NDC and PF File Nominations

The opposition NDC candidate in the Lubwa ward by-election in Kitwe has successfully filed his nominations today.

NDC candidate Ronald Banda was the first to file his nomination at around 09:00hrs.

Banda and NDC supporters accompanied him as he filed his nomination papers at Riveran Primary school in Nkana East this morning.

After filing his nomination, Banda said he is poised to scoop the Lubwa seat because he has a development agenda for the area.

He said the people of Kitwe and the Copperbelt in general are tired of the economic mismanagement that the PF is subjecting citizens to.

Banda has promised to address the water challenges that Lubwa ward is faced with, adding that he would also address the security and health concerns raised by the residents.

And PF candidate Julius Kaunda later successfully filed his nomination.

The UPND candidate is also expected to file his nominations today.

The Lubwa ward seat fell vacant following the death of area councillor Godfridah Chulu.




    don’t be pompas ukuicefya kusuma ba NDC muleimona saana pantu mwawina ka roan ati neye mwanyala

    • Ala

      Nga iwe Finger Point cinshi icakukalipa. Are you the only voter in Lubwa ?


    NDC for life we are behind you!!!!CK & Banda

  3. Ba Moonga Keegan

    Just cool down BA NDC, you are still young. You won ka roan through the support from upnd

    • Ala

      Moonga, wether with or withoout upnd, Lubwa is for NDC.

  4. Edward

    Noise out!!! Am trying to get some sleep

  5. James

    I wonder why these politicians find it easy to make promises that they don’t even keep,,,
    Don’t worry Mr promise maker, the jobless people will give that job you are looking for.

  6. Lisa

    Upnd is a party with vision. Now that Pf has lamentably destroyed the economy, Upnd should be next choice. Leave the tribal tag behind and look beyond nose before voting. People of Lubwa, you may still have a few coins that accidentally landed in your pockets from the frequent presidehtial visits but that is temporal. Go for quality, you have been cheated enough.

    • Cowthern Province

      What….UPNDown a choice? A party failing to lead 10 small political parties and you want to trust it with 10 million people? Tekwesha!!!!

  7. Nyengo is now

    No alliance wil never work bcoz mistrust is highier than trust. Kambwili and HH is a false hope 4 many followers. Kambwili is strong and hh TOO

  8. Dauty K C

    Come on we are behind you NDC

  9. Autonomous Mouth.

    Comment:See beyond the curtain dnt be blinded,moreover non of them will buy you a bag of meali meal if you dnt work extra hard.

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