NGOCC Laments Mwanakatwe’s Dismissal

The Non-governmental Organisation Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has said President Edgar Lungu should have replaced Margaret Mwanakatwe with another female to take up the position of finance minister.

And the NGOCC has advised men and women who are given chance to lead to offer exemplary leadership to the country.

NGOCC chairperson Mary Mulenga has stated that while the Head of State has the prerogative to appoint and disappoint, the recent reshuffles are “without doubt revealing on the Patriotic Front (PF) and President Edgar Lungu’s commitment to the attainment of Gender parity for women in decision making positions”.

“…the organisation expected that the Head of State to have considered replacing  the two Women with other capable and qualified women,” Mulenga stated.

She stated that the single decision to revoke the appointment of Phiri from Parliament has further reduced the number of women in Parliament, and also in Cabinet due to Mwanakatwe’s  dismissal.

“Zambia is a signatory to various statutes including the SADC Gender Protocol that requires the 50-50 representation of both women and men in decision making positions. Article 69 of the Republican Constitution is instructive on nominations to Parliament by the President and we quote: ‘The President may nominate a person refened to in Article 63 (2) (b) where the President considers it necessary to enhance the representation of special interests, skills or GENDER in the National Assembly’,” Mulenga stated.

She stated that the decision by President Lungu is without doubt painful for the women’s movement.

”We wish the Head of State could have replaced the two with other very capable women.

We would also like to take this opportunity to appeal to our leaders, both women and men, to provide exemplary leadership when given the opportunity to provide leadership at any level,” stated Mulenga.


  1. Edward

    I think mwanakatwe was better off in commerce and mutati in finance .Problem started when lungu reshuffled them .In conclusion l feel if the PF government want to fire you they will give u a job u can’t handle so that in the end u look incapable and then they fire you.. Just look at the likes of Stella libongani and jere(deputy IG of police)

  2. Mukanwa mukikopo

    It’s true, a woman should have been considered, But the Present is 100% right because apo nomba economy efikile napa bipa. So ba NGOCC you will be considered after 2021.

  3. CBU

    Why firing Munakatwa???
    Lou must be fired too!!! She is killing our Education.

  4. SEE MIND (Mwampo)

    Leadership we need capable knowledge mind and wisdom at work Not seen 50 /50 is wrong! Women always their behind than men cause to cares family! Financy we need former Dr Ng’ande Magabde no person can manage to recover like Magande. ELC wake up please!!!

  5. Treason

    Keep on disappointing your friends well done Mr president may be our economy will change

  6. Mwewa

    Luo must be fired too. She has messed things up

  7. Kabs

    Mr.President we appreciate all that you have done for this great country Zambia.My appeal to you is why can’t you consider bringing Ng’andu Magande.He used to be a very good Finance Minister under the late President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa,may his soul rest in peace.

    • Ethel

      I support your statement,it has been my prayer to see that Mr magande is put in that office,felt after seeing our mother mwanakatwe in that office.am again suddened

  8. popo

    Nice move

  9. puzzled

    ministry of finance a woman? that ministry requires alot of energy in terms of planing.dat post needs like beni ng’andu magande we all kno how lazy some of these women are they just depend on men very fill runs families

  10. Gangsta grabs

    Any man who takes orders from a woman is a fool.Women are nothing but of objects of conquest and exploitation. Mary Mulenga you need a man,once you taste dick you’ll learn to appreciate men and not NGOCC nonsense and Lungu.

  11. Success

    I think if we are to progress we should not consider much the sex of who takes what position in government but rather who is capable of delivering. If 80% of females qualify n only 20%men qualify so should it be n if it’s the other way round, so it is. We can only encourage everyone, that is youths, men n women to get educated, be disciplined n they can take up any position in any company or government. We should get equal chances but not balancing up numbers for the sake of balancing them up NO

  12. Martin mwewa

    Can u fire Ronald chitotela

  13. CH13

    The way our president appoints leaders awe sure…some ministers have been appointed in wrong positions..how can u appoint some one as a minister of education nd dat person did medicine like Luo…Mr nkandu Luo does not deserve dat post….nd how can he appoint some one as a finance minister who have never done accountancy…nd he expectes dat person to manage properly..datx why we can’t develop in Zambia because some posts are given to wrong people with wrong professions…bwafya….

  14. DHM

    Fire nkandu luo also because she has failed completely .

  15. Verminator

    I guess the firing of mwanakatwe was long over due… The issue here is we need the recovery of the the economy not vama sales tax… The new minister of finance will also be disappointed the way he was appointed…The economic policies of the PF has failed the Zambian people….

  16. Charles

    Now we have another Nga’ndu a doctorate holder in finance or economics whatever.We hope he will turn around the economy even better than Magande did.

  17. Lazo

    Mr President the Mines are failing because you have the wrong person there. How can you a teacher by profession running the mines. That teacher thinks he is running a school. Please do the needful and remove him because instead of giving proper analyses of the mines performance he will be giving a lecture about how to identify a mine.

  18. Wilson wanja

    Women should still remain behind fighting for gender equality not holding big positions like ministry of finance,defence,chief government spokesperson alo about this country ‘s future

  19. Kascol

    BA NGcco,u have missed the point,it’s not about mere appointments but to pick those that can perform.
    They were given chance and have terribly failed,even Luo same syndrome and should be the next to exit.
    Tekukonkafye ati cinshi siketi itenkaninefi,then one is appointed no!

  20. clint

    Problems arise again in pf party

    • Kays Mayo

      Indeed mr Clint,it will be problem after problem until 2021!?


    I think when it comes to choosing who to replace who or who can perfectly lead in particular area or who BEST do the job it has nothing to do WITH gender but just someone WHO is BEST in that. So if its the WOMAN who is good then the woman to do take it up but if its the Man then vice versa.

  22. astra

    It’s not about gender anyway , it’s about the person who is qualified enough to predict the economic swings and engage in adequate preposition to solve them. The cost of living is becoming heavy and no one knows how long people will hold on before we fall to extreme ranks of a poverty detoriareted nation . I think the president is right to appoint someone else provided he is a better economist than the preceeding and being preposterous would be wrong until we know the utopia we are being led into as Zambia.

  23. 2021 will come

    Ine ndeloleshafye bawesu.2021

    • Joseph Zulu

      Mr President it was unfortunate you decided to revoked mumbi phiri it was not ok Aman it’s better to revoke s some men appointments

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