Lungu Drops Mwanakatwe

President Edgar Lungu has dropped Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe and has replaced her with Bank of Zambia Deputy Governor Operations Dr Bwalya Ng’andu.

President Lungu has also revoked the nomination of Patriotic Front deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri as member of Parliament with immediate effect.


  1. csk

    what is the matter?

  2. Nyengo

    Bwalya ngandu is a right man 4 the job and president lungu appointment has come at time we hav KCM problem. When u look at his cv. He is a right man

    • PM

      Boza iwe Nyengo…where is his cv?

    • Obuseva

      Where is Bwalya’s CV. Sorry Aunty Dizzy you are gone. Now can do more Dizzy stuff. Boys will help

    • Musenge Musenge

      He should have appointed the Bank Governor instead of his deputy.


    That’s the way to go we need people who are qualified and experienced to improve your economy

  4. Mr fact

    The president has a right to FIRE and HIGHER,mr NGANDU congrats.

  5. Sibweni

    Anthony mumba is right man 2 b appointed also has commerce ministry. On new finance ministry is a good move or idea by president lungu to appoint him bcoz right now few sober minds find lik bwalya ngandu with such a CV. He coming at time hav KCM is hot business part company with indian company. A good Lucy 2 our new ministry and 4 our economic growth

  6. Bashikulu Em2a

    Labour minister should be replaced as well.


    Mr President where is mr Ng’ande Magande please? Ba President kwena ubutungulushi you failed! Economy problems we are crying suffused too much! 2021 katwishi >>>>>>>>>mwandi!!!

  8. Shikoki

    Thats the way to go.

  9. Spoon phiri

    I think he wants to avoid hearing something like “Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe has disappeared with all the cash in Govt coffers.

  10. Zambian

    Lusaka province minister and higher education minister should be dropped too!

    • Macmillan

      you are right she has to be dropped too

  11. Sj

    Strategising, hope not too much damage has been done already especially for the person who’ll ‘ve to salvage Economy of this country.Comment

  12. professor Clerk

    thats the way to go Mr Lungu,women in zambia can no longer be entrusted with finances any more…


    The ministor of labour is supposed to be replaced with an immediate effect, and not a woman us Zambians we need a person who can understand people’s cry like Mr Lusambo other wise it’s a very good move Mr President, that women is too selfish she doesn’t want to be corrected and Congratulations to the new Ministor but if you hurt corrections you will also be replaced, just work like Mr Maggande u I’ll be remembered.Well done Mr.ECL put put more effort to develop the country next is who? ( LABOUR MINISTOR )

  14. bk

    Yah when you are not doing the right thing that is the punishment. Mr. President fire Dora also she has neglected some public media houses like Times of Zambia. Workers are still in poverty as a hesd of the ministry she should do some thing if board of directors and IDC can’t produce the required results dissolve it

  15. Henry Lukole

    Its being long overdue plz use Mr Bwalya,Maggie my sister change for the best .

  16. Mukonkoto

    What is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  17. Jms

    Where are ministers kalusha has supported intruders and like wise the president has gone past his mps you will see soon even some cabinet will be full of non ministers

  18. Christopher M.Mutambo

    Its a Good move, The same should be done in the Ministry of labour and Higher education.
    Congratulations BOZ Deputy Operation Dr Bwalya N’gandu on your appointment as Minister of Finance.

    • Ackson mwanza

      To bad Margaret, i think you have learned a lesson. Mr. President lungu is a justice man and he always does what is right…. And my question is this why have you been dropped out by him? There must be a reason.

  19. One love

    Workup zambian or voters there in fire 2021 is neear mark my words ,change the formula now other wise you cry. You are sarounded by burnch of kikikjki, meno mafupa mind you.

  20. Joseph malombe

    We thank you for that move mr President, we know that,people like Margret mwanakatwe and many PF members frustrated you to remove Felix mutation by those people saying we are capable to do the job.They did made comments to say ,why is it that mr President you are leaving us behind and hijacke people from MMD.Shi has felled because of her moral grounds.Any one is able to do the job so long he is a Zambian dispite his or her political striations.There is much childish in most top officials they don’t withstand our country well.You must scrutinize some other members in the government also.Some Goverment workers are too playfull unstable in their ways.Mr President, don’t listen from wrong advice. Thank you.

  21. Sylvester Moomba

    What the PF government has achieved in the period 2016 and on is coursing unnecessary and expensive by elections, hiring and firering of wrongly appointed people who have only achieved being very very expensive liabilities to mother Zambia.

  22. Elephants

    Chili ekotuleya ministers will be non Parliamentarians … Removing a woman from finances is a good move because a woman cannot manage to run the economy of the country….. But mps are good to be ministers because they understand what people say in their constituencies..
    ..Not that man awe…..I don’t think if he is going to be representing as per need of the voters because he may be saying punzila naiwe…

  23. Joseph

    Labour Minister must be fired. Tapali ifyo alecita, even lusaka minister, higher education minister, energy minister and agriculture minester including comerce & trading minister. Bonse aba bafwilefye ukuya.

  24. Martin mwewa

    Drop all cabinet minister before it’s too late

  25. Spade

    Yesterday Bwalya was junior to Bank Governor, today and tomorrow, he is the boss to him! Awe kwena kwa Lungu kwabe nchito ya try and error. Are you sure there are no men and women with proven record in stabilizing the economy and reclaiming the little strength that our ZMW held before you imposed yourselves as blind leaders with no vision at all? Dizzy Maggie would have been the last person any vision leader would have imposed on the treasury just as Mr Luo is at the higher learning portfolio. Yaba! What Devil cursed this country with this kind of impostors mwe Bantu kanshi?

  26. Champo Romeo Alpha

    The Move is Welcome Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, but May it not just end with Mrs Mwanakatwe there are also many other Ministries that have people who are not Really working. Their main interest is to get paid thereby pausing a threat to economic development in Our Zambia. Zambian people are the ones who end Up Suffering from these underdevelopment kind of leaders in key Positions.

  27. DHM

    It’s long overdue madam dizzy

  28. The Taliban

    Mr President that’s a good move you have made at a right time,please Mr President look at commerce minister as well is not working according.

  29. Baangaa

    Timely disappointment and excellent appointment! Let her go and look for Pamela Gondwe.Kindly extend this to the following ministries; education, mines,infrastructure,labour and Justice.

  30. Don chichi

    Congrats for doing the right thing sir it’s not too late to clean your line up it’s the Zambian people’s business you can still make history

  31. Concerned Zambian

    We thank you Ba HE. Zambia is now on the way to recovery. Others on the line up before 2020 should be: Ministers of Higher Education, Home Affairs, Labour, Mines, infrastructure, Presidential Affairs. These, give them retirement benefits, Kanabesa.

  32. Taliban forces

    Mr president congrats for your quick action of dropping Maggie mwanakatwe.and for sure conside also of dropping labor minister she’s so insolent and arrogant.Allah bless you on your garish move you did.

  33. m^a^f^o

    PF is the part which has vision,let it control itself.

  34. Black Spinoza

    The priority for the New minister of finance is to Regulate Government spending during times of economic downturn. As is the case right now. He needs to introduce new policies that will ensure strict regulation of Govt spending on the ministerial level. Specially in the Ministry of labour, Commerce n Education. A fiscal policy needs to be adopted By The Government. They need to spread the burden of making financial sacrifices evenly. And not jus put it on the working class population, middle class and College students.

  35. Naked weapon

    Good to reduce the number of drunkers in cabinet, good move Mr President and the same to labour ministor.

  36. Radar

    Its the brains and the capabilities,caliber of the person that do a job..and not s CV Mwebantu…I remembere Chibamba Kanyama once said,he has friends with masters degrees even PhD but fail to run their own homes.. May be a home composed of just ten or less family members..be careful

  37. Msenje Mbewe

    Thanks for a quick action

  38. James

    I think the president has a vision now. who said the man is a president without a vision.

  39. kaleji mwanza

    hmm iliko bad weh. but everyone wants to know why ?

  40. BBC CEO UK

    He has finally made a right dicision when its already far too late to bring back things in order.Mwanakatwe has already misused government funds and I think it won’t be easy to make things right.As far as concerned the PF government’s president’s birth certificate is actually a letter from the condom factory that the parents just made a terrible mistake.HH is ours Lungu is yours period.

  41. John balaks

    Yes Mr President you are now operating you can even expel them from the party cause nothing else can come out of them in teams of developing our Zambia .


    people of Zambia do think that bwalya can do better than mwanakatwe ?

  43. Ms Mbewe

    The govt isn’t transparent enough as to tell us why the previous Minister had been dropped. Besides it’s not right for people to start saying that women shouldn’t be trusted with finances probably considering the recent incidents of women stealing money from banks. Even men steal a lot of money from banks probably even more than the amount that Pamela stole but it’s unfortunate that when we do something as females our stories spread like wild fire. Every person no matter the gender steals. Whether people say women don’t need to trusted with money or we shouldn’t be in govt I will pursue my career in accounting and I’ll continue upgrading until I obtain my position in govt. Lets be conceptual and stop pointing fingers at women.

  44. shikent mailos

    Women of today are thieves,never trust them.

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