RTSA Boss Goes on Leave Pending Investigations

Road Transport and Safety Agency Chief Executive Officer Zindaba Soko has requested for leave in order to pave way for investigations over alleged money laundering activities levelled against him by the Drug Enforcement Commission.

This is according to a statement issued by Minister of Transport and Communications Engineer Dr. Brian Mushimba, who said that Soko had requested for leave to pave way for ongoing probe.

“Mr. Soko wants the investigation process to proceed without any perceived interference from his office and allow the law to take its course” said Dr. Mushimba.


  1. Joseph malombe

    Yes the move is well come but we Zambians we need to see to it that,all culprits are published look all the money taken and misused are tax pares money.The government has inciated the plan to easy road damage problems and some people within government institutions are Bessy squandering the country resources shame to you all who don’t mean development in your country. If some of these people found,don’t spare them in fact, they should be blacklisted not to work in any government institutions. Thank you go a heard Brian munshimba carry your duty.God bless you.

  2. Sj

    What good sense(to pave way for investigation) instead of hanging around seemingly obstructing evidence. Modern culure allows one to stick to the job.Comment

  3. Idiocy Detector

    This should have been done immediately the accusation was made not weeks thereafter, who knows what has happened to the evidence all this while? Are we not being fooled by one smart guy or several of them? Zambians why are we this sleepy?

  4. Binda

    At least…ebuntu. though after sealing some loose ends because it should have come as soon as it was made public. Not three weeks later.

  5. Mapesho

    Is it Soko who suppose to ask for leave or was he not suppose to be put on suspension pending investigation by his superior? So, if had not asked for leave would he have continued working? I find this a little bit strange from what I know …….somebody educate me on this!!!

  6. puzzled

    next mr ronald”clapping’chitotela steppp down sir if u r clean

  7. Mobility solutions

    I want my money back, your cameras sent me huge bills when my car was in the garage for 6 years now 🏣🚘 busy following🚔 me

  8. The Taliban

    Yes its a good move, now what of Ronald Chitotela?

  9. Mwenya Davies

    Let them enjoy life on the aging earth it will be the opposite in the new and young earth.

  10. Tim

    we need chitotela Ronald also to be treated the same. why is he special ?

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