South Africa’s Jacob Zuma Denies Being ‘King’ of Corruption

South Africa’s former President Jacob Zuma has told a judge-led inquiry that allegations of corruption against him were a “conspiracy” aimed at removing him from the political scene.

He was appearing for the first time at the inquiry, which is investigating allegations that he oversaw a web of corruption during his term in office.

His supporters cheered when he entered the building.

Mr Zuma, 77, was forced to resign as president in February 2018.

He was replaced by his then deputy Cyril Ramaphosa, who promised to tackle corruption in South Africa. Mr Ramaphosa described Mr Zuma’s nine years in office as “wasted”.

The allegations against Mr Zuma focus on his relationship with the controversial Gupta family, which was accused of influencing cabinet appointments and winning lucrative state tenders through corruption.

He has also been accused of taking bribes from logistics firm Bosasa, run by the Watson family.

They all deny allegations of wrongdoing.

“I have been vilified, alleged to be the king of corrupt people,” Mr Zuma told the inquiry led by Judge Ray Zondo.

“I have been given every other name and I have never responded to those issues,” he added.

Zuma on the ‘conspiracy’ against him

He lashed out, in detail – and with fury – at what he said was a decades-long conspiracy against him.

He implied that the UK and US had been – and still were – part of an elaborate plot to discredit him, even as he tried to bring about political and economic change in South Africa.

Mr Zuma alleged that former government minister Ngoako Ramatlhodi, who gave damning evidence against him, was part of the plot.

Other foreign trained agents had tried to poison him, Mr Zuma said, without naming them.

In an interview with South Africa’s privately owned News24 website, Mr Ramatlhodi denied being a spy.

He was prepared to undergo a lie detector test, and would challenge Mr Zuma to do likewise.

On the eve of the hearing Mr Zuma was in a good mood. He tweeted a video of himself laughing at the chant “Zuma must fall!”


(Source: BBC)


  1. Sbm

    African leaders…

  2. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    All African Leaders are corrupt regardless of their locations!!!! This is so because they are poor and they are trying to get rich through corruption. If am lying, come in the open and show me an African President who is free from corruption???’

  3. Herv Rena

    We also have one king of corruption who does not want to rid his cronies that are even winning cases mysteriously. Same will happen to him..

  4. James

    A corrupt person is always corrupt, now he’s trying to corrupt other people’s minds by denying the small title that he’s been given ” king of corruption ” please sir we know how corrupt African leaders are especially those from the southern region of Africa, they are even good at denying the corruption they do.
    You will see they are going to acquit him because has the king of corruption he’s connections with other kings of corruption who cannot be seen now they are supporting him in the background not those cheering him.
    Corruption will never end, we admire them not knowing what they are doing behind our backs.
    God will punish them.

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    We the Bull-dozer Pombe Magufuli…! He is a man intergrit

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    No one is willing to be killed (kufwa na no)

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    People who does not even fear God, they will die with there sins these corrupt people

  8. D. M

    In a certain country corruption is endemic that arrested for corruption Ministers continue sitting in parliament immorally. Rendering investigating wings of government useless. Such Ministers are better called Horrible Ministers not Honourable. Their president inclusive.

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    dere minds already corrupted.indeed dey ar (kings of corruption)in chambia be a cadre you enjoy life.

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