Kitwe Man Fined for Damaging Water Meter

A 54-year-old man of Kitwe’s Bulangililo Township has been fined K3,500 by the Kitwe Magistrates Court for allegedly damaging a prepaid meter belonging to Nkana Water and Sewerage Company.

Andrew Kasonde, 54, of House Number 1154, Bulangililo Township, has been asked to pay K3,500 or face a four-month jail term in default after he was found guilty of the offence.

It is alleged that Kasonde, while acting together with other persons unknown, on May 21, 2019, damaged a prepaid water meter and bypassed it to access water contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

When the matter came up in the Kitwe Magistrates Court, Principal Resident Magistrate Malota Phiri said the prosecution team had proved their case beyond reasonable doubt.

Magistrate Phiri convicted Kasonde accordingly upon finding him guilty of the offence by fining him K 1,500 and also ordered him to pay K 2,000 towards the damaged water meter.

Magistrate Phiri also ruled that Kasonde pays the said amount by Wednesday, July 17, or go to jail for four months with hard labour.

Magistrate Phiri has further ordered Kasonde to pay water bills from July, 2018 before water can be restored at his residence.

Kasonde has since been remanded in Police custody until the said amount is paid.



  1. 🙉

    Economic hardship is driving people into illegal acts, please people obey the law.government should concentrate on improving the economy otherwise poverty is tormenting us.God help mother Zambia

    • Am truly zambia

      Put aside that economy of yours,pipo out there don’t have water facilities and that idiot is vandalising some ,in fact their are the ones bring backward our country because of laziness ku jila va free. He should have been slap with a 3years ,now i c years are jst numbers , a big man like him thinking like a year old.you’r a big fool idiot.

  2. puzzled

    @am truly zambian! who asked u ? z nkana water ur fathers company 4 u 2 co him an idiot? u shud hav manners dnt behav as if u r 4rom planet b.enconomic hardship z the causer

  3. James

    He must pay, we won’t support him on this one, we all know that everyone is having a hard time under the current government but damaging things is unacceptable the right thing to do is wait for 2021 period, for now let’s learn to appreciate the little efforts of the current government.
    Who knows maybe we might have free wif..in lusaka has promised by the lusaka mayor Mr miles Sampa.

    For now let’s appreciate the government for delivering the opposite of what they promised us.

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