OPINION: Political Violence is Deadly

The violent attack on Minister of Justice Given Lubinda at Kabwata Market last week by Patriotic Front cadres made very sad reading. Mr Lubinda is also Member of Parliament for Kabwata whom the residents of the area overwhelmingly voted for.

Mr Lubinda won by a landslide with over 30,000 votes against his closest rival’s 16,000 plus votes in the 2016 parliamentary elections. To get a leader of his level beaten up by political party cadres is quite worrisome and something that nobody normal can even dare celebrate. How have we become such insensitive citizens who can even wish the worst to happen to a fellow human being? Even if people belong to different political sides, wishing another ill is the worst form of witchcraft that must not be encouraged in Zambia. And for this particular case, we must actually be afraid that we have such youths in our communities who do not know reason or the value of engagement with their leaders but only resort to violence to satisfy themselves.

It is a pity that today’s youths have turned to violence to get themselves heard. It’s such a shame! We have seen this happen across the political divide. It is not a problem of the Patriotic Front alone; this is widespread. We have previously witnessed inter-party political violence mostly involving PF and UPND cadres that are always at loggerheads for whatever reason. It has always been an issue of one party provoking the other to react angrily and sometimes the results of such animosity have been deadly. This time involving Mr Lubinda, it is intra-party violence whose source is yet to be known.

A few days before Mr Lubinda’s attack, we had political violence in Katuba where UPND cadres attacked their PF counterparts and in the process injured an officer of the Human Rights Commission (HRC) who was on the ground during the filing of nominations for the upcoming Katuba parliamentary by-election. Is it so hard to tolerate the fact that Zambia is a multi-party democracy, meaning the country can have as many political parties as possible? It is interesting that a day or so before the filing of nominations, Mazabuka UPND Member of Parliament Gary Nkombo was on radio talking about violence and threatening that his party would withdraw from the by-election should the ruling party turn violent during campaigns. But which party is said to have started violence on nomination day? Will the UPND opt out for being part of that political violence?

Zambian politicians of today must all take a moment and commit to ending political violence which will one day shock the entire nation if nothing is done to stop this rot in politics. When will our politicians learn from their colleagues in developed countries on how to do politics without involving the youths in violent acts? When will the opposition political parties of this country, which are governments in waiting, learn to co-exist with the ruling party than perpetually harbouring hate and anger over previous disagreements? The source of these violent acts are usually old disputes that one party decided to hang on to, leaving grudge after grudge to pile up and build into huge fury that can even set the entire nation ablaze. Zambians, political violence is deadly and please, do not tolerate it


  1. Wilson wanja

    We say know to violence and make our country a better place for our children youths and older people

  2. James

    I would like to see the person who instructed those cadres to beat up our very own respected man, Mr lubinda should be treated with respect infact people should learn respect themselves and be able to extend the respect to others.
    What is wrong with us why are we fighting each other, why are we dividing each other, why do we wish bad for others, why can’t we accept each other and be able to work together has one.
    Our fathers fought so hard for the freedom that we have now, why are we fighting each other, this should be stopped because if not peacefully handled now I fear for tomorrow.
    Let’s be united has one, we only have one zambia

  3. Lisa

    Pf is always the aggressor. Now that the Pf bosses are victims of violence from the cadres they have supported all along, we may bigin to see some improvement in political violence. Pf cadrers have infiltrated the police and no longer have fear for anyone

  4. mailonc

    Very poor analysis.Political violence is part of the proof of leadership failure by President Edgar Lungu.Are you aware that the president swears on the bible to protect all citizens of this country?How many times have cadres of PF lynched innocent people and the president does nothing?Is it a coincidence that in Mr Lungu’s pathetic reign the cases of polkitical violence have more than trebled?
    In case PF think this is a laughing matter,they should be reminded that they can be prosecuted for these crimes they are abetting and sometimes even sponsoring

  5. Joseph malombe

    There is some era’s that I have seen in two political parties namely; The PF and UPND.What iam talking about is power that these political parties have given to its carders, the power to exceed the power of men and women in uniform ( police officers) I have never seen such in the history of politics what is it that these parties are trying to show us?The two political parties should give us right direction.

  6. Jms

    In katuba that one isn’t a human right commissioner but human violence commissioner if wrong was like fire i don’t think we can have the Davis mwila o of today lubinda reaped what he had sowed

  7. Bashikulu Em2a

    I blame the people used,youths.Youths of today have no respect for older people.This country is known worldwide for it’s peace,but political players are using youths to be causing trouble during voting time,which is uncalled for.Youths,be reminded that in case of any political war in this country,those that are using you will have no option but to flee out of the country.You and your children will remain here killing one another for nothing!Think twice before you get involved.Am not educated,finito.

  8. brics

    Everything in Zambia now is becoming useless…even news media are partizan. What are you trying to insinuate by such unprofessional reporting?

  9. Daniel Banda

    It would have been embarrassing for our police to fail to arrest a group of people who acted foolishly due to their illiteracy. In those audio clips they mainly used bemba which is a sellout language for themselves and possibly their bosses soon to be found out. Time will tell.

  10. Gershom Ingwe

    Please people let’s respect each other this is the politics Lean to respect our leaders please we are one Family and one Zambia please let’s talk in a good manner so that we can resolve the matter

  11. Elephants

    A coin has two sides don’t judge before observing the other side of the coin….these people so called politicians are very clever…..like the mp for feira deserve the same punishment.

  12. Concerned

    If u are to follow this issue closely,those cadres were sent by someone from the same party….bos…

  13. Reas

    A big lesson If you teach a child to beat people one day will turn to you and do the same. Instead of empowering them you taught them to beat and turn them into thugs today they are making some groups terrorizing innocent citizens.

  14. Sbm

    Ndeloleshafyee …

  15. Simeon

    I heard that he wanted to sell the market,so theirs no one who send those guys.they where defending the sale of the market.


    He wanted to sell the market, he sold the playing ground. To

  17. Zega

    Baakucita kabotukamulya Mali nolike Bantu bafwide nzala stupid

  18. King cool

    I urge the youth to team up and beat the labour officers.these guys are doing nothing in the offices, example ,go to chinika industrial area opposite chinika secondary school and ask for Jash brewery the manufacturer of first choice beers, the workers are not working and they get as low as K300 per month, how are they going to pay rent and utilities and school fees and other things. The minister of Labour should be beaten also.

  19. romeo musonda

    Is this news. Of beatin ba lubinda real or fake

  20. Snoble

    It z a sad development in Zambia. Youths respect elderly people.

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