Chitotela Acquitted of Corruption Charges

The Lusaka Magistrate Court has acquitted Housing and Infrastructure Minister Ronald Chitotela of corruption charges.

Magistrate David Simusamba discharged Chitotela on two counts of concealing property suspected to be proceeds of crime.

Chitotela was found with no case to answer and accordingly discharged.


  1. Chipata boyz

    Welcome to zambia were no celeb have lost case

  2. muntungwa

    I saw this coming. This Zambia what else do you expect. The guy will even be singing in his sleep. Judgement was already passed by his boss not suspending him. This meant that the boss was backing him in some way. Twafwa pa Zed.

  3. Marker

    Anyway what do you expect ?no wonder the banker women have gone on rampage please just aquit them also,you have done enough injustice to Zambian just retire.The only thing that is good on earth none will live forever all those wealth will remain when God calls.

  4. Wise me

    Innocent until proven guilty or is it guilty until proven innocent.

  5. P.M

    Lungu cant afford to compromise the Bemba vote. What a country?

  6. Simfukwe

    If Mr chitotela was upnd you were going to cerebrate and praise the courts of law that they are working now today the courts are corrupt why it like this in upnd come on boys respect the courts the truth is that Mr chitotela is not corrupt go and hang yourself

  7. 👑 Soto

    the guy has gone free today with his head high and singing a song this is Zambia

  8. Sosa

    All corrupt cases are presided by simusamba who is also a corrupt magistrate.


    Mayo Zambia is for Zambians!!!!!!Ng’ombe singabale Kumba(A cow cannot give birth to Piglet) full Stop!!!!

  10. Chilankalipa

    Let us join PF in order to test the fruits of this country innocent teachers hv removed from payroll ati they don’t have proper papers hw evr thy hv served for more than 8 yrs and above God is for all

    • Chilankalipa

      Owe ka mbuli, find your own identity, do not pretend to be Chilankalipa, are you a dog?

  11. Chikubabe season 1

    The law is Zambia is only applicable to the poor & those not connected to the powers that be. There’s no rule of law & as anticipated,”the rich will become more richer” & i guess u know the fate of the poor.

  12. Kashifmulenga

    Y was he not suspended for investigation the outcome was expected

    • Joseph zulu

      In if you provide evidence properly then you will be aquited that’s so let’s be fair guys ck was acused and fired because of pressure from his enemiesfacely were he is up to now just rumars

  13. Chikala

    Aba Bafikala, What Alse If The Criminal Is Edgar Lungu’s Right Hand Man? Time Will Catch Up With You, A Corrupt Regime.

  14. Donald Trump's speech

    Edger lungu in 2021 you be removed people are crying right now because of you poor leadership

  15. Bombshell

    Now that the judgement has bn passed, who shud we trust ,the ACC or the magistrate???????????

    • Bwete

      The justice system in Zambia is slowly crumbling down cause almost everyone in the entire system is corrupt so what do you expect, This is Zambia where the rule of law is only applicable to the poor and the opposition.

      • D. M

        Zambians must not be co-authors to PF criminal regime remove the thieves.

  16. Spade

    How is this a coincidence that first the so called humble president who does not interfere with the judiciary kept Chitotela in office without doubting the outcome of court proceedings, the magistrate also failed to deliver judgment when the humble president was on the copperbelt. What a coincidence! How were RB and FTJ acquitted? Is it a coincidence too? What these ignorant thieves do not realize is that God does not sleep nor can they fool him, one day they will pay dearly for their sins.

  17. Liverpool

    When the criminal is within ,everyone becomes innocent.

  18. mukula tree

    What a shame BA pf you are corrupt for real.

  19. Bashikulu Em2a

    Judgement day

  20. Mukanwa mukikopo

    You can talk, complain or comment about it, you are just wasting your energy. the man is innocent. You were told clearly before the man even stepped in court of law. So keep it to your self or else the man is going to sue you for defamation of his character as former 👮, coz as minister he is ” Honourable.”

  21. mulilomulilo

    Ala ba PF you will see 2021 is coming on the way, basakala bamushibile sala ibilenipo limo,shame ba PF, God is watching whatever game you are praying,Lesa ala peela nokupokolola………….

  22. Fwedede

    Time will come for these idiots to face the rough of the law, They can continue hiding and let there presido continue shielding them only time will catch up with these corrupt fools

  23. Mr Peace

    Mmmmm,but yyeeee.What is this nosense?

  24. pf

    No one is above the law mu Zambia chitotole and his friends are above the law zambiaaaaaaa

  25. Neymor

    There’s no way Chitotela could have built all that we saw in the media from his monthly income. Why didn’t he do so before he became minister? Just like his counterpart Lusambo, look what he has become compare to what he was as diehard MMD youth

  26. VLC

    Tamwakatashe bakolwe ifimitima fyenu fyalibipisha. Even though you want that man to rule this country you will ensult him as well. No one will satisfy you guys. Unthankful heart.

  27. Kevin simwala

    Welcome back


    Simusamba l doubt if you are educated & if you care about 17 +million zambian,including ur relatives.God ‘ll judge you

  29. SEE MIND

    Weldone Chitotella free, hard working man. Other Zambian people distroyed top names !!!

  30. munyama mugibbe

    it is normal in Zambia, the only sin a person can commit is being poor

  31. Escape from Sobibor

    Bonse Nina Pompwe ,including “ulya njikwite

  32. Escape from Sobibor

    Bonse niba pompwe,including “ulya njikwite

  33. Kanunka

    Chansoni kabili chamuselu kuti amukumya shani mmmmm lesa somone

  34. Mr Smith

    What else do we expect apart from this, under the corrupt government

  35. Double

    One day zambia will not be like the way you can think it can be them enjoy on corruption one day they are will judge them selves showerly why can you even stand and support a thief Zambian we are suffering.

  36. mulase

    I can’t believe this.Is this the Zambia am part of wea the elite ar always aquitted nd the poor ar jailed?We need a retrial by an outside court.

  37. Lee Muchenga

    Justice delayed is justice denied.

  38. Rodgers

    Under normal circumstances no one would react to a story like his one, they could have demanded for a detailed story on how the courts arrived at the conclusion.

  39. Sk@1

    Acquital seems to be a drug 💊 commonly administered only to thoz within the echelons of power. The rest of Zambians jail seems to be their anti-Retro-Therapy. Corruption Wil never end so long thoz who are perceived to be corrupt keeps on holding their substantive positions even wen their court cases are under-way.. Therefore, in Chitotela’s corruption allegations, I foresaw this coming:aren’t surprised 🙀 personally.. Concerned Citizen

  40. The Taliban

    This is drama now,Let also the same thing smile to Zindaba Siko.

  41. Am

    Only the poor and opposition, judges went to school for.zambia namuidelela ba pf even a monkey can not acguit chitotela

  42. Lambamali

    Acquitted honourably indeed.

  43. Naked Weapon

    Very careless judge among all the Zambian judges, this is a half backed story give us on how you reach into conclusion very useless.

  44. aka bundox

    court is the only solution and anwer unfortunately people can talk mountain and hills. if the judement has been seered with the hot iron, then the judge is gathering firewod for himself

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