Sinkamba Calls for Govt Action to Stop Looming ‘Sinkhole’ Disaster

Green Party President Peter Sinkamba has asked government to address a looming disaster in Kitwe’s Chamboli Township where young people are said to be risking their lives in a caved sinkhole scavenging for copper ores.

Sinkamba said it is the responsibility of government to act now before lives are lost in the copper slag dump.

He has implored Government to take urgent measures through the Zambia Mining and Environment Remediation and Improvement Project (ZMERIP), which is funded by the World Bank, to avert a national disaster.

Sinkamba said the sinkhole in Chamboli where youths are scavenging copper ores is a historical liability which has been a source of safety concern from the 1980s.

“When ZCCM used to run the mines on the Copperbelt, caving in that area was a problem and I have got correspondence to this effect. Some houses were demolished and tenants were moved to safe areas. At the time, the houses were cracking and showing signs of potential sinking. That was the main concern. So before the advent of scavenging copper ores, the initial safety concern from the 1980s up to 2016 was the cracking of houses due to subsidence. Now, with ongoing scavenging activities, the danger is imminent,” Sinkamba said.

He said in 2005, he raised the issue of subsidence in Chamboli concerning houses in J Section where more than 300 houses were affected.

“So, I know for a fact that funds are there to address the looming disaster in Chamboli if only government can be proactive and caring for their lives of those youths. There is more than US$50 million to address both environmental and social challenges in that area. Put simply, the whole problem in Chamboli rests squarely on government’s shoulders, and government should take urgent steps now,” Sinkamba added.


  1. Elephants

    Mr sinkamba its your duty to advice the gvt …..no one can stop you from doing it.

    • Bornwell Simunka

      Comment Timely advice Mr Sinkamba to govt.Thanks for your patriotism.

  2. Youth movement

    We cannot always be acting when there is a disaster please!prevention is better than cure and this serves as a warning to the government that things aren’t ok because no one would want to risk his/her life if all is well.

  3. CH13

    Mr SINKAMBA for real datx a good advise…and u have showed loving heart to Zambians nd the govt should implement measures as to save that part of the nation before itx too late otherwise what will happen will be a disaster…..

  4. Jms

    When you fail to protect your children this is the case by telling them boys /young men to struggle for themselves and it now shame to girl/ladies the last solution is prostitution I can’t understand why sinkamba can’t reason by standing alone just bringing confusions to people

  5. Central power

    U are concerned Zambian. Can govt move on quickly. Okey

  6. puzzled

    @jms are u dull? are u blind? dat u cant c wat sinkamba z tryn 2 show the kama gvt

  7. Mukanwa mukikopo

    Timely warning indeed.

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