Kalu Backs Mauritian FA Boss for CAF Post

Former FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya has thrown his weight behind Mauritius Football Association (MFA) chairperson Samir Sobha for the July 18 CAF Executive Committee elections.

Kalusha has been appointed Sobha’s campaign manager with the Mauritian up against FAZ president Andrew Kamanga and three others for the Southern zone seat.

Sobha has been president of the MFA from 2014 and is banking on Kalu’s continental credentials to bolster his chances.

Kalu who served two terms in the CAF executive committee had his ambitions for a third term dashed by Kamanga who exercised his right as an incumbent to contest the CAF position.

Kamanga is currently in Cairo where he is also lobbying support for his candidature.

The decision by Kalu to back the Mauritian may re-ignite another debate of him having overlooked Rainford Kalaba for the CAF Player of the Year based in Africa.

Kalusha voted for Zimbabwean Khama Billiat in first place and Dennis Onyango while Kalaba was his third choice.

Five candidates will battle for the Southern zone CAF spot with Kamanga coming up against Sobha, Adam Mthetwa (Eswatini), Elvis Chetty (Seychelles) and Felton Kamambo (Zimbabwe).


  1. Mac-B

    What kalu is doing is not the way we suppose to do let us unite and support one another.kwaliba umutima wamusango uyu sure kwati kamanga te muntu wakwe zoona inshita yabo ba kalu talipita nomba nifyo fine napakusala bakapuleya kusala abamufyalo

  2. Bashikulu Em2a

    Actions by great kalu not good!why leaving his own and going for foreigners?what’s the move behind kalu?Hatred or Jealousy?Let us support our own!

    • Kalu is just trying to exercise his rights by supporting what he thinks is the right candidate at the moment amongst those contesting. The issue of Kalaba shouldn't be a permanent one each time you come to voting. Zàmbians let us try to understand the meaning of democracy

      Zambians let us try to understand the meaning of democracy. We are looking at the best Candidate here and not our fellow national here.

  3. Gershom ingwe

    Problem two of them is doing good kamanga is failed to manage football in Zambia so any way let it be coz no choice to us

    • ROKA

      Kalu is really a jealous person and thinks he is the only one who knows how to run football. If anything honestly, the standards of football nose-dived when the took over, first as so-called technical director and then as faz leader. Cadrerism was introduced, disrespect for the Sports Council of Zambia was the order of the day. Thanks to those who exposed FIFA leadership underhand methods of managing football in the world. It further exposed the “mumbwe ukulila pali uko ashintile amatako” behaviour of Faz leadership’s arrogance

  4. MR JJJ

    thats how zambians are PHD.

  5. Jms

    Never mind betrayal started in the before by selfish persons like Judas Iscariot no matter how you try to teach someone how love works you are just worsting your time and energy because some tribes mixed with education will never change thats why stereotype is their

  6. Jms

    Never mind betrayal started in before by selfish persons like Judas Iscariot no matter how you try to teach someone how love works you are just worsting your time and energy because some tribes mixed with education will never change thats why stereotype is their don’t complain lets just maintain by supporting ours

  7. Oster sinkolongo

    Bane let’s learn to support one another and each other, what ba kalu has done them pipo he has opted can’t do that to their own, they can not even opt for him if tables were to turn around by no chance at all. This thing of self hate should grow out of ourselves, ba Kanu the same person u turned down at one time he supported you on two occasions, let’s not be greedy ba kalu that what u trying to be, you can not be there for ever no ba mudala, spa pena mwatena bakalamba, u need to do some thinking and more of growing out of greed.
    God will judge u before ur own pipo.
    Mwa tupapusha fwe bena CB

  8. Dude

    Ba sikolongo, naimwe……know how to apply the word of God. Just bcoz Kalu voted for the foreigner (karma) ati he shall be judged? Remember God loves both Kamanga and Karma. Moreover these are just worldly things. They are games nothing serious.

  9. John Simukonda

    There is too much selfness in this man. He pretends to be Zambian when his heart is with other countries. Look at what he did to Rainford Kalaba he never supported him, for African player of the year. The fear was that he wanted only name to be, on that Zambian list. He supported a Ugandan keeper and the Zimbabwean player Kalu is greed and selfish.

  10. Mr Peace

    Chikalusha,so uselees.Full of hate.He thinks he is the only man in the football fraternity.Get lost…

  11. Lavu Zulu

    Why should anyone be surprised by the course taken by Kalu? Isn’t it obvious?
    Kalusha and Kamanga are known adversaries. Even when they jostled for the canditure of the position, what I expected was for the two to resolve the issue amiably in camera; but what we saw was an outright battle between the two. So to expect Kalusha and Kamanga to work together is like hoping for ECL and HH to work together.
    Anyway, it doesn’t augur well; but that’s football politics.

  12. Senkelo

    Ba kalu is very foolish and selfish umutima kwati chibokolo atase.

  13. James

    The big man knows what he’s doing, sometimes you have no choice but to go against your own, it happens.

  14. 6363

    BA kalu, leadership is of God so if mr kamanga is there, then God wants him there. Yes its your opinion to support whosoever you want, but mr kamanga is like your brother you should have supported him but envey against your brother why.

  15. Madalitso M Phiri

    I disagree with all criticism and condemnation of Kalu on this matter. Kalu was the incumbent CAF executive member. Kamanga, my own brother from the east, did not apply the same wisdom being requested here. I have followed Kalu from the days he was president, the winning of AFCON in 2012, to planni g to host and win AFCO U20 in 2017. My take is only those without facts can make baseless attacks on Kalu. Kamanga instead has been worki g to destroy Wali’s good name and image. In my opinion, Kamanga should be condemned by every right thinking Zambian for his failures and vindictiveness. I rest my case as we continue to watch AFCON without Zambia for a few more years.

    • Madalitso M Phiri

      And hope all these funny comments against, Kalu, a man who won Afcon in 2012 for Zambia and planned very well for Afcon U20 in 2017 which Kamanga only inherrited – are not foolishly solicitated. For me this is foolhardy. What has Kamanga ever achieved?? At warriors he failed, at Power Dynamos he failed, even now… we only thank God for the only COSAFA in as many attempts. Kwena…

      • ROKA

        AFCON bawinine niba late KK11 whom they went to pay homage to before the matches commenced!!Big teams were not the tournament. Kamanga has brought sanity and business-like management of football in Zambia. The approach to the game now is an organized approach than the cipantepante approach we had under Kalu. There was no transparency in terms of financial management. Today we are able to see clubs getting from FAZ to help them run the affairs of the football clubs. VIVA KAMANGA led FAZ. Some sports journalists were banned to be at the venue of faz meetings. Blutter was thier tutor and he protected mismanagement in the name of government interference.

        • Kaloba m

          What sanity and management business has he brought?

    • Richard Mutale Bwalya.

      You are absolutely right. The problem we have in our country is that we look at issues with absent minds. You, on the other hand, have given your opinion objectively. Kamanga should have applied all the wisdom these critics are pressing on Kalu but no; Kamanga is all out to expand his income horizons and will black ball every brother who stands in the way. He will do so even if the stakes require him ridiculing his brothers on an international ‘box ring’. I say Kamanga is very selfish and not Kalu. If Great Kalu took away momentary glories from those that thought they deserved them, its only because his conviction to do so told him the service to do right goes beyond even blind allegiance to state.

  16. Chiza mtonga

    why didn’t kamanga appoint him campaign manager he has a better choice of his manager.This is a sports election where all candidates ‘ll be heard.Someone feels he can help the other doesn’t that’s all.

  17. Mapesho

    Why is Kalu behaving like the leader of aka red? Any relations?

  18. Razor

    Everyone is free to support whoever they want.

  19. Dodo chinyingi

    Let us be ethical nothing wrong for the great legend kalu to support a non Zambian .it is not about a Zambian experience and performance tell us what can kamaga do in that position if is failing us here at home .look a chief is missing from the tradition ceremony bcoz of kamanga. Please respect kalu he understands football better than kamanga.

  20. Amaniga

    Maiby Kalu is supporting him for money.

  21. Obino Mubanga

    Very unfortunate. Whether kamanga has failed lamentable, Kalusha have thrown his weight on his fellow country man. Flash back look what he did to Rainfold. It’s a shame.
    He was a good footballer but administatively is a total failure

    • ROKA

      Indeed, administratively and coaching, total disastrous failure

  22. Inambao kalaluka

    Well it is such a shame to see how ego’s clash kalu is displaying how stupid a man seeking power can be how can you go against your own brother rather than help him what a shame it is to see such a strong figure in Zambia football act so petty and childish whole young guys like Katongo are doing being things

  23. Michael

    What will Kalu do if Kamanga wins? We need to learn to support one another as Zambia’s. The same spirit we see in the politics.

  24. Jk

    I hope and pray Mr. Kamanga win’s the elections to silence Kalu a spirit of me myself and I, should come out in Zambia we need to support each other from homes to publicly, national levels then national ward

  25. Hev rena

    To me this guy is just desperate for for kickbacks. Even here PF used him for some change in campaign.

  26. Nawa Albert

    Kakusha Bwalya is a disagreement.
    He only wants to be supported. And in any case, he has had his time. Let him give chance to others

  27. NBS

    Comment,So u pipo r telling me that u have never seen someone from Northern supporting someone from Western?U don’t have to choose just bcz u have to but luk at the achievent that will come out of yo choice,Respect Kalu.

  28. Zebron Chivunga

    Kalusha Bwalya has never supported anyone. He has been supported by all Zambians throughout his career but he has not returned the gesture.
    He doesn’t believe in doing things for Zambia and he feels more special he can’t even live in our country. I think he should settle in his country of choice and stop using this country for personal advantage because he hasn’t got enough belief that he is a Tubulu like all the other Tubulus from Luapula and a Zambian overall like all of us.

  29. Chimuka

    Kalu is right just to be honest kamanga is a failure

  30. moses c

    Don’tblame kalu, because kamanga was the one started fighting kalu when he was FAZ president, through all his reign. kamanga never supported kulu in anyway even when he won the first ever trophy kamanga continued being unthankful to kalu, and you expected kulu to support kamanga? be honesty guys when criticising your fellow people. don’t take tribalism in football.

  31. markmike chiputu phiri

    it’s good to forgive your friend not what you are doing big man it’s bad

  32. Aubrey

    But why didn’t Kamanga ask Kalusha to be his campaign manager before the Mauritian FA came on board? Let’s not condemn Kalusha for being unpatriotic obviously there was no sense of engagement from Kamanga hence Kalusha can throw the weight to someone else.

    • Justin Mwamba

      Good observation, if kamanga was sincere and wanted support he could have approached kalu to work with him.



  33. Lazarus

    Let’s be factual here, Kamanga has always refused to recognize Kalu and the two have always been fighting. So you don’t expect Kalu to also support him. The problem is Zambians have never taken time to seat these two down so they can resolve their battles but have always taken sides. There has never been reconciliation between the two just like ECL and HH but the only problem that Kalu is doing here is bringing the country down. On the international side they will say Kalu is liberal he doesn’t take sides and they will praise him

  34. Charles micklay

    Kalu is okay, so you mean we Tonga’s we need to support our tribe Tonga’s as well?

  35. Kat-Justine

    No actually Kalu is being egocentric. even though there’ are disparities between him and Kamanga, he reflected the same gesture with Rainford. That’s enough to observe.

    ”He is a greedy eater” Period!!!

  36. Jms

    Be careful when selecting official when kalusha was elected before I had a doubt but thats the past lets forget see again mwanakatwe has been dropped and replaced by a deputy no minister capable to run that sit progress but that is part of some doubts incredible

  37. Love Z

    Leaders with lost examples ba Kalu

  38. North West

    Kamanga is a failed project. He has failed at National level and obviously he does not deserve to be in CAF executive. Kalu has been engaged by the Mauritian guy, it could have been otherwise if Kamanga engaged Kalu elo akana but goes on to support the Mauritian guy.

  39. Mtc

    All , I mean all of u insulting Kalu on this issue if we are to put together all your senses of all of you u will still be below normal. Think even if multi twice utukopo which I doubt, u just like to pritend to be useless. Kananga is a problem in Zambian football. Honestly how can kalu support kamang? U know how is been mistreated by kamanga even before pf won. As much as u are trying to lecture kalu to be the way u think, first start thinking properly or else kalu can be useless than all of u his haters. Repent or else u may miss heaven your hatred.

  40. stanley

    in my opinion i dont think that kalu has done anything wrong….check this out if kalu has been shown much love by this pipo,y do yöu think he cant answer to there call when yöu havent shown the love in the first place,begining from the same kamanga and the rest of all u zambians?. give reasons why you think that what his doing is wrong….all those that are talking rubbish about him “imagine yöu were him”all the insults he gets from yöu is done good insults is what he gets in return,well done kalu.

  41. Son of the soil

    I have respect for Kalu. We do not have time to scale up differences. Let’s ‘s turn spears into ploughs.

  42. Mutale

    Kalu am with you keep it up

  43. moze

    Ba Great Kalu balitemwa ukulyamo sana that is why he supports those are not his.

  44. Lungu Pondo

    Ba Kalu, allow your fellow Zambian to excel. Think of tomorrow. Things backfire in life. God showers blessing differently. You shall receive it elsewhere. Why still looking at the closed door. Focus on what God has granted you to have.

  45. Justin Mwamba

    This is not strange, first and foremost kamanga went for kalu’s neck and never wanted to support him for the CAF position and opted to stand himself, so the beef started there. Been in that position kalusha made himself available to join a camp that will plot the loss for kamanga.
    The ministry of sports conveniently rescued itself from resolving the impasse and kamanga took advantage since he had the final say and authority of who FAZ had to be given the nomination. Their differences should have been resolved locally before going on these international fora to expose the hate they have for each other. So let the best man win. Good luck.

  46. Saimbwende

    Kamanga never supported Kalu so why should he be supported by the Great Kalu you reap what you let Kamanga the UPND cadre learn it the hard way let hh support him may be he can win



    • Mako

      Kalu can be a great leader,he is looking on CVs…he is a fair guy n not looking pa ma countries,yes he is Zambian but wher is our football?
      Kamanga ain’t ready…

    • mwansa john

      charlie cool wakwisa,ubututu!

  48. Joe London

    Kananga should have used de great Kalu.The person who knew his influence took advantage of him. When pipo say Kalu is connected this is what it means.Imwe Juno my Zambia mwalimusula outside de country he is very useful.

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