Sean is Out, Who is Next?

Bit by bit, as predicted, the Opposition Alliance formed about nine months ago is crumbling, with the latest departure being that of Sean Tembo and his Patriots For Economic Progress (PeP) party.

Sean and his league last Thursday held a press briefing in Lusaka to announce their decision that they will no longer be part of the Opposition Alliance because of the attitude of some members who do not value the unity of opposition in the country. A day before Sean’s announcement that he was leaving the Opposition Alliance, we wrote an opinion where we said it was just a matter of time before this pact comes to its knees. This was after the UPND and NDC differed over who should contest the Lubwa ward by-election as both parties decided to adopt candidates instead of only allowing the NDC to do so based on their prior agreement.

Chishimba Kambwili of the NDC even went on to say he was very disappointed with Hakainde Hichilema for allowing the UPND to adopt a candidate to also contest the Lubwa seat while the UPND said it did not need any help to win an election because the party was already popular. There is an ego problem!

When this story about the disagreement between Kambwili and Hichilema, the UPND president, came out in newspapers, we were very sure that another party (PeP), which is part of the Opposition Alliance, was going to break away from it because of one party declaring some superiority over others. It was just a matter of time before Sean, who was clearly an attack dog for the opposition alliance, could see that the coming together of these parties was only to benefit an individual. In short, selfishness has been at the centre of these opposition alliances that this country has seen.

During the briefing, Sean said: “As Patriots for Economic Progress, it is not our intention to sit here and argue whether opposition unity is necessary for a 2021 opposition electoral victory or not. However, the difference in opinion regarding the necessity of opposition unity as a prerequisite for a 2021 opposition electoral victory essentially renders our continued participation in the Opposition Alliance redundant. We joined and became a part of the Opposition Alliance with the hope and expectation of assisting each other through the creation of synergy. To the extent that some of the key members of the Opposition Alliance believe that they do not require any assistance, we cannot force ourselves and our assistance on them. Accordingly, we in the Patriots for Economic Progress have taken the decision to withdraw our membership and our participation from the Opposition Alliance with immediate effect.”

It is everybody’s guess which party here is carrying itself in a manner that portrays a picture that it does not need the help of others. This party has for many years failed to come to terms with the fact that it has a huge ego problem and as long as this continues, leading this country will end up a mere dream. The biggest problem the UPND has is intolerance to criticism. It feels superior to all other parties and considers itself the best when so much has gone wrong such that very few will remain in this Opposition Alliance of theirs. Probably only tu Nashala Neka parties will cling on because they have no constituency to command.



  1. Bashikulu Em2a

    Wait and see

  2. Whiteson

    Can anyone guess is HH going to say something or not?


    sad news, DR C.BANDA,DR GBM tried to mingle with them but end-up of finding themselves out-side.please stop trubling yourselves its only the TONGA party(AISHA’S PARTY)

    • lulu moonga

      fuck u! son of bitch! uneducated cadre!watch watch what you say!tribalist! satanist.die young

  4. Mr fact

    Tembo can’t shoot down upnd is just a one person let him show us his followers.it is one man political part.

  5. Lisa

    Some people are just born failures. We see some people with a gene of failure migrate from place to place or forming political parties but end up as failures because of impaired judgement. Success requires patience, perseverance & good judgement. Those leaving the alliance are selfish if not infected with ‘Wako ni Wako’ disease that has engulfed Zambia. Working together is the best thing and those that will remain in the alliance should be supported and prays that it succeeds for a better Zambia.

    • Wezi

      Lisa, I agree with you…. some politician are failures just like HH. For instance he keeps on forming and joining alliances that does not work. Additionally, he has worked with too many vice presidents that he has failed to keep. To me he lacks GOOD JUDGEMENT.

  6. Youth movement

    Spare us the energy politicians are just the same.Even the so called pf where did they ever adopt their alliance partners candidate (Danny Pule,cosmo mumba)party’s and support them?lets be useful and contribute positively to the development of the nation rather than wasting time on irrelevant topics.


    The people of southern province are very disappointed with the system of politics which Mr HH is playing, cos what we have seen Mr HH all he want is the province to be condemned, as a result people are against about Tonga tribe Sir we all know that you are rich but try to work with other tribes cos someone who always walk alone was taken by a river. We are tired of insults in this province if you are not prepared for an alliance, you were not supposed to join them how many times do u want to form some alliances and dishes? we ar behind you but we don’t support everything you did one Zambia one nation. Thx

    • Chiko

      Well articulated mate. HH and UPND have overtime portrayed itself as a tribal group and make no effort to change the image. There is nothing wrong with being Tonga Bemba Lozi Kalubale etc but the way we run political business. FDD and UPND tells me that in their ranks no one else has the capacity to lead. There is no democracy in the parties and how do we expect them to uphold democratic tenets of our Republic?? Please don’t insult me on here, I’m only making a genuine observation. Thanks.

  8. Elephants

    Life of a politician awe nikutambako che?

  9. tryme kolwe

    let them go!the serious ones wil remain.some pipo are just there to bring confusion to the party.hh and kambwili they’re still working together.opp.alliance.party is stil intact. farewel sean.b careful coz selfish and traitor amongst the party members.

  10. Concerned citizen choma

    Kambwili dicide to go back in pf last night but not yet confirmed, what’s that about Zambian politicians upnd and its top readership have disappointed the southerners.

  11. Happy soul

    Please stop these tribal talks, There is time for everything, don’t think that when you are talking of tribes you are defending yoursrlf from corruption. HH is the upcoming president,,remember in 2015 HH lost by 1%,so are you telling me that southern province can compete with these other 9 provinces? Wait and see 2021 is near things will never be the same. The hate for Tonga’s will be your disappointing factor.HH is the president.

  12. bingo

    Is there any alliance without a President or do you all political party players in the alliance wants to be presidents? All of you know that HH is a big fish in the pond, so do you want him to remain small and dormant? Your preaching is that he is too much of ego on him why?

  13. Hh

    Hh you will always be a southerner president, whether you like it or not he will die trying.

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