PeP Pulls Out of Opposition Alliance

The Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) has pulled out of the opposition alliance comprising 10 political parties under the captainship of the UPND.

Addressing the media in Lusaka today, PeP leader Sean Tembo said he had pulled out of the alliance as some partners had made it clear that they could prevail on their own in the 2021 general elections.

Tembo said the belief that a united opposition would stand a better chance to unseat the PF in the 2021 elections had been rubbished by some alliance partners that felt more superior to their counterparts.

“It has also been our belief that other political parties within the Opposition Alliance held a similar assessment and perspective regarding the prospects for 2021,” said Tembo.

“It dawned on us that some of our alliance members held the belief that they were perfectly capable of winning the 2021 general elections without the need for opposition unity. Their belief regarding the irrelevance of opposition unity as a vehicle for a 2021 electoral victory naturally informed their attitudes towards the opposition alliance in general and alliance members in particular, both explicit and implicit.”

Tembo said the relevance of opposition unity ahead of the 2021 elections would be judged by posterity.

“However, the difference in opinion regarding the necessity of opposition unity as a prerequisite for a 2021 opposition electoral victory essentially renders our continued participation in the opposition alliance redundant. We joined and became a part of the opposition alliance with the hope and expectation of assisting each other through the creation of synergy,” he said.

“To the extent that some of the key members of the opposition alliance believe that they do not require any assistance, we cannot force ourselves and our assistance on them. Accordingly, we in the Patriots for Economic Progress have taken the decision to withdraw our membership and our participation from the opposition alliance with immediate effect.”

Tembo pledged to be available for constructive association with some opposition political parties where need arose.

“Therefore, it is our expectation that despite our withdrawal from the alliance, we shall continue to relate well with our brothers and sisters and possibly even collaborate on other issues of common interest. Additionally, if in future the key members of the alliance have a genuine change of perspective and adopt a sincere belief that they need us to complement each other as we walk towards the 2021 general elections, then our doors shall always remain open and we shall be amenable to consider any proposal that shall be put on the table on its merits,” he said.


  1. Bashikulu Em2a

    See now!I have always said that opposition party alliances has never worked in Zambia!Only pf and mmd are managing

    • cader

      Shikulu i disagree with you. Alliances in Zambia can work for selfless leaders like honourable CK. I would like to urge the NDC and PeP including other meaningful partiners from the failed alliance to work together . Leave upnd out because it is used to swiming in the opposition, period.


    abapushi tabatemwana.dont waist your time just come in the boat mwaice tembo and meet your brother mr E.C LUNGU.pooooboo nipabwato

  3. ICC tembo kambwili

    When are you reporting to the international criminal court.are you campainging in katuba and kambwili ward

  4. Lisa

    It is not about Upnd winning 2021, but ending the pf evils where zambians get locked up at will. Am sure Tembo didnot get enough dosage the last time you were in police cells.

  5. Daniel Banda

    You need not be a scientist to see deceitful the people in UPND are. They rate rate themselves highly when all they only thrive on a propaganda strategy. Please be aware that you are dealing with human beings not objects. What you don’t see as development by the government due to your hatred for your perceived enemies, we who are nonpartisan can see. Continue on that path and lose again in 2021.


    bweleleni fye ku PF. INSONI E BUNTU

  7. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    There is more pride in Zambia. It was good and it is still good to form up an Alliance in order to win the 2021 general elections. One political party cannot manage to unseat PF in 2021 believe me or not. Please UPND, NDC and other opposition parties should come up together and form alliance party. Thanks

  8. Jms

    I’m now convinced that tribalism among nyanja/bemba is real I can’t expect Daniel banda to have such a useless comment shame its shameful to hear the saying, saying the Wise come from the East but when we tend to search their minds its full of hate, criminality and so on don’t give us the mentality of stereotype what you should do is to learn good manners driven by L.O.V.E

  9. 2021 tulekolopa

    Pf aleloleshafye!!

  10. 2021 tulekolopa

    2021 mulechimwenoko,70%

  11. Kanyembo

    Should have followed Andford Banda,anyways welcome back to normal-land.

  12. Angoni

    Next time we do not need to remind you that Tongas are Tongas and UPND is for Tonga. Learn to read the game correctly.

  13. Kings

    Sean Tembo I Think You Are A Novice, We Don’t Get Out Of The Pitch Like That, What Made You To Be Part Of The Alliance? Have You Forgotten That The Main Objective Is To Kick Pf Out Of Power? Why Are You So Weak Bwana? Perseverence Is The Most Important Thing When You Are Working As A Team, Because Some Individuals Are Coward So They Don’t Want To Work With Those Of High Profile For Fear Of Losing Their Positions. Bwelelani Baba Ku Alliance .

  14. Joshua

    if, we saying that baku chipata their are IDOITS, at iyoo. only tribalism.

  15. Tuli Bantu

    JMS, you are right bro,they say that Tonga’s have tribalism, but what about these Easterners, they are too tribal, ati wako in wako, what does that mean? You should only vote for your fellow tribe and your own region, Bemba’s and Easterners are on chimbuya, even to steal they steal together, what about voting pattern they will go for a Bemba or Easterner, do you expect a Tonga or Lozi also to vote for Easterner also, how fair is that? Who is going to vote for loi or Tonga if you want every one to vote for PF regime if so, in the past years, there were no such hate speech as what is happening now, all tribes in this country were staying together as on, no segregation and that is why they used, one Zambia one nation, but now it is dead, Zambia now belongs to Easterners and Bemba’s, am not saying this because a coward, but thinking of the lives that we lose every time we fight, the cat’s and the dog’s have forgiven each other, what’s wrong with us,,,,,to Bemba’s and Easterners, the question is are you Dracula’s?

  16. mulase

    Zambian politics ar a mockery nd full of brouhaha just to quote Hon George Mpombos semantics.

  17. Michael kahona

    ni PF chabe

  18. Royson Nsama


  19. Rachel

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  20. Fucking alliance

    Fuseke fuck you all

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