TIZ Commends RTSA Boss for Taking Leave to Allow Probe

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has welcomed Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) Chief Executive Officer Zindaba Soko’s decision to take leave from office to facilitate investigations into allegations of money laundering levelled against him.

TIZ Chapter president Reuben Lifuka  has stated that Soko’s decision comes at a time when some individuals in public service who are under investigations lack the moral conscience to do the right thing and step aside to pave way for investigations into similar matters.

“This good corporate governance practice hailed by the Minister of Transport and

Communication Honourable Brian Mushimba should apply right across the length and breadth of the public service. We therefore want to urge all those undergoing investigations in the public service for similar offences to emulate Soko’s example,” Lifuka has stated.

Yesterday, July 9, Soko requested for leave in order to pave way for investigations over alleged money laundering activities leveled against him by the Drug Enforcement Commission which has

He has since been arrested and charged with money laundering related offences, sources have revealed.

Minister of Transport and Communications Engineer Dr. Brian Mushimba stated yesterday that Soko had requested for leave to pave way for the ongoing probe.

“Mr. Soko wants the investigation process to proceed without any perceived interference from his office and allow the law to take its course,” stated Dr. Mushimba.


  1. Dr. Mwape

    TIZ is right.

  2. Mr Fact

    Mr soko u are a true patriotic zambian and it shows that u dont want corruption in your AGENCY.This is a welcome move.

    • Binda

      Maybe, you are right, but why was he arrested? Those who are in forefront in fighting corruption lead by example. They are honest men or women with unquestionable character.

  3. Jomwa

    Good move brother soko

  4. Titus

    Great men of the time

  5. Jonathan

    This is not something new I must say

  6. Umuvelevele

    Closing the barn door after the horse has bolted. The culprit has already destroyed or tampered with the evidence and everyone’s applauding him. When he’s found with no case, he’ll sue and be handsomely compensated.

  7. Donqueen

    Should everyone who is suspected to be a plunderer go on forced leave?Some accusations stem from relationships gone sour like cheating wives /husbands at a work place.

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