Chinese Woman Dies in Car Accident

A 31-year-old Chinese woman has died after a motor vehicle she was driving in was involved in a road traffic accident along the Kitwe Ndola dual carriageway.

Christy Yang of Garnerton Township died on the spot after she sustained multiple head injuries.

Copperbelt Police Chief Charity Katanga who confirmed the accident said the incident happened when Jackson Mukuka, 28, the driver of the motor vehicle, a Toyota Hilux Registration Number BAJ 8145, lost control of the motor vehicle due to excessive speed.

Katanga stated that the motor vehicle went on to hit into stationary truck near the sixteen feet around 14:40 hours on Sunday.

The body of the deceased has been deposited in Sinozam Hospital Mortuary awaiting postmortem while driver of the motor vehicle is detained in police custody and has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving.


  1. Kubeja Badaala

    According to Zambia Police, every accident is due to excessive speed. There is always no other cause. A rosa minibus on the the same road has been involved in an accident and the cause is the same.

  2. Phwishi

    Chung chongho(too bad)thats what we say in chinese

  3. puzzled

    why is it that mostly when an accident occurs the driver survives n is taken detained while the passengers ar taken 2 the motuary. RIP MAMA

  4. Gangsta grabs

    How many people did Lungu and Mwila druged with njunta the day they visited.The chinese woman couldnt take the fact that her government wont be getting back 70 million dollars for levy stadium loan.Lungu wafuma kwisa

  5. kufahakurambwe

    This makes sad reading. You next to always post gruesome photos of the dead bodies when accidents of this nature occur without regard to the pain you may be causing to the relatives of the departed. Why have you spared us in this instance? Could it be because the deceased is not a native Zambia and their life matters more? Bana Zambia konda nkanda you make me sick with your primitive ways.

  6. boss

    results of employing learners at least nga bushiku nomba14hrs, so ba
    RATSA naimwe namwikala muletamba ama Noah yalesenda abantu 12 Nama driver ababula ama licence until tomorrow fikachitike abantu bakafwe,time to act is now

  7. Bambo

    Who was the actual driver kanshi? The chinese woman or Jackson Mukuka? Reporter clarify!!

  8. John Phiri

    Hahahhaaha!!! Comprehension Mdala. Jackson Mukuka was the driver and the Chinese lady was the passenger.

  9. Lubinda G

    Rip my dear

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