2012 AFCON Winning Skipper to Pioneer Village Schools Project

2012 Africa Cup winning captain Christopher Katongo has unveiled a grand plan that will see him set up a school that will also house first grade sports facilities.

Katongo said he had partnered with some sponsors from the United States of America in realizing his dream of ploughing back to the community that had given him everything in life.

The initiative under the Christopher Katongo foundation will be spread across the country.

Below is his full posting:


“I have for a long time been listening to the cry of many Zambians in rural areas and I knew I have a part to play.”

“Me and my team and Kenneth Popp of Village Steps based the U.S.A have been day and night working to see how we can help by bringing up a school for you our fellow Zambians”

“Zambians, I want encourage you that it very possible for us to build our own schools for our vulnerable children, you must understand that God lifts our lives to lift others let’s practice our love by seeing a school in our areas.”

“I and my team believe we will surely bring you a school in your area its very possible.”

“We Care.”




  1. Mumba

    Good move

  2. Mr Peace

    Great CK.The greatest captain in the Zambian football fraternity.Not only are you a great disciplined sport icon but you are a great leader,a selfless man and very courageous. I personally wish you long life so your great vision can be addressed for the future sports mitigation system in our country.May our Lord richly bless you and your family.

    • Bola na lesa

      Kasako. Mwati ni aba bambi tuleumfwa ati abcd….

  3. Leevan chibubya

    well done my brother keep it up

  4. Iwell

    Am so touched by what C K is doing for Us Zambians. May God increase your wisdom and expand that vision for good of our mother Zambia. I respect your grace sir keep it up!!! Brother

  5. Pastor John Kashitu

    Well done my brother, may the Good Lord richelly bless you and let other leaders lean to do that in Zambia

    • Joseph zuly

      Abakali tabalanda if you do that it will be called as greatest sports man in zambia all personalities who want to make a,name in the name of apublic figure they have nothing topoint at at community level look at dangote, Samuel eto,gabreselase athletic figure, George wear, drogbar look at the some sports men who are fighting bena kalu na kamanga others they want to stay forever at sports fraternity level like mpondela to mention but afew

    • Nyambe lishomwa

      God bless you ck

      • Andrew Monde

        God bless you for ploughing back to your country,it should be a presidency to all well meaning Zambians,in all spheres of life than boasting with your wealth for nothing.

  6. Mmj

    Well Done and keep it up God bless you abundantly

  7. Wilson wanja

    Congrats c Katongo

  8. Osward Chibuye

    Great vision continue with this spirit.

  9. James

    One who cares
    This is great.

  10. attack mayor

    God is with you one ck

  11. CBB

    Way go and may God bless you for the kind gesture

  12. mbwambwambwa

    Great job Chris Kat’s, so called rich pipo in Zambia have failed,only you and Tasila(my wife) can do that. May the almighty God richly bless both of you as you are busy helping the needy.

  13. Keegan moonga

    That’s the way to go,,come also. In chirundu you discover more players

  14. Bombshell

    Gud to hear about the great iniciative frm our soldier ‘comrade CK’ . He is a real patriot n he shud b emulaited by all those who mean well for mother Zambia. May his hand be blessed abundantly

  15. Kkkk

    Good move ,future generations

  16. Say zee

    Yeah good 👍

  17. Man of calibre

    Such are what we call extraterrestrial intelligences.keep it up my brother.

  18. Vernon


  19. Zack peter

    Our Politicians try by all means to emulate this great prayer of zambia

  20. Bashikulu Em2a

    True leadership exposed by commander ck.

  21. Kings

    Ebwaume Katongo Wesu, God Bless You Even More.

  22. Chanda

    Your generosity will not go unnoticed by God.Surely you are a blessing to our nation. May God bless you and your family.

  23. Razor

    Let so called Kalu learn from this instead of taking bribes.

  24. Jozee

    Wish we had alot of yo feelng.unfortunate u ‘r alone may GOD of all gods favour U.

  25. Jozee

    Wht a great gift frm ALMIGHT.wish we had alot wth yo feelng nd dream,unfortunate alone..may GOD of all gods PROTECT U and guide U

  26. mambwe

    OK I really love that

  27. Youth movement

    Great vision keep it up

  28. Kays Mayo

    You’re so so G8t bigman!

  29. Fisunge

    May hh also emulate c. Katongo the hand of giving and when hh is beaten by katongo umwaice fye lesa akupale fikachitike we mwana

    • PM

      Yes indeed..may Lungu also emulate this from his own money and not government’s

  30. Christopher Mfune

    First and foremost I would like to congratulate you for the brilliant idea, I’m sure this will benefit the Zambian populous especially the up coming sports young stars.Show them how it’s done not these old fellows who are busy fighting for a position who can’t even take their own relatives to good schools it’s a shame they have totally failed.

  31. Mike phiri

    good work

  32. Mike chiputu phiri

    helping people from rural areas it’s good news continue with your work

  33. Milton Mulenga

    Umuntu mutwe ! .Ck ,you are a blessing, l hope our Unza will include you on the listed names to be HND with a PhD ,you deserve it young man !

  34. Chiappo k d Utlwang

    God is watching you, and he will increase what you have, because of what you are doing and you will keep on helping others, i believe soon soon we will see another soccer player internationaly from this school. Wish all legends can extend their hands like you Ck.

  35. Happy phiri

    That’s interesting

  36. Sam

    Less amipale ba katongo c

  37. David Chola Ngosa

    Hope Ben Mulalu can be the first beneficiary. Good vision education is the solution.

  38. One love

    That move will guard you from your enemies ,because the lives of poor God is closer to them ,so poor people when when they say thank you for what you have done,there adding more years to your life bro you be untouchable you live longer .

  39. Joezman

    Good my man job wel done

  40. barnabas kapela

    Well done my brother

  41. oliver

    Your legacy will be remembered from generation to the other Mr Ck my idol, indeed Zambian fans have given you wat I takes like a support and you have also taken a great opportunity to pay them back.what to give you is nothing but continue praying for you,the sponsors and not living out your great family that raised a strong and courageous man like you son of the Zambian soil.Long live my idol.

  42. Kelly Chisulo

    May the good Lord always remember you.
    My brother we thank God for your gesture.
    Acts 20:35

  43. Gift Kabemba

    We’ll done man

  44. God is watching.

    may God bless you bigman.
    God blesses for you to be a blessing to others…

  45. Wooden

    Well done ck

  46. Malanji Maseka

    Good c.k may God bless you

  47. Kays Mayo

    Which part of Zambia is this school based ?that

  48. Stanza

    Ur the true legend, in our Zambian football history ur the only one who has remembered to do the God s command to help the need sure your hands are blessed my brother, we had given others opportunity even higher positions nothing happened only bribes at legend to hello. That z the way my commander ck ur a hero not these we can’t mention names ,I’m sure they have learnt from you sir.even the day they die no one to remember them that much coz they have left no projects their names will cool down like ice water. Kalu we want to c such works since u ,were the first player under Zambian football even to b given a position in FIFA mr bwana tilangeni.

  49. Nice question

    Congrats CK

  50. fidelis

    Mr CK you’re better than the great stupid Kalu.well done bwana

  51. Joseph

    Acoding to the Zambian football history l never heard such development, look at KALUSHA he even failed to buy just a Jessey for the Mighty Mufulira Wanderass, his former Team!! Ala bwafya my Zambia. Commrady Chris K. Job well done we are behind you, God bless you many times. We support your move and we are praying for you to achieve this move, Congratulations to you, Good move, God bless you!!!!!!!

  52. DHM

    Job well done ck

  53. Keep

    Good bless you big brother

  54. King cool

    Guys kindly update me what about the great kalu , what has he done in this country that the young children who are growing today may know that there was kalusha Bwalya , is there any notable thing for this boy, apart from marrying a white woman?

  55. Mwansa

    Good move our hero

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