Siliya Highlights Dangers of Fake News at Global Media Forum

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Dora Siliya has said fake news has strained relations between politicians and the media, leading to a loss of trust by citizens in honest journalism.

Presenting a  statement at the just-ended Global Media Freedom Conference co-hosted by the UK and the Canadian governments, in the United Kingdom yesterday, Siliya, who is also chief government spokesperson, applauded the two countries for their initiative to work together to defend media freedom and improve the safety of Journalists.

“Like many countries represented here, traditional Journalism in Zambia is being disrupted by New Media especially anonymous online publications and Citizen Journalism that have gained massive popularity. The growth of this new type of Journalism has not necessarily resulted in better journalistic practice. Most of our internet-based platforms are marred with poor and dishonest reporting, commonly known now, as fake news,” Siliya said according to a statement issued by first secretary press at the Zambian mission in London, Abigail Chaponda.

She said the challenge posed by fake news was a world phenomenon and nations should stand together to defeat it.

Siliya said all nations, big and small, rich or poor, need national and cross border legislation to address the lacunas in the management of technology platforms mostly owned by the private sector that are being used to spread the fake news.

“Domains of most online platforms are domiciled in one country where they pay taxes, yet their reach is global. Some form of revenue sharing with platform providers seems to be the long-term solution to serve the underserved as countries like Zambia have no choice but to introduce a tariff to sustain investment in optic fibre,” she said.

Siliya gave examples of fake news that was reported in the media last December where “there were many internet-based stories and newspaper publications, believed by many of our Citizens, purporting that the President had fallen ill and had been evacuated to South Africa – It was all fake news”.

“Again this year, we had publications about the Vice President having died, and once again, it was fake news. We are also reminded of an incident, when Prince Harry visited Zambia in November 2018. It was reported by a UK tabloid that Meghan could not travel with him for fear of catching the Zika virus. That was fake news because we all know that Zambia is not on the WHO Zika list nor anywhere near the Zika virus affected region. Even though the Tabloid rendered a clarification, following Governments complaint, the fake news had already gone viral, posing a risk to our tourism industry,” said Siliya. “Last year, various local and international publications reported that Zambia had mortgaged its public assets, including the Public broadcaster as collateral for Chinese loans but it was fake news.”






  2. Mr Peace

    Talkin blues….

  3. Bharat Patel

    Well said it is true enjoy your UK trip I miss Zambia

  4. Joseph Zulu

    Politicians like changing goal posts so no one can trust them so no one to blame but those who are in politics but sitezen are game watchers between politian and the media

  5. Jms

    She didn’t tackle corruption which means it real their is no fake news on it remember talk well with important people to market your country

  6. Razor

    If government can stop telling lies every time and become a trusted news source then no one will listen to or watch fake news thereby rendering such news irrelevant.

  7. mulilomulilo

    They is fake news,she has nothing to say….

  8. Chipata boyz

    Given lubinda have beaten next is u

  9. We warned you

    Only znbc reporters reports true related news in zambia,,,!use the less dola siyila!!

  10. Rm

    people have lost confidence in the public media because of its bias reporting.


    WHO IS NEXT?????????

  12. Dr Patrick JB

    Eastern diva

  13. Betrayal

    She’s got nothing important to say, The thing is that we have lost trust not only in znbc reporters but in you all .Fake people living a fake life.Talk about corruption and poverty which the PF has subjected the Zambian pipo too not the nonsense you are talking about

  14. James

    What about fake news about the corruptions happening in our country, does it mean they are not fake news??

    • Mumba

      Comment. James what hon siliya is saying is true people like HH and kalaba makes Zambia poor because of fake news and also kambwili . the don’t talk the trueth about there country. always negative things about Zambia. very shameful.

  15. Agripha bbz


  16. SEE MIND

    Fake news is every where even in couple fake news start from home !!!

  17. Icisushi

    Dora siliti wanyopola ifya Ku UK wamba naukusata, in Zambia pipo re suffering but, u re enjoying nama prostitute yobe ububi.

  18. Muselu

    Madam ar u sure of what you are saying eg corruption and theft in Zambia can you call fake new am vry serious on this one we need recruitments in all departments we are tired now

  19. Kanunka

    Iwe don’t mention H.H, KALABA and IMBWILI these are not in power the problem in Zambia we are very much bhind twalitemwa ifyakukopa and the out comes hs follows corruption, selfishness, porvert , lack of employment and theft e.t.c

  20. Muselu

    Iwe don’t mention H.H, KALABA and IMBWILI these are not in power the problem in Zambia we are very much bhind twalitemwa ifyakukopa and the out comes hs follows corruption, selfishness, porvert , lack of employment and theft e.t.c

  21. Nyengo

    Society media is a cancer to our zambia what it report is false trust with speed justic system. Its observeration is all truth nothing than it and rules b same with govt justice system of accused not heard. Zambia need society media 2 feed society good information not hate and lies. Society media is has correct misformed world that victory falls is not in zambia. Society medium is full of liarism

  22. Jayz

    Shz nt bin realitic bt fake too

  23. Jms

    Mumba you a totally stupidity person your friends are discussing fake new you still remove it from that dirty mind of yours.All medias are for the public whether government owned or private in fact private is 100% public than government owned private

  24. Jamie

    What do you want?? A free ride?? You closed the Post and your busy threatening existing media so you can be feeding people lies? You can’t have it both ways. This is what you wanted!!!

  25. Cyclone Idai

    The Problem is that the public media does not report professional. They fear the president as if they are not journalists. No wonder we have taken the media into our hands to expose the wrong deeds of those who are in Power.

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