NAREP Accuses Parties Leaving Opposition Alliance of Being Funded to Destabilise it

National Restoration Party General Secretary Ezra Ngulube has accused political parties pulling out of the Opposition Alliance of being funded to destabilise its mandate.

And Ngulube has charged that no political party was forced to join the Opposition Alliance and those leaving should do it quietly the same way they joined.

He stated that NAREP remains committed to ensuring that objectives of the opposition alliance are met by staying put.

Ngulube stated that a number of issues need to be looked at before getting on the electoral pact.

“The Roan Constituency situation where we supported one political party, that was just a litmus test to say if we take this formula it can work. At the end of the day, there are so many things that have to be dealt with before coming up with an electoral pact. If anything, nobody was forced to join the alliance, if anyone wants to leave, I mean no one will be forced to stay,” Ngulube stated.

Meanwhile, the UPND has regretted the National Democratic Party (NDC)’s decision to have a candidate in the Lubwa Ward by-election in Kitwe.

Party Deputy Secretary General Patrick Mucheleka said having supported them in Roan, it was expected that NDC would support the UPND since the party has structures in place.

“We came in and we said at that time that it was imperative for us to have supported NDC because Kambwili was the immediate past Member of Parliament who had been victimised, so we gave him the right of first refusal in Roan Constituency, that is why as UPND, we backed him. So here in Lubwa, we would have expected NDC to back UPND,” Mucheleka stated.



  1. Narep

    And those who joined have been bought aswel

  2. Dude

    Ba Chipimo don’t say that, you are tuma small parties that are eating for UPND, akulweni fye quietly. Tondolo musuma!

  3. tryme kolwe

    if u wanna go pack yo belongings and leave the party.green lights on.self centered, selfish and y not me ba pipo type. hearts full of jelous and envy.

  4. Allan's

    Pf more power for one cannot bring you down unless they join forces thams up of more power

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