Bitter Truth Awaits UPND and Its Friends in Opposition

The squabbles between the opposition UPND of Hakainde Hichilema and Chishimba Kambwili’s NDC over the coming Lubwa ward and Katuba parliamentary by-elections has vindicated us and a number of other people that have time and again written about how difficult, or impossible, it is to work with the UPND leader.

The NDC and UPND got into an arrangement where they pledged support to each other in by-elections like they did in Roan where the NDC candidate won the election. From that, they both put their popularity on a pedestal that will be difficult to show come 2021 because, like predicted, everything seems to crumble faster than they start.

On March 1, 2019, we wrote an opinion which was necessitated by the opposition alliance’s expulsion of Andyford Banda, the president of the People’s Alliance for Change (PAC), where we made mention of the fact that we knew from the very beginning that their alliance would not last. This is an alliance that is being driven by an individual’s desire for power without regard for the input of others who equally have their own constituencies to command in this country.  What should not be forgotten is that there has never been a successful political alliance in Zambia as several of them formed before always crumbled in no time due to some selfish interests. We once had a pact formed among UPND, FDD, ZRP and others which was called the UDA and the end result of that is history.

Then we have had a pact between the Patriotic Front, in opposition then, and the UPND itself. We all know very well what led to the end of that pact! Someone was not ready to accept the fact that the alliance partner was a better candidate for the 2011 elections and that is how everything fell apart. One would ask: what is this with HH and alliances or agreements with other parties? We are also tempted to ask this because since his joining politics, he is always thinking about alliances, which, sadly, he fails to sustain. What is wrong with him? Or is it his party that has issues with everyone else they try to work with. The UPND and its entire top leadership seems to be basking in some sought of self-proclaimed greatness such that working with others is such a big deal. Because of that pomposity, they feel too important to be subjected to leadership of another person. It is definitely the same story with Kambwili!  That is why their recently made agreement on by-elections could not be sustained because they are of the same species.

Ego issues have always been at play and will forever be the case when it comes to opposition alliances or pacts or electoral agreements, or whatever anyone may wish to call them. Right now, each of these opposition leaders feels so important such that they consider themselves superior to the others when in reality, they are not. A number of them have been lied to and keep deceiving themselves that the next elections will be child’s play! Only the results of 2021 will make them wake up to the bitter truth and realities on the ground and they will be left alone to lick their very sore wounds.



  1. Edward

    This is too bad to say

    • kigoma

      Thou shall not trust HH. He will stab you in the back at the time yoy do not expect.

    • climate change

      Tata bwelenifye ku PF. INSONI E BUNTU!!!

    • Bk

      Hh is hungry for power Zambia be care ful

  2. abalaya

    Ba CK for get about HH. Go it alone copperbelt is yours. Every Town and City you have campaign managers. In Ndola you have mayor Amon Chisenga and Town Clerk Wisdom Bwalya who are bringing down poor Zambia houses without compassionate.Plots are being grabbed from the poor and the poor are becoming poorer. The president is busy saying put fish ponds at the backyard but Amon and Wisdom are saying we shall not give this opportunity to Zambians let them become poorer.It is only you Kambwi singing the song of the poor.

  3. Upnd perennial loser member

    Upnd is just a problem…. Hh is selfish and I don’t think he will ever make it in Zambia

  4. Hamz

    Kambwili you have our support. Just forget about upnd and we will help you build NDC.

  5. wise

    this pact its not going anywhere

  6. damingo

    We might have another consitutency by election in Ndola.We would like to urge Amon Chisenga and Town Clerk Wisdom Bwalya to try and disturb the poor in City so that the NDC can become popular. Grab plots and give it to Chinese will vote for Chisenga and his party in 2021

  7. Jms

    Stupid idiots tend to say what ever has been put in their heads but to tell you the truth we don’t mind even if you neglect what is good nevertheless stupid people choose without seeing what the future holds keep it up writers although you are a nuisance

  8. brics

    The problem in Zambia is that as you read through any post or comments, you can easily the interest and intention of the writer….very few posts are objective and beneficial to the national Interest.

  9. Lisa

    Problem is some tribes always want to lead and not to be led even when those they support have no leardership qualities. An infant goes through milestone to attain maturity. Kambwili & Kalaba’s parties are in infancy and should support UPND if they truly believe PF is a corrupt party. Zambians must go for quality and not looking at who comes from where. HH is already worthy and wealth, should be given chance. He was denied the opportunity to lead in 2016 and the resultant effects is what we are going throu economically. Pf forced itself on people and it has failed.

    • Iron man

      Lisa, some poltical party leaders are tribal and regional rejected by the majority Zambians. So let them give chance to candidates who are easy to sell to the electorates.

  10. Bashikulu Em2a

    The only pact working so far is that of pf and mmd.The rest,I don’t know,and these alliances will never hold water.why?Reason is simple,’selfishness’.Come 2021,losers will cry,cry,cry and peeetiiitioooon!To be honest,HH would have been in plot 1,if he followed what great SATA(mhsrip)told him when they joined hands so as to remove mmd.HH decided to go his own way,result?Lost!And since then,he has been trying and losing,losing,losing and will continue losing until he changes his mind set.HH should learn how to work with people,not going solo!Nalandako fye tata!

    • Wise me

      HH might be wealth and worthy in some people’s eyes but the UPND doesn’t deserve the country’s leadership. This is because they have a strong regional inclination. After the GBM departure who in their top position is from Eastern, Copper Belt, Luapula Muchinga and Northern



  11. 2021 tulekolopa

    Pf aleloleshafye

  12. The Comrade

    Opposition cannot have formidable alliance because others don’t have structures and have no resources to mobilise themselves. The opposition especially upnd is really in a mess of themselves because they are failing to put themselves together despite repeated failures of passed alliances. Upnd needs to wake up sooner before its too late.

  13. P.M

    @Lisa..first and foremost Iam a Lala from central province. I totally agree with you. HH is a worthy presidential candidate. Kambwili is more of a grass root person who would do very well as Secretary General (SG)of any party. Kalaba is a sober minded person who would do very well as vice president of any party and the same goes for Chipimo. Nevers Mumba is a fat NO !!

    • Chibuye J

      @P.M., all these people you are mentioning want nothing but presidency. That’s why PF will ride on selfishness of these guys to plot one in 2021 with ease.

  14. chipata boyz

    many people who are talking about ck you are pf


    I would love to see how UPND defeats PF single handedly banking on the ideal situation that since the economy is bad and corruption allegations then pipo will automatically vote for UPND, this assessment is ideal. If you were intelligent and are serious about plot 1 , i would rather date CK to divide the PF votes in its strongholds, even if its 5% addition to my votes it will have made me to beat PF and get plot 1. But it seems UPND like ideal situations than real situations. The cry of PF have rigged awaits u in 2021, the ruling party is not easy to unseat despite allegations on it

  16. Daniel Banda

    Very basic, no science was required and the results so emphatically precise!

  17. Leonard tembo

    Coswe sangamenyane na kiti go go pf 2021

  18. James

    HH is not a team player that’s why he disappoints people alot, he can only use people to get what he wants.
    One thing he forgets is that in zambia we believe in tiyende pamodzi.

  19. Dog bite

    Hakainde kalaba kambwili are not political heavy weights in zambia the pf won 2011 elections cz it was lead by a giant no tribalism clean in any way there no alliance which can work on tribal balance demeaning other tribes hakainde has put Tonga tribe above others it will never put down hakainde to work with other tribes there will be ethnic cleansing if say for example hakainde became president there is no appreciation of what government is doing he does not even talk to his tribesmen to stop being tribal chief mukuni is his chief advisor

  20. Fisunge

    Lisa you said that some tribes just need to rule and not to be led yes even in the Bible the Israelites were always on top of everything so in Zambia there’s a chosen tribes to rule but for me a Tonga president awe sure may be a Lozi or kakonde at least even if to the police station tongas awe mwandini may God deliver this tribe from pride you want chance like you stated in the mast that give tongas Chance to rule mwavuta banzatu

  21. Lisa

    My goodness! Anyone who presides over a manipulated and stolen election is not a chosen on. The bible tells us ‘not to steal’ no wonder the economic mess.
    Try Agogo,a lozi, as president and see the reaction from some parts of Zambia. Let us accept each other as Zambians.

  22. Akwasu

    Sonta epo wabomba 2021 osanamana


    Ala stop cheating yourselves ,PF is not kantemba its a party for all zambians.

  24. Sam

    Ba CK go back to ur party of u are a bicon

  25. Chief

    If u fort with 1 yesterday today with another one tomorrow again with a different person then check yourself it might be you who is a problem it it is not possible that everyone is a problem it is you who difficult to work with others. HH is a big problem

  26. BJ

    Ukupoka icinsenda Ku nkoko: kunakilila. Namano uli weka: tayashinguluka ikoshi. Munshebwa : aile namafi kibuko. Book knowledge isn’t enough for one to ascend to leadership. One needs WISDOM. Remember Politics is about NUMBERS. Wise leadership pulls clouds. One thing for sure is : Leaders are born not made. Ndeloleshafye!!!

  27. Joshua

    HH, his still learning the behavers of zambians, especially in kopala & northern. he need, to stay in kopala, so that he understand a bemba language, in order to speak & understand.

  28. Kevin simwala

    Ck just go alone copala kuti mwa wina.

    • bk

      Ck is arrogant that might have lead to their fall out. He wants to be bossy always. We shall now see how is smallparty will perform minus upnd support. Mind you pf is not a push over .

  29. Joseph

    Mind you PF, 2021 is coming, the President is busy coming to the Copperbelt every after some few days because of Dr CK. Baletina at C.K is destroying the copperbelt slowly by slowly. Tekeni fye umutima muleyafye bwino

  30. United Kingdom

    Stupid PF who are trying to brainwash every Zambian in the way they can afford. We shall pray and fast come 2021. PF mubepelefye mwa la longa. Why do you hate HH and western province , why dividing zambia you will run away . You thieves with ugly menomeno. Our families and relatives are suffering while the idiots are enjoying

  31. Sj

    Twatotela for this reminder you’ve written on current political senario. We can only sum it up and say Umwana ekalisha lulya asula. Can’t someone accept a lesser position ni komo fye Plot 1? Comment

  32. Sj

    Twatotela for this reminder you’ve written on current political senario. We can only sum it up and say Umwana ekalisha lulya asula. Can’t someone accept a lesser position ni kamo fye nkaye ku/kwa Plot 1? Comment

  33. Moses Phiri

    I support Kambwili. It seems everyone focus on developing their own province this time. I need Kambwili in Copperbelt.

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