Lubinda’s Assailants Arrested

Police in Lusaka have rounded up five suspects in connection with the reported case of assault on Justice Minister, Given Lubinda which happened at Kabwata Market on Friday last week.

Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo has named the suspects as Martin Mambwe Kankonje, Patrick Chanda, Moses Mulenga, Goodness Mwange and Major Chanda.

Katongo explained that Kankonje has been charged with the offence of assault occasioning actual bodily while the other four have been charged with conspiracy to commit a felony.

She further stated that police are still looking for one suspect who is on the run while those arrested will appear in Court tomorrow.


  1. Kays Mayo

    Make sure to jaill them for life, they are very stupidly!

  2. Kascol

    Ba reporter u need to furnish us to what led to the panel beating in his constituency.
    A lesson to many others who have turned their backs on those that put them into the offices they are occupying now

  3. Gangsta grabs

    I see a love triangle,lubinda was bitching out at the market,he got his ass bitched.Patriotic Fool.Your father is a bomber in Pakistan he wants to recruit your ass.

  4. chikowa

    Even your own dog can bite you if you don’t keep it well. This is a sign that things are not OK in Zambia. People are not happy the way things are in Zambia. This just a beginning of anger, the waste is still to come. PF has failed please. People are hungry because our government is just too, too corrupt causing many innocent people to suffer. Ba pf please, there is a big problem in this country. Women are running away with money not because they want to reach no, they just want to survive.

  5. 2pak

    Beat your hunger in you homes by not making poverty lick your a**s,fight hunger not each other, shhaa!!!



  7. Phill man

    Everything in PF is corrupt and what caused the minister of justice be beaten and what caused Mundubile to be faired .who sent those cadres to go and best up the minister and who were the first people to reject the amendment of that constitution ,was it the cadres or the central committee members.now if u see that report from mdum katongo which says they have arrested the assailants to the minister and the question is why not arresting the one who sent those assailants to go and attack the minister. Just say the truth t

  8. Maybin chumwe

    I sorry for you people who promoting violence, What ever the reason behind his beatings I don’t support violence,be mature Zambians.

  9. Foster

    We agree about the arrest, but what about those idiots that killed the school girl in chawama towards election?

  10. acm

    chiwamina garu system must be avoided at all costs in our country, “the justice minister must be justice and ensure this! ”
    however, sad to the development!

  11. Beene

    There is growing indscipline in Zambia. Kanganja doesn’t seem to getting it right. Where is Kapeso to save the nation from embarrassment?

  12. Lubinda G

    Why don’t you go Arrest who sent them

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