Chinese Man, 14 Others Nabbed for Unlawful Drilling

Police in Chingola have arrested a Chinese man who was found illegally training 14 Zambians in weapon drills.

The men were arrested on Wednesday around 10:00 hours at Rapid Construction Warehouse along Kasompe road in Chingola, Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has disclosed.

She said Police rushed to the scene after concerned members of the public reported the matter and they found nine air guns which have been confiscated while the suspects have been detained at Chingola Central Police for unlawful drilling.

“Those arrested are James Banda 20, of House number 26 Andrew Mwenya road Chiwempala, Martin Chinyama 25, H No. 61 Kanongesha road Chiwempala, Samson Sinkala 19, of 82/B11 Nkamba Drive Nchanga North, Joseph Phiri 23, and Isaac Phiri 25 both of 12 Lwele road Chikola, Kellison Kapasa 27, of 4 Kazunga street Nchanga North, Bruce Simukonda 23, of 39 old Airport Nchanga North, Muloiso Mkandawire 23, of 12 Pine Kabundi North,” Katanga stated.

“Others are Albert Mwansa 23, of 6956 Lupando Street Nchanga North, Elias Mwale 21, of 25/35 Makeni Lusaka, Sydney Mupeta 26, of KB8 Kafue Makeni Lusaka, Arthur Sinkonde 28, of Namwala Street Nchanga North, Pintu Boniface 31, of NC4 Namwala Street Nchanga North and a Chinese National Liang Bin Giang 32 of Rapid Construction.”

(File Picture from a Livingstone Incident)


  1. Bk

    Nishani you want to overthrow our Government

  2. Petros

    Just deport the stupid Chinese, he has lost his mind and the only thing he wants to do is cause chaos in the already broke nation. Stupid man.

  3. Gangsta grabs

    Go to china with your black ass and do drills,even a simple salute,you’re dead.Lungu’s love of chinese money from exim bank of china has turned zambia into a shit hole.The china man will be out 2moro.Fuck you chikala!

  4. KK11

    This has jst opened our eyes country men and women of what the so called chiness people behind the seens. Our men and women in uniforms need to take this matter seriously before the chiness get advanced.

    • Let that stupid China man learn to understand that Zambia is a sovereign state with a systematic governance. Atase icibeleshi,kuti naisakashengaula amapi!!

      Let that stupid China man learn to understand that Zambia is a sovereign state with a systematic governance. Atase,icibeleshi, kuti naisakashengaula amapi.!!!

  5. kabno

    too bad

  6. Bs

    Late the law take its course

  7. Bs

    Late the law take its course and why can’t you display their pictures so that we know them

  8. Advisor

    Zambians and your blame game. No one is condemning the 14 foolish Zambians involved but busy blaming one Chinese man. How can 14 normal men be fooled by one yellow short man? Anyway, I am not surprised cause it’s normal for Zambians like the way they blame ECL for everything that goes wrong. One Lungu against 14 million Zambians. Learn to accept responsibilities. Don’t blame the Chinese for your failure to think and make wise decisions.

    • mwape evans

      In Zambia na decision ya muntu ni lungu ,Chabashini kashi

  9. Mona Lungu

    please mwebalya indalama shama Chinese ishibeni ukuti bakalwila babuntungwa balelwisha mukutila abena zambia bakakwate ubwikalo busuma no mutende.Nomba mweba politician baino mwaikalila fye ukupela impanga yesu ku ma Chinese ba mwana mala ambi, nomba mwamona fintu bayamba ukucita Nga drilling balecita nefyo ifina Zambia ifyashishi fyalola mwi ? Tamfyeni bonse bama Concoli, Nga mwafilwa ukuteka fumenipo na banenu batekeko tapali ico mulecita bane.

    • Baba

      Too bad. this is happening in our nation way are going too. Its not to blame this man but blame the anthourities.

  10. Escape from Sobibor

    RIP,,,,Sata come back & see abantu washa ifyo baleonaula Zambia

  11. Anthony chitefu

    Ndelolesha fyee

  12. Barotseland

    Not in drilling but in Marshall arts. Drilling is done out in the bush. PF police don’t say those are UPND cadres, when you see Namwala street, especially kapokola Chariot Katanga province.

  13. puzzled

    mmmm are these chocholi’s bringing development or disapointment its like its now crime after crime lets c wat wil happen 15 yrs dwn tha line

  14. JM

    c now people u are bringing to our country they ar now influencing rebel mind to our people SHAME

  15. yellow fuckers

    it’s 14 battalion jointly traning which chambia &china signed,’MOU’ ask home affairs minister he knows about it, sure honestly those guns,how did they aquire them,pleez ths country also nemwe,,,,,,,,,


    Drilling has become a common activity in Zambia. Remember that GBM was allegedly found drilling people with pangas? I wonder what has become of his case now that he is in PF.

  17. Nyakoko

    Its tym i came out someone gets to knw who i am . I dnt tonalat no sense. Boi zp do yo waste on these up coming boko alamuz

  18. Sylvey

    Just deport this fuckin Chinese man

  19. John Chivela

    Y Chinese a still in Zambia, let those people 2go in their land thy have a big land but thy a here 2destroy our goods•

  20. Lunduman

    I can say bad to Chinese but the one who is senseless is the person allowing those stupid minds people here in Zambia they say who walks with stupid will be also stupid and who walks with theve will also become a of the theve so Zambian sakamana

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