Mpika Court Jails 5 for Wildlife Offences

The Mpika Subordinate Court has sentenced five people to five years imprisonment for committing various wildlife offences.

The Court sentenced Fredrick Chilufya and Ackson Mvula to five years imprisonment with hard labour for unlawful possession of elephant meat weighing 68 kilogrammes and six pieces ivory weighing 28 kilogrammes in the first and second counts respectively.

The court also sentenced Dennis Kabwe to five years imprisonment with hard labour for unlawful possession of two pieces of Ivory weighing eight kilogrammes.

In another case, the court sentenced Elias Sichalwe to five years imprisonment with hard labour for unlawful possession of zebra meat weighing 23 kilogrammes in the first count, and unlawful possession of Waterbuck meat weighing 15 kilogrames in the second count.

The Mpika Subordinate Court also sentenced Alick Kunda Mwape to five years imprisonment with hard labour for unlawful possession of Black Lechwe meat weighing 46 kilogrammes.

Ministry of Tourism and Arts Public Relations Officer Sakabilo Kalembwe stated in a statement issued today that the arrests and convictions were a result of the conservation efforts of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife under its Wildlife Crime Prevention Project.

He added that illegal trafficking and trading in wildlife products deprived the country of much needed resources meant to provide much social services and wildlife-based jobs for local people.

“That is why courts of law are handing stiff punishments to anyone found wanting to secure the country’s wildlife resources,” stated Kalembwe.


  1. Justice Pa Justice

    Apa tonse banthu muzatimanga kaili njala yangena pazed,,,,its too much mwee k112 saka yaunga!

  2. Empty Belly

    Njala Ndiye Ilengesa Mu Zambia,,, Development Plus Hungr Is Considerd 2 B Nothng But Trash.In A Home U Can Buy Good Furniture Plus Home Entertainment,but If U Dont Bring Food,its Not A Home But A Casino


    Jail the burgger, the jail is empty before our wild parks become empty.

  4. Jonas

    Those stealing money are let free ,for more to be stolen we are in animal farm..some people are more important than other, its only that with God their will be no Christ cadres that is the comfort we have,but mwakula pamwa


    I think that Public Policy should not primarily aim at arresting people but preventing arrests of people, at the same time preventing wild life harming people or destroying crops!
    This what Predident Lungu brought out at the recent summit in Zimbabwe. The issue is how?
    1) By preventing our village settlements moving closer and closer to game parks.
    2) By setting up cattle ranches as buffers next to game reserves. This may block he poachers to have direct access to game areas.
    3) Intensifying wild life education in schools and allowing education tours to game parks.
    4) By not POLITICIZING EVERY MATTER OF NATIONAL IMPORTANCE, but rather indicating what you would do if you were in government. That would benefit this nation greatly.

  6. f.ngoma

    I didn’t know that people eat zebras

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