kalomo districts in the Southern Province.

Mr Nkhuwa has therefore directed the Energy Regulation Board to quarantine Kobil Fuel Depot pending re-certification and effect appropriate action in line with the provisions of the fuel regulations.

All affected service stations in Livingstone and Kalomo have since been ordered to pump out their contaminated fuel before restocking with the new fuel.


  1. ba Mwine

    our gas stations issue no reciepts, for this is the only proof of purchase, motorist will suffer.

  2. Mushindano district

    Ask for receipts every time you buy anything.ZRA always say that if you are not given a receipt it means that the seller is not paying tax and you are busy ignoring ati they will steal even if I pay tax and now it has come to haunt you.🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍

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