Police Hunt for ‘Rapist’ Mumbwa Head Teacher

Police in Mumbwa district, Central Province are looking for a 50 year old Head Teacher of Myooye Secondary School for raping a grade 10 pupil of the same school.

Central Province Police Commissioner Chola Katanga has confirmed in a statement that Christopher Habasune, allegedly raped the girl last Monday around 15.00 within the school premises.

Katanga explained that the Head Teacher started proposing the 20 year old girl in February when she arrived on transfer from a named school in Lusaka.

He further narrated that the girl reported late to school from a long weekend after she suffered from a toothache and was called to exculpate herself in his office.

The Police Commissioner said it was in the office where the Head Teacher requested to have sex with the girl as punishment for reporting late and descended on her unwillingly.

Katanga said after sensing danger, the Head Teacher decided to disappear from the school as pupils and surrounding community vented their anger by setting the school garden on fire.


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