Dogs Bite 8-Year Old to Death

An eight year old boy of Lusaka’s Meanwood area has been bitten to death by three dogs.

The boy identified as Gift Phiri was savagely attacked by the three dogs as the owner of the house opened the gate so that he could drive in.

Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo said the incident happened today (14th July, 2019) around 12:50 hours at Ndeke Meanwood.

“It was reported that the owner of the dogs identified as Womba Samakayi opened the gate so that he could drive in, and in the process the dogs came out and attacked the victim who was walking on the road,” she said.

Katongo said that an inquiry has been opened.

The body of the victim is in Levy Mwanawasa Hospital mortuary.



    This is still carelessness when.Life is lost here.He knows.The man knows how ravenous his stupid dogs are and should have taken extra care on this boy’s fateful day.This is too bad indeed.In African Ubuntu, care of a child is everyone’s care. We say”MWANA wesu”

  2. Bombshell

    Innocent soul taken away like that more especially today being a sunday.may the family of the deseased b comforted by the almighty.

  3. AK

    The owner is supposed to tie down his dogs during the day

  4. Schoolboy

    2 bd

  5. Pastor John Kashitu

    Too bad,may his soul rest in peace, careless of taking care of Dogs in Zambia is too much, police should start killing all the Dogs around the country who are moving during day light, before another life is being lost. My condolence to the family.

    • Jeru

      “police should start killing all the Dogs around the country who are moving during day light…” Really???

  6. Mr Truth

    Stupid and careless man, sure he was watching until they killed the innocent boy,,,very sad

  7. Man of calibre

    This issue serious. Those dogs should be eliminated with immediate effect. Otherwise it’s sad news.

  8. puzzled

    iwe chi womba were where u fool take care of useles animals dont 4get am keeping lions.RIP MY BOY

  9. Frank Chombela

    Oh what a painful death for poor Gift Phiri. If the reporting is accurate, surely the boy ddnt die immediately. You mean the owner ddnt hear the boy crying for dear life and for help? This has sent a chill dwn my spine. This is what happens when there’s poor public security resulting in people keeping dangerous beasts in order to feel safe at night. However, I don’t expect this sad and painful death to have any effect on the way we take public security in Zambia.

    • Becky

      True we keep these animals for our own safety.bit am sure he went to try help the boy coz dogs don’t act in quietness.
      Sad thing for the little boy.rest in peace


    This is serious negligence. There must be a serious charge and shoot the dogs


      Truely they must tie their dogs during the day, that’s careless.

  11. SICHIMATA onesmus

    What kind of accident is this? This could have been avoided. Let the man own up because he knows how vicious his dogs are. Please, please forgive him because to error is human.

  12. Dude

    So sad! People keeping such dogs you owe the public duty of care. Make sure you secure your dogs. Why not put them in chains during day time?
    May God comfort the family of this boy, especially the parents.

  13. Gunman

    But Womba Samakayi Litole, he did it deliberatelly because he knows very well how deadly his friends the dogs he is keeping are. Now that he has caused the death of that boy he should also kill his son the same way or be jailed, because that is causing death by careless keeping dangerous animals. Cankalipa Sana, Womba You Are Cursed, Why Didn’t You Resque Our Boy? God Rebuke You.

    • clarence chapema

      the owner of these dogs dose not deserve any sympathy at all for him to keep such vicious dogs he aught to keep a hand to put them down incase they go astray. He should foot the burial bill and the face the case of man slaughter no 2 ways about it …

  14. Vaal mula

    Now, wat next to the owner of the dogs because this is serious case.

  15. thamson

    why was the owner watching the dogs until they killed the boy? this is careless! i think the police shud start killing the dogs immediately!! and the owner z foolish

    • Doubt Katwishi

      There is no question about it, the dogs have to put to rest as well. Why?

      1. To the family of the deceased. They need not to see these dogs again.
      2. The dogs have become dangerous to human being, more especially that they are coming outside their yard.

  16. Bashikulu Em2a

    Too bad for the loss of a vibrant young boy.Mhsrip.Dog owners,take safety precautions!

  17. Chanda

    Mwe Lesa. My heartfelt condolences to the bereaving family…RIP little angel.

  18. Vaal mula

    But zoona sakala nyongo iwe naulufyanya sana chankalipa

  19. Brian BBC Mweemba

    Am not happy with that incident.
    My condolences.


    Misrip. Now to you police, what is your next step to the owner of the dogs?

    • Watson Chitambala

      Ifibwa mulefisunga bwino uyo mwaipaya mulye

  21. Truth

    According to Exodus 21 vs 28-35 the Bible is very clear and States that the owner of the dogs should be disciplined.

  22. kaleji mwanza

    that dog was hungry and not feed according these are the results man. njala too much in Zambia

  23. Daniel Banda

    May God comfort the Photos. Condolences. Murder because the dogs should have been tied up and the owner should have made an effort to rescue the boy. But some people are just as viscous as the dogs themselves.MHRIP.

  24. Heart brocken Moono

    Womba you are very evil, wizard a witchcraft. You are the one who opened a gate and you even saw your dogs the moment you opened the gate why didn’t you rescue the baby’s life from your fellow vicious stupid dogs.

  25. LN

    What made this man fail to jump out of his car to rescue the child? This is sad.

  26. Jozee

    Wht an incredible news..we alwz say”one zambia one nation”and zambia is a christian nation.whts’ th meanng there?whch book and verse says keep beasts 2 eliminate inocent one?womba wht u hv done is murder my friend.confence and be served.
    CONDOLANCES my dear deseasd family..may GOD b wth U.
    plz lets read : psalms
    chaptr49vs1-12 thn

  27. Gideon chabu

    Too bad

  28. sorry

    the moment u saw your dogs came outside y didnt u tell your dogs to get in mr man u are evil u should have came out of your car and rescued the boy

  29. Hev rena

    Iwe ci womba,ichimona.you should go in for manslaughter,wanya.

  30. Youth movement

    That is carelessness on the part of the dog owner,life is so precious to be lost in such a manner.

  31. Simple guy

    This man must be jailed together with his dogs

  32. Youth movement

    The local authority should also be serious with their job,we have seen a lot of stray dogs almost everywhere and in most cases these dog owners yards are not even covered,their dogs are always found at neighbours surroundings but the relevant authorities are just locked in their offices probably just waiting for the month end to receive free salaries.

  33. 1 JAY

    I of this is investigated,Samakayi may not be at fault,it’s obvious he always drives in & out the same yard & his dogs don’t come out,or we would have already heard of such an incident like what what happened today.Kaya maybe the dog keeper/ care taker did not tie/lockup the dogs?

  34. Fisunge

    Does it mean that he didn’t see what was happening the dogs were backing before they started feasting on the boy as far as I know the dogs were not fed for sometime and when they saw the boy it was food for them even if it was not a boy they could have eaten anyone the owner Shud be punished it’s so sad to remember the child was killed by dogs sorry to the family

  35. pompa

    Mano fye yabuloshi….
    A dog hear by command to the owner…


    death comes for everyone

  37. SEE MIND

    Carelessness the dogs owner. why lease dogs day light, The law of Zambia police to release dog at night time start 21:00 hours. Dogs keeper face him !!!

  38. Chris Mfune

    It’s sad news let’s see how the police are going to handle this matter of death.RIP and my condolences to the boy’s family.

  39. Mike phiri

    rest in peace my brother

  40. Brainwasher

    Even in chongwe a person who’s the years are not known he is btn 50 and above have been beaten to death

  41. chibwe

    Some Rich People are dull and shallow minded. when you know that your pets are dangerous why keeping them around the yard its better you lock them for safety. This fool deserves to be jailed.

  42. enock joshua

    Comment so sad to loose a young boy at that age and the owner of the dog has to be punished

  43. markmike chiputu phiri

    I just heard that the owner of dogs is in police cells and police killed the dogs

  44. Zambian

    That fool(the honour of dogs) should tie his dogs during day tym

  45. John Phiri

    The boy was innocently walking along the road. I know for sure it was also a slip on the part of the owner of the dog to open the gate. The episode has chilled my blood. I’m a father to a boy of similar age who likes going out of the gate to visit his friends. I’m deeply touched by the incidence.

    • Bana Simon

      I feel the same ba John Phiri. Can you imagine when he said bye to his mother to see a friend. Little did the mother knew that was the final goodbye. This world can be cruel!

  46. Joshua

    sad news, those dogs, should being kill and the owner, must jailed.

  47. Mr Right

    Umwine kumukakafye sentence

  48. Jms

    A cruel man shouldn’t leave near people he should be given a house 100 metres from innocent people very useless

  49. Bauze Banvesese

    Ngamwana wandi kuti wamubusha..instead yakuteka inkoko chi womba uleteka imbwa ibiyo yalaipaya naba’akaele..dait minded bullshit…Rip my boy we shall meet to the other side

  50. Njebebe

    I can’t believe that people,,,, innocent boy has gone…..

  51. Marker

    This is careless of the waste kind ,samakayi knows his pets better what was he doing when the child was attacked.

  52. Daniel

    Chanibaba kwena iwe were were you mwana analila iwe sumvela chifundo chanigwila womba ndiwe oil a mutima

  53. Gc

    Instead maimbwa yagwile makawalala yayenda kugwila mwana wakayele sure (rip my boy)

  54. professor Clerk

    Womba are you okay?? You mean you did not see your dogs heading towards the gate when you opened it??? U re a murderer

  55. Precious

    That man needs to go to jail…he can’t say he didn’t hear the child screaming… and the police need to put rules for these people with dogs.

  56. Super boy

    To bad I feel for him I can imagine the pain he bare during the incident

  57. Hampango Tandy

    The owner of those dogs must be jailed

  58. Shame

    How can u let yo dogs free during light? Thats nosense, ndiwe mbuzi ya munthu. May God punish u fooling, how boss ar u? Panyo pako. It could bite yo foolish children chikala. Police should work on u 50yrs jailed. Kamwa kuipa monga pamanyuma pa galu yako yamene yalupaya mwana. Mhsrip amen

  59. Seriously

    MWe less twafweni

  60. Me

    I love how everyone has there on opinion on the matter like he planned the whole thing and was “ok this day I’ll let my dogs out and they will start bitting people”…. It’s sad news but death happens everyday my cousin died because the guy backed up and the driver didn’t see him we didn’t blame him because we knew he didn’t do it on purpose …. And u can’t really blame the guy… When people go out they leave there dog unleashed because they are afraid of being Robbed and the dogs coming was just a mistake ,am sure if he saw them he would have taken action
    And u can’t tell me no one else was present when all this was happening…. It was a mistake and if am not mistaken we all make mistakes and God still forgives us all

    Let learn to have sympathy for other people ….. My condolences to the boys family but I don’t think we should be blaming the man for what happened to boy

  61. Escape from Sobibor

    Jail this stupid man to life imprisonment… Before u sent him to prisoners…let him provide all funeral expenses

  62. Escape from Sobibor

    RIP boy

  63. Protege

    Too bad, my deepest condolences rip

  64. Cherry

    He should be taken in.he watched his dogs killing the boy. Foolish man.rip young man

  65. LN

    It is a very sad reading! RIP my boy and condolences to the bereaved family

  66. Chongo

    Dogs aren’t pets if they are only to you hence should be securely caged as early as 6am. Never leave your dogs roaming around. This is so sad. Heartfelt condolences to bereaved family

  67. M.katie

    Sad indeed😭😭😭

  68. Lubinda G

    The dogs must be arrested for 20 years for its murder, serious.Womba you must have given a hard punishment for being careless

    May the soul rest in peace

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