6 Die in Bus Accident on Ndola-Kitwe Road

Six people have died while several others are nursing serious injuries sustained in a road traffic accident on the Ndola-Kitwe Road near Maposa area.

The accident involved a Rosa Bus that flipped due excessive speed, leading to the death of six people.

Kitwe Teaching Hospital Senior Medical Superintendent Dr Abidan Chansa has confirmed the death of six people whose bodies have been deposited in Kitwe Teaching Hospital.

He further stated that 21 people who were seriously injured have been rushed to Ndola Teaching Hospital.


  1. puzzled

    may the souls of the departed RIP chambian drivers y cant u drive at a normal speed n reach safely

  2. Gangsta grabs

    Lungu and Mwila were that side,what do what do you think would happen the head of Zambia beer fowarding movement is in town and the driver is a cadre? Nothing good happens with Pf kids.

  3. R

    Am disappointed with the response from emergency team. Fire brigade from kitwe arrived on accident seen after 1hr 30min, Ndola fire team 10 minutes after kitwe team. People were trapped under the bus. Can the government please put paramedics on high way roads. People die due to no help.

  4. c

    sad news..rip

  5. Collins mulenga


  6. C~plus

    Please speed tracking should be involved

  7. pmmc



    Comment: My condolences & Rest in peace. Am very saddened seeing comments from a few, Surely people can you bring politics in cases like this or what??, Its uncalled for people just comment what is in line with the matter. am so sorry.

  9. Rodgers phiri

    my condolences to the effected family…. wishing a quick recovery to those were injured

  10. chella

    So sad to the families that have lost during the tragedy, but only God knows until we meet on the other side of life. RIP

  11. Isaac kazzy siulapwa

    Am very sad to find out that among the female who passed away is my aunty whsrip

  12. clint

    God shall save his people when critical time comes

  13. Lubinda G

    Rip. but y too many accidents in Zambia.

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