Kambwili Wants to Come Back, He Makes Late Night Calls to Lungu, Charges Mwila

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila has made serious allegations that former Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has been making late night calls to President Edgar Lungu but continues to use vulgar language against the Head of State during the day.

Mwila, while receiving defectors in Chavuma District, North Western Province, alleged that Kambwili has been making moves to find his way back to the ruling patriotic Front.

He said from the late night calls, Kambwili has continued to express interest to rejoin the ruling Patriotic Front but was shocked that the former Information Minister has failed to cool his anger on President Lungu during the day.

“Stop bombarding the President with calls at night whilst insulting him during the day, we know he wants to come back but we will not allow him to insult the President,” Mwila said.

He has since challenged Kambwili, who leads the National Democratic Congress (NDC) party, to come out in the open.

Mwila said those following Kambwili blindly will regret, saying the people leading them are still interested in getting back to the Patriotic Front.

When contacted, Kambwili’s mobile phone went unanswered and it was later switched off after several attempts.




  1. Christopher M.Mutambo

    Hahaha.. But he says he only call the president to give him advice.

  2. Chendabusiku

    Purchased honourary degrees do not add value to those who purchase them. Kambwili will not refuse because he knows once he does theere will be a leak in his voice call and everyone will hear him. So Mr Kambwili will be very careful , how to respond to calls regarding this sagga.

  3. ROKA

    what’s wrong calling the president? But you always you talk about reconciliation, who knows, this could be one way to reconcile. Reconcile with all who left pf, or else the results will very bad in 2021. Bring back all, especially the vocal ones. He was forced out of PF while he was the senior member of PF, how can he be subjected to the lower ranks for this excise. Please, you have should be seen to practice the tenets of a Christian Nation. We need peace in our country and currently, it’s only the ruling party which can maintain the peace as the opposition is full of people with”tufilile munsenga motives”.

  4. Elephants

    Are you sure kambwili can do that?

  5. Joseph malombe

    My fellow Zambians, let be careful with Davis Mwila he don’t mean piece in PF when he just hear a roomer,he takes it seriously that he doesn’t want his friends to come back meaning they are coming to grab his post. When someone defects, he fills happy that heart is not good politics is about numbers not individual.

  6. Bashikulu Em2a

    Elephants,kambwili can do that.Remember what happened to GBM?

  7. Joseph

    We can only believe if the president himself the statement about Kambwili’s night call. Ba D. Mwila stop misleading people. We you! Come 2021 The UPND will take over the POWER, mind you, Viva CK on the copperbelt, you are just firling on him.

  8. Henry Lukole

    PF is not a personal to holder even you SG you don’t know what your fate is gonna be.

  9. Lisa

    Political migrants only look for looting opportunities not to help develop Zambia, far from it.. The only politician who has stood firm and focused is HH.

  10. The Seeker

    Davis Mwila,cadres in your own party don’t want you. They want you to resign, just go!

  11. Doubt Katwishi

    I will not be surprised if CK went back to pf. Followers take note and start preparing, taba ponta sana……these are politics.

  12. Martin mwewa

    Are sure kambwili can do that it’s a big lie

  13. mulase

    Anything is possible in especially the Zambian politics.U remember how GBM used to talk against the PF nd insulting Edgar but today they ar dinning together.Wat I may not believe is CK pleading to come bk to PF in the night but insulting the President in the day.That in my opinion is a lie.

  14. Drugsquard

    Drama in Zambian politics

  15. Ba Moonga Keegan

    Politics ya nowadays ni dirty game

  16. fisoso

    pipo pipo think like human beings .kambwili will never go back to pf ..am telling you the truth… bushe nga waluka kuti wabwekela pamalushi when you are hungry

  17. Kings

    I think mwila davis is just one of the big fools of this land, whats wrong if kambwili calls the president at night? did the president say its about coming back to pf? if that is the case then it means the whole game is about getting rich corruptly or die trying. But according to my observation it is because mwila davis is a coward who do not want sound politician to join pf in that he defends his position. Kambwili is one of the founder members of pf, now how can you davis mwila start misleading the mation in such matters when you know that imbwili is a giant when it comes to campeigning, come 2021 you will be on fire, don’t cheat us mwila.

  18. Akana kambwili

    Ba mwila just focus on your business and how to run your part rather than talking on something which is out of your business please we beg you just continue firing the ministers with your president

  19. James

    Mr Mwila that can’t happen how did you even know that Mr K calls the president at night.
    Please concentrate on serving the zambian people who gave you that job,though we have already seen how greedy and selfish you are.


    Oh ho! We really haven’t heard Mr Kambwiri talking about PF or President for a while. May PF SG is right after all.
    But if DM is right, what would be the reason, real reason for the calls?
    To have the court cases stopped? To be considered for a senior post in PF? OR, to be allowed to run for president of PF? What has truelly happened to the alliance with UPND?
    What I recall is that he didn’t say bye to PF when he left. Has he said bye to UPND if he has truelly left the pact?
    I think these are the trends any new party he may wish to join / work with would be looking for.
    The world is very small and in Nyanja there’s a proverb that says:
    Meaning, when you leave a place, leave your footprint, if you leave your mouth ( lips ), it will follow you.
    I’m not so sure what Mr Kambwiri would have left behind, if at all.

  21. The Observer

    Awe mwandi only God knows what the future holds for zambians

  22. SEE MIND (Mwampo)


  23. Ba kafue

    This is y Zambia will never develop, think about the future, not wen u eat yo mothers chicken today u think everything is OK wait and see how life is

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