High Court Sets Hearing Date in Sampa’s Child Maintenance Case

The Lusaka High Court has set July 29, 2019 for inter-parte hearing of an application by Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa’s ex-wife to cite him for contempt of court for defying a court order to pay a monthly sum of K7, 000 as child maintenance.

According to an inter parte summons for leave to issue application for an order for committal signed by High Court judge Sharpe Phiri, the parties will appear before her in chambers for hearing of an application against the former Matero Constituency member of parliament for his breach of the April 23, 2019 ruling where he was ordered to pay maintenance for the child of the family.

Sampa’s ex-wife Mwika Mwenechanya, an Economist at Bank of Zambia, is seeking an order of the Lusaka High court to compel the Lusaka City Council (LCC), as Sampa’s employers, to be making monthly payments of K7, 000 from his earnings for maintenance of their child.

This is in a matter where she is demanding a sum of K30,300 as child maintenance.

The Lusaka High Court had ordered the former deputy minister of commerce to be maintaining his daughter at a monthly fee of K7, 000 but he has allegedly neglected to comply with the court order.

The court had also ordered Sampa to pay the balance of US$13, 000 outstanding school fees at the American International School ( AIS ) and that he pays a monthly sum of K7,000 towards the monthly expense of the child before the 6th day of every month.

Sampa was also ordered to provide a driver to ferry the child to and from school and that he should register her on the council medical scheme which he was entitled to by virtue of him being a mayor.

According to an affidavit in support of ex parte summons for an attachment of earnings order, Mwenechanya stated that the ruling in which the court ordered Sampa was served to him through his advocates.

She stated that the alleged contemnor has failed to comply with the ruling of the court to pay the money he was ordered for the months of May and June, 2019 .

“The alleged contemnor is in arrears of sums amounting to K14, 000 and has further failed to pay the balance of US$13, 000 school fees at the American International School,” Mwenechanya stated.

“As a result of the respondent’s failure to pay the outstanding balance, I had to pay a sum equivalent to US$3000 to the school otherwise,  the child would have been removed from school.”

She stated that despite several reminders through her lawyers, her former husband has failed to settle the amount due as per court ruling constantly to the detriment of the child.

“The alleged contemnor is in full time employment as a Mayor of the city of Lusaka and he is financially able to comply with the ruling of the court,” she argued.

“The alleged contemnor’s disobedience is causing hardship to the child of the family and myself as we are unable to meet the family financial obligations to sustain our daily needs.”

The petitioner stated that Sampa intends to continue disobeying the court ruling unless compelled to do so by the court.

Mwenechanya is therefore seeking an order of the court to compel the respondent’s employers to make payments out of his earnings in accordance with the affiliation and maintenance of children Act.



  1. Mailosi

    These women of nowadays ummm, money is the source of all evil

  2. Hammer

    This is a case of making sure your ex earnings are only spent on you and he gets bankrupt. Of all nice schools in Zambia why take a child to the most expensive school with a foreign curriculum, what if The father says that he can afford government tuition fees or a moderate private school? About K7000 per month how is it broken down as monthly expenses by a kid . She also works what is her financial contribution to the upbringing of the kid of the family?
    Let us be careful of who we marry .


      hammer you are light just from the look of things this ex-knife oo sory wife is the devil.mukaziyanganisha pokwatila guyz chifukwa muzayamba zipeza pamulo daily mukupya

    • P.M

      #Hammer…are you Sampa’s lawyer to come up with such stupid suggestions?. Dont go about making babies if you cant afford to look after them. The same foolish mayor was boasting that he spends k40000.00 per month from his pockets to help homeless and poor people who troop to his office asking for help. How does one spend k40000.00 per month on strangers and fails to settle his own child’s school fees. Dont blame the ex wife. The courts ruled out that indeed Sampa could afford K7000.00 per month and who are you to say otherwise?

      • Pf


      • The Seeker

        P.M, you clearly don’t know what you are saying or maybe, you are a relative of Sampa’s wife. This woman simply want to fix Sampa, she hopes by so doing he realize the mistake he made by leaving her and go beg her for reconciliation. If you want a man back,that’s not the way to go.

        • PM

          @ Seeker…I really dont understand how most zambians like you try to potray that you know it all. While you are at liberty to give your own opinion, you are denying me to do the same and even go further to suggest that I may be related to Sampa’s wife. I dont agree with your warped reasoning but again you are entitled to your views. Iam simply saying this is the guy who was boasting about spending k40000.00 a month of his own money on strangers and yet fails to pay for his child’s school fees!! Doesnt make sense to me…but again there are a lot of men out there who spend so much money on entertaining friends whilst the families are starving. Iam also sure that the courts reached to the conclusion that Mr. Sampa can afford to pay maintenance of K7000.00 per month. I wont accuse you of being related to Sampa and am sure you are not.

          • The Seeker

            @PM,so your problem with Sampa is that he boasted about K40000?

        • Ng'andwe kaunda

          You’re right 100%.

  3. Lambamali

    Mbochibede ? Nankwe nankwe


    Hammer u are write tiyeni tuziona pokwatila guys

  5. Herv Rena

    All she wants is for him to do a baby come back.Those maintenance fees are out of this world.

  6. Pf

    Don’t pay her


    Azamu ziba Musa!!!
    Why not!!

  8. k.c.l

    This woman just want to finish you…can a child spend k7000 p/m…these is the most expensive child ever..

  9. Mac-B

    That woman is a snake no way iyeeeeee.Busungu bwashani efyo bacishila she was demanding too much

    • Joseph Zulu

      This is awarning or awake up to men some women like money how can you reach that far that madam sure even if is to punish Aman ifeel bad as Aman sometimes we should not take each in that way just because is holding apublic office no mama.

  10. Mr Peace

    Nishi mayor afola zing ati? Prayers are needed…angathamangire pa doom munthu ka…

  11. My tribe is Zambian

    This woman has a very good job at BOZ. They should just sit down and agree how much each one should spend on their child. Miles naye aleke kuzimvela.

  12. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    The Woman is right. Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Give GOD what belongs to GOD. Mr Miles Sampa was a Minister and he knows the Law very well. Why is he disobeying the court orders? Let him just pay all the arrears at International School of Lusaka and follow the orders of the court by paying Children Maintenance Fee of K7,000 per month. Please High Court Judges follow the Justice and help this Woman!!!!! Thanks

  13. Animal farm

    Some of us are struggling to have three square meals a day other people’s children are spending k7000 per month and 13000 dollars for a grade one while we struggle to get vocational training at LBTC and LVTC at only k3000 per year.God help me and others who are not connected to these politicians.🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤

  14. Razor

    Apart from all of these outstanding amounts there is also a bill at horseshoe restaurant which needs to be cleared.

  15. King cool

    The salary of a Mayor is K19,000 . But that’s not the case, this woman she is not a human and the judgment was not done in good faith. The judge is bias , and the judge is like he is moving with the lady.

  16. King cool

    The salary of a Mayor is K19,000 . But that’s not the case, this woman she is not a human and the judgment was not done in good faith. The judge is bias , and the judge is like he is moving with the lady. This lady she doesn’t even go to church, if I were to be Sampa I could have got the child and start keeping him or her.

  17. Ray sugar

    She’s a slay queen.shame on her

  18. Fyakuifwaila

    Why sampa have child who is doing grade one as he old shame nabamupwishefye Mayo Mupwishe achimfya but Mr Man don’t worry you know what you are doing ibafye filyafine uchita your story is bad to avoid us to comment on your rubbish story we where not there OK?

  19. SEE MIND

    Chanakashi chipuba chi. Sampa mwandi take your daughter home send to Cheap School government school. Money refuse topay that lady his a thief !!!

  20. Simpito Mukandwa

    Yaba Infintu ifi kukosa

  21. Jm

    This woman is a devil, if she cant even spend a single coin on her child why not sending him back to the father? Coz that k7000 is just too much. I believe if i were mr sampa i can tell the court to say i will take my child to the school where i think i can afford, i ask for custodian of the child, leave the evil woman alone

  22. Jms

    Two serious cases here(the woman being right) I’m a man but can’t support stupid ideas firstly Don’t impregnate without acknowledging the outcome secondly God made you the head Don’t allow your pressures child live without you if I was a judge I would punish all men living without their children the woman is perfect telling sampa to be a proper father thanks mama sampa ‘s mind has been opened now and Judges look on this to avoid stress in children and our beautiful mothers (before sampa used to say hello my lovely baby honey etc but now I’m sorry be mature don’t just fill the world and leave but fill the world and live with

  23. chapsy

    But why blaming the wife when the so called Lusaka mayor agreed to all of that? Is the ex wife just demanding or there was an agreement? Don’t comment foolishly coz u are displaying ignorance.

  24. Jms

    No matter how you agree to any situation depending on how you make yourself advantages leaving others to suffer I’m sorry God must be first but unfortunately this isn’t the case man is cruel as a lion shame when God choose man to be the head he thought of security in the family look at the security among men and women you will see the difference unless you are cold hearted its unfortunate God gave us mind to use not misusing it


    K 7000 for a child per month!!!?. This child is expensive.

    • Chendabusiku

      #Non Partisan. The courts make decisions based on facts. They normally check your ability to pay. So the K7000 you are saying that the child is expensive may actually not be so. Myles Sampa is a businessman, former deputy minister and a mayor. The child in question is a child of a current mayor and cannot be compared to the child of someone selling at a Kantemba on the roadside, that is the reality. The courts know Sampa’s net worthy and what he earns and so his child cannot be let to suffer, Sampa is responsible and must support his own blood.

      • P.M

        @Chendabushiku…You are absolutely right but a lot of people on this platform are merely looking at k7000.00. It is expensive to raise a child.

  26. Me

    Solve your own problems. Some of you are talking out of hate and jealousy. You know yourselves.

  27. Jms

    I support marvelous ideas and I’m seeing a very good welcome being given although just few of them but mind you no matter how few good ideas God is multiplying that with a good number people don’t realize that where man is their is a woman (wo man) if man brings these mistakes in marriage I’m sure he may make such in decision making

  28. KB

    Sampa just get yo child and look for a place at matero basic school.

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