Lusaka Man Shot by His Boss in Case of Mistaken Identity

A Man of 22 miles is nursing gun shots wounds after he was mistakenly shot by his Employer in the early hours of today.

University Teaching Hospitals Public Relations Officer Natalie Mashikolo has confirmed the incident and identified the victim as Luckson Mugala.

“The University Teaching Hospitals. – Adult Hospital have admitted a 46 year Old man by the name of Luckson Mugala of 22 miles after being shot by his Employer around 03.00 Hours.

According to the narration of his Employer Mr Botain Kalinda, he was purported to act when he was awoken by noise outside and saw someone moving.

“He fired a shot fired through his window just to later discover that it was his employee who had stepped outside to smoke a cigarette” she said.

She explained that the victim is currently being treated in Accident and Emergency unit.


  1. Milz Khingston

    Awe sure pa zed niyokosa kendulo

  2. Kk11

    Why didn’t he try to be sure of wht was going on outside before short. Anyway sad development

  3. puzzled

    mmmm chilaka chafwaka 03

  4. Jaytwo sikuku

    Too bad

  5. Gangsta grabs

    The pf cadre shot him because of elections in katuba.The employee is upnd.What is wrong with pf baboons really?

  6. Escape from Sobibor

    Koma mambala in chain-smoker,
    Wish him quick recovery
    Be careful next time,don’t come out during the night because of Fwaka

  7. Mr Man

    Too bad and be careful next time please

  8. Stephen

    He could have died simply because of fwaka

  9. mawema mbewe

    This is very sad story

  10. Taserface


  11. hachendela

    too bad to hear

  12. Tanya

    He must stop smoking, it nearly end his life

  13. Misozi

    But why does the heading say “man shot DEAD.” He ain’t dead….

    • you

      iwe misozi,where is man shot dead?check your! @

  14. Nyeeeeeeleti 🦉 🦉

    Ba fikala that person died today at 09:31 hours panyo pa shooter

  15. clint

    Home Of Drug kartels

  16. Lubinda G

    Very sad

  17. Timothy

    What does the law say? Is it to shoot and no warning shot? kkkkkkk…….

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