3 File Nominations for Lubwa By-election

Three candidates have successfully filed their nominations for the Lubwa Ward local government by-election in Kitwe’s Kwacha Constituency.

The by-election is scheduled for July 30, 2019.

Candidates from the National Democratic Congress Party (NDC), Patriotic Front (PF) and United Party for National Development (UPND)  filed their nominations at Riverain Primary School in Kitwe today.

NDC candidate Jonathan Banda, a former ZCCM employee, arrived around 09:00 hours at the nomination centre and was the first to file his nominations at around 10:00 hours.

Speaking after filing his nomination, Banda said he will work with the community to address issues of security, health, sanitation, among others, that affect people in the ward.

“We have challenges in terms of drainages, health and security. The most important think i would love to work on is that we have a maternity wing at Nkana East. We also need to have a police post in this area, among other issues,” said Banda.

And Patriotic Front candidate Julius Kaunda arrived at the nomination centre around 11:00 hours and was accompanied by deputy campaign manager Kampamba Mulenga Chewe and Copperbelt Province PF chairman Nathan Chanda.

Kaunda, who filed his nominations at 11:50 hours, said he will engage stakeholders to help address issues of unplanned settlements and improve security and health infrastructure once elected.

“We need to look at the water issue, security and various other issues, the police post which is being constructed, we need to expedite the process,” said Kaunda.

Meanwhile, UPND’s Brian Mwewa was the last to file his nominations at 14:00 hours and was accompanied by UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka and Copperbelt Province chairman Elisha Matambo.

Mwewa said he would work towards addressing the poor road network in the area and ensure improved service delivery from utilities.

He said he was aware of challenges the community is facing to access water.

“We have a lot to work on. I am laughing at my colleagues offering people K50. Will that last forever? There is an issue of plots, we need to attend to that urgently. People are fetching water from Kafue River, untreated water. We need to address all these. Even these bars here, when I take over, I will sort [this] out so that people can be sleeping peacefully,” said Mwewa.

The Lubwa Ward seat fell vacant following the death of councillor Godfridah Chulu.


  1. tukutuku honda

    iwe, stop talking about bars

  2. Pf, upnd,

    The picture story should show all of them stupid

  3. Copala

    PF pakulila, NDC pakuvotela elo UPND tekwesha.

    • bk

      Ndc cant win minus upnd support. This one will go for pf. Ndc is just too small. With its visionless self proclaimed president. Kaya


    Bena Lubwa mukavotele fye Kolwe akamitekeko

  5. Bashikulu Em2a

    Vote wisely.

  6. Albright

    PF is going to scoop the seat.

  7. Small small

    Upnd forever

  8. Me

    UPNP forever loosing!

  9. Me

    UPND forever loosing!

  10. Bazzo pa chitec

    UPND foward 👉👉👉👉

  11. brown

    No doubt upnd will win

  12. Hh

    Ku cowthern azawina upndown (upnd)

  13. Muchele

    Ba Mucheleka anzanu atawamo mu chi regional party imwe muli ndwii!. How many will run away from this regional party? Many, unless bene bake ndiye asalamo aziwika sitingatomole apa pampepo.



  15. Rachel

    Do not put your trust in nobles or in an earthling man. (Psalm 146:3,4) Trust Jehovah & you will never be disappointed. (proverbs 3:5,6)

  16. Lisa

    Any parent with a child at CBU and participating in voting should give Pf a red card. Students are just wandering at large, mentally tortured as they are not sure if CBU will ever reopen. NDF was funded with a lightening speed but putting up ?security measures is being done at a snail’s pace. Vote for UPND that has value for education.

  17. kk

    NDC Viva

  18. Fisunge

    A reverse comment by Lisa all parents with a child at cbu I wonder how many Shud teach their children who are at cbu to behave well what attending school rather than breaking the things at school because it can affect their education like it has done so Lisa since you’re wise enough and concerned organise funds for the repair of the university and counsel the them

  19. Lisa

    On a tray full of eggs you find two eggs rotten and you opt to discard the whole tray becomes illogical thinking. Dont be emotional on resolving some issues. Not all CBU students are bad eggs to go throu the mental stress being inflicted on them. You are retarding development. Some students would have graduated on time to replace unqualified cadres in those offices. Think upright & open CBU.

    • bebkc

      Lisa since you are wiser.go and re-open. We condone barbaric behaviour in our children. We are teaching them to be better citizens not criminals

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