I Gladly Accepted the Job, says New Finance Minister

“I got a phone call yesterday when I was preparing to go to Church. When I picked up, the President said ‘this is President Lungu’. I thought it was a prank but when I listened carefully, it sounded like him. He asked to see me and I came to State House, he offered me the job and I gladly accepted it,” said Dr Ng’andu who replaces Margaret Mwanakatwe, the Lusaka Central Member of Parliament.


  1. Joseph malombe

    Congratulations for the job given to you but you must be aware of what led to mwanakatwe’s job los.I am ageing you to save Zambians efficiently.

  2. Kalubemba

    It’s a lie the president arrived in the evening from luapula, he attended church service there only arrived around 19:00.

    • Biggie Mwiinde

      Boss, Presidents can call from any where including the sky

  3. Truth man

    How many ministers are we going to change in order to better the economy ? Only God knows when things can improve , it would appear there is a problem to find someone qualified enough for the job!! Or maybe there is need to consult the retired leaders like Dr Magande before it is too late?

  4. Mazuzyo

    Accepting is one thing and performing is another!

  5. jk

    We need sober minded people to handle such position, those who are nt corrupt in their mind

  6. Angoni

    Its a good move Hon Mwanakatwe is a friend but i never thought she would manage the ministry of finance and i felt Mutati suited that ministry very well than Magret. Anyway congrats to the new minster, wishing well.

  7. LN

    Ba new minister, save us from the escalating prices of items on the market and the rapid erosion of the Kwacha.

  8. Zambian Patriots

    Thank you Mr President,
    this should have been done way back

  9. Kings

    It sounds like a joke but it is making sanse to kick out that lady from that position and plant a man with sober minds to handle the ministry. Big man congraturations, and ask God to use you to change the zambian economy for the better.

  10. MR FACT

    FIRE AND HIRE is also there learn to tell the truth when things are not ok economically because its not good to be saked.

  11. Mulelekwa David

    Comment Your excellence,you could still have gotten back to Magande.Tested is much better than before.You have the power that we have mandated you with to pick any Zambian.Your inner circle has been a great disappointment.Thak you!

  12. bk

    Some jobs are not fit for women…. now the new Finance minister should work on putting the money in people’s pockets for people to have confidence in the PF Gvt

  13. Fines@five, five

    Comment. .Ba Lungu problem is because you like boot leakes and people who cheat you
    Just fire ka lnonge kakote replace HH appoint Dr Magande Fire Nkandu Luo and replace Ptofessor Sasa Fire Lubinda andbreplace Jack Mwimbu Make collition government and serve us from this mercy Dont think of Pf or upnd but zambia first

  14. Chilankalipa

    You have been free of trouble, but you have gladly accepted to join the thieves, you have also gladly accepted not only to escort them to prison but also to spend the rest of your time with them right there.

  15. BJ

    Ngandu wesu, uwaingila mumushitu tomfwa nswa swa! Zambia yesu tonse. This country needs committed citizenry. Ndeloleshafye!!!

  16. Elephants

    You have joined them ka?

  17. Akana Kambwili

    We had a good minister of finance no rather than mr Felix Mutati but due to ignorance of our leaders they second to fire him at that position, Now look the way the economy is moving prices of goods are highly. Ask mr Alexander chikwanda the way forward of controlling the Zambian economy

  18. James


  19. Jms

    Who is qualified for the post is it an mp or non preson

  20. I don't know teacher.

    So after the call did you go Church or said God forsake because of the job my minister.

  21. puzzled

    sir dont say i gradly accepted! say am gradly want 2 work 4 chambians work hard n lift up this dying enconomy yakosa lyf


    Congrats to you! Les hope we are wataing our currency be gain power, cause is to weaken other major currency. Cost of living is too high !!! Control like former Dr Ng’andu Magande powerful man. I am still remembered him in was worked hard!!!

  23. James

    Why was Madam mwanakatwe fired?
    Congrats Dr Bwalya Ng’andu we expect nothing but the best from you, we don’t want to hear any corruption cases from your office, makes sure you deliver we are tired of people making headlines everyday with there corruptiveness, we want you to help clean up the nonsense others have gotten us into….we only have one zambia.

  24. SHANI

    Congratulations to u for the new given job

  25. Judith

    I hope we don’t get any corrupt cases from his office

  26. Realer ni realer

    What exactly has magret dn

  27. Joshua

    Margreat, she was a drunker women, who can drink & dozing in publich. congrats Dr ng’andu.

  28. Frank

    Congratulations I Believe That You Will Change The Shape Of Zambias Economy.This Was The Last Resort Of Lungu.

  29. mwimbe m

    Congrates for a new job. Improve the economy dr

  30. Vigo -lah

    Congrat!U can improve the economy.

  31. Mukanwa mukikopo

    Countrymen and women, do you think the Minister of Finance will perform to our expectations when he is in the ” den of corrupt elites ?” Remember, one person can not fight a dozen. For our Economy to change we need more than one hardworking person. God help Zambia.


    Work is good,but we need prudent ideas from you mr bwalya ,we Zambians are crying over escalating prices of essential goods,welcome on board Dr,they say A new broom sweeps well. Kele

  33. XXX

    Congratulations 🎉 Mr. Hon Finance Minister

  34. CBU

    No idea paipano!!!!

    • mr.c.mwila

      Twachula pafula twafwe tata kontolola economy

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