Zambian Govt Issues Alert on Travel to Northern Nigeria

The Zambian government has issued a travel alert to Zambians wishing to travel to Nigeria and those citizens living in the Northern states following terrorist attacks in that area.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a statement indicating that the terrorist threat in the said region is high, as there have been frequent attacks in the recent past.

“We wish to inform the general public in Zambia that the security situation in the Northeast of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has continued to deteriorate due to escalating terrorist attacks by terrorist groups, especially Boko Haram. Given the significant number of Zambian citizens that travel to Nigeria, the ministry of Home Affairs of the Republic of Zambia has found it prudent to alert members of the public to take caution should need arise for them to travel to that country,” the ministry stated in a statement issued by public relations officer Nephas Chifuta.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs advises against all travel to Nigeria.  Most attacks, however, occur in the Northeast, particularly in Borno and Yobe States. Against this background, we advise the general public against all travel to Borno and Yobe States of Nigeria.”

The government has cautioned that those who cannot avoid traveling to Nigeria, especially the stated regions, should avoid crowded places during their visit.

“However, should it become absolutely necessary to travel, members of the public are advised to avoid places where crowds gather, including political meetings, religious gatherings, markets, shopping malls, hotels,  bars, restaurants, transport husband camps for displaced people. Terrorist attacks tend to be indiscriminate and places frequented by tourists could be targeted. Zambian nationals working in Northern Nigeria, should make sure that their employers provide an adequate level of security where they live and work,” the ministry stated. “They should constantly review security arrangements and familiarise themselves with the same. It is also advisable to follow news reports and developments. Finally, the general public is at liberty to seek Consular support from the Zambia High Commission in Abuja, Nigeria.”


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