Ex-Zanaco Banker Nabbed Over K500, 000 Theft

The Drug Enforcement Commission through its Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Unit in Eastern Province has arrested a former Zanaco female employee of Lundazi for money laundering activities involving over K500,000.

Phanny Chaponda, 34, of House No. RR 15, Kanjala Compound in Lundazi, has been arrested for theft by public servant and money laundering, contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that Phanny Chaponda on dates unknown but between May 1, 2017 and December 31, 2018, in her capacity as an Assistant Preferred Banker at Zanaco Lundazi Branch, did steal K573, 910.50 which she fraudulently transferred from various dormant accounts into two accounts she had access to and later withdrew the funds via Automated Teller and Point of Sale Machines.

“The suspect further bought two plots in Lundazi and built two houses on one of them. She also purchased a motor vehicle, a Toyota Allion ARB 3604 ZM and a 49 Inch LG LED TV. Also seized during investigations are several accounts with about K170, 000.00 linked to this fraud,” stated DEC public relations officer Theresa Katongo.

“The suspect has since been released on Police bond and will appear in court soon.”

Meanwhile, the Commission in Southern Province has arrested a 28-year-old Malawian woman, Shakira Kasusu, for trafficking in 17.85 kilogrammes of ephedrine concealed in 36 handbags.

The suspect was arrested at the Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone upon arrival from India, Katongo stated.

The suspect is in police custody and will appear in court soon.


  1. Doubt Katwishi

    Easterners again? May be we need to sell that part of land to Malawi. Just a suggestion. Mr Mwanza, Mr Banda Daniel what do you think?

    • umuntu

      @Doubt Katwishi, please try to avoid such comments, they are fueling tribalism

      • Doubt Katwishi

        @Ubuntu I am a Bemba and easterners are my traditional cousins. It’S my traditional rights to joke with them.By the way if you are not an easterner or northerner just ignore my comments, does not apply to you. Simple.

        • Advisor


          • Advisor

            @Doubt, traditional cousinship jokes always have a context. It’s not done anywhere and with anyone. So like here, No one would know you’re bemba. Be careful not to escalate this dangerous trend of tribalism

        • kufahakurambwe

          @Doubt Katwishi perhaps you should consider posting your real name and NRC #. I am sure this will put the “easterners your tribal cousins” at ease the next time you pull the tribal card.


      The good part of us Easterners is that we don’t steal for individuals. If you steal for you who have has almost nothing it’s a sin. So know where, when, what, who and why stealing?

    • Daniel Banda

      Mr Katwishi Katwishi, we will loose such brave women if Eastern Province becomes part of Malawi. Then who will you appoint into your cabinet for gender balance sake, when you become President of Zambia?

    • Daniel Banda

      Just sell it asap or better still give it free of charge to Malawi. You Bembas also, you want to be stealing alone ayi! If you get rid of the east we will advise the southerners all your weaknesses so that they can get into power quickly!

  2. CH13

    These issues of theft have become headlines in Zambia….nd govt should do some thing to stop this….

  3. Escape from Sobibor

    The Big man once said”…ubomba mwibala alya mwibala…their following the instruction from the big man

  4. Advocate

    Too many thieves around

  5. puzzled

    woman again! ooh noo not again nowander chambian president chang lu thought of dropin mag. the problem is that women admires alot than men, love of fancy life

    • D.M

      In addition to “ubomba mwibala…” he also said ” six… Out of ten are thieves” interestingly enough the mentioned group never uttered any word against such damning allegations from their president

  6. Joseph

    Ladies, again! But zooonah ukulufyanya kwatampile kuli Eva mu Eden, so that’s how ladies are. Bembas stay away from Eastern ladies. Kumawah were the criminal Ladies come from. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk!

    • mulase

      It has just come to my attention that these women ar actually Bembas but married to Easterners that’s y they use their husbands surnames.I was wondering how easteners can suddenly become njiviz kkkk

      • Doubt Katwishi

        @Mulase, no no, no. ……they are from eastern province. I have also been told that lady dizzy comes from east that’s why……kikikikiki

    • Mutale Chanda

      Joseph……. this instruction of staying away from eastern ladies will be hard to follow.I recommend we stop paying lobola when we marry them.kkkkkkkkk

  7. Mmj

    Female agan

  8. Gangsta grabs

    This is why women are just objects of conquest and exploitation. Sentence some of them to my house as long as there is an empty orphanage for me to fill.

  9. Hev rena

    Eastern or Malawian women should be the least suspects among crooked women.So fellow easterners don’t marry these bemba women who are tarnishing our names
    Banks may stop employing easterners.

  10. Angoni

    Eastern Women are class dear, Just marry one your life will change for the better.

  11. Bashikulu Em2a

    They are not women,but WOMONEY! Have you as a husband experienced a situation at home where your wife can’t talk to you when broke?And can not allow you to move when your pocket is heavy!These women are a source of a man’s troubles because of their’ULUNKUMBWA’. Am not educated,finito.

  12. Mr Peace

    That’s the best women can do.Keep on trusting them.I have always asked….How many female disiples did Jesus have pulizi…Do you think JC was blind that couldn’t see these people?Money and a woman…..

  13. Hakasenke

    Mutale Chanda -kkk walaa satungafye nga mukela. nga bakumawa bwaca shani kuli bupopwe munshibila nsala.plz my brothers tekwesha ukusumina lobola kabili nabapa ukuilobwelela abene.kkkkkkkk- am sure some pipo admire the relationship btn the two mwati nyaba banyama baletobana ifipuna kwati ta tuli bena zambia bonse kkk

  14. Hakasenke

    Mutale -walasafye bwino nga mukela.nga bakumawa bwaca shani kuli bupopwe munshibila nsala? plz my bros dont marry ifibena eastern kabili nafitendeka ukuilobwelela ifine fyeka/.

  15. Collins mulenga

    Bemba’s are clean mwana.

  16. Biz

    Guys thieves are everywhere and in all tribes

    • Petros

      Yes thieves are everywhere , but the only worry is that they are women. It’s sad.

  17. Kanyembo

    Let’s support our ladies, they are doing a tremendous job!stealing should not be a prerogative of the elite and politicians.

  18. itel S32

    if a man can steal,,,a woman also can steal,,like they put it these days “What a man can do,,a woman can do it better..

  19. Bana Simon

    We are found in such bcoz our men have become extremely lazy. They expect us to do everything, including paying lobola for them. Please men step up the plate. You suppose to be bread winners not bread eaters.

  20. Daniel Banda

    Unsupported information is that prostitution is the oldest profession but according to the Bible theft was the first when the woman was employed by the devil to illegally harvest the forbidden fruit. Ubomba mwibala, alya mwibala. The difference between now and then is that in this case the only person to face the consequences will be Phanny Chaponda. After all the women are now scoring above the gender equality qualitatively by stealing huge amounts of money more than any man did before.

  21. Wisdoms

    Let them to leave in jell like that because some of us we are suffering looking for life by being well but their use to theft government iyanganepo

  22. Easterners power

    Bembas are well known thieves in street

  23. yellow

    from eastern power to women power

  24. u

    one time

    • Hambani

      No trusted women’s in the banker too much thief
      Then pa last bakalile ati samatingenesako Nchito mwayibala Kuti ndimwe bakawaaalala.

  25. SEE MIND (Mwampo)

    Women Bankers now they are champions money laundering . Becareful trusted women to keep bank keys. Zambia now problem spread all around the country !!!

  26. Jms

    Impeachment otherwise poverty leading to criminality, stealing, corruption, prostitution etc will occur due to government doesn’t care what ever people do we have the judiciary security wing and law makers unfortunately the have no one to guide them if a home is not looked after properly children will be behaving the same (bamwisa)

  27. Concerned Citizen

    Ladies be careful it is getting out of hands now.

  28. King cool

    According to the record of the Bible, the wisest people are from the East,,, the rest are just followers,,, never blame just condemn the world of Warcraft saga and stealing…



  30. Sainela Douglas

    Zanaco this zanaco that please we are tired of hearing zanaco bedtime stories, I’m sure before the end of this month we will hear from it again.

  31. Sainela Douglas

    Zanaco this zanaco that please we are tired of hearing zanaco bedtime stories, I’m sure before the end of this month we will hear from it again.

  32. O.M

    Stealing has become a tradition in Zambia. It is affecting a lot of investors. Almost everyone you meet in Zambia is a crook. Something must be done to stop this…This has nothing to do with tribes.

  33. O.M

    In order to reduce stealing a new Government is needed. We can’t keep depending foolishness. P.F is the main cause. Everyone is seeing them stealing so what do we expect. Change is in everyone’s hands though supringily people are still pending foolishness

  34. yellow fuckers

    ths devils they are at work.

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