Govt Releases K5m for Chongwe Water Project

The Ministry of Finance has released K5 million for part completion of remaining works on the Chongwe Water Improvement Supply Project.

The Ministry Of Water And Environment Protection, in partnership with the Lusaka Water Supply and Sanitation, is implementing the K28 million water project as a long term intervention to water challenges affecting the district.

Ministry Public Relations Officer Amos Zulu, in a statement issued today, said the contractor, Zambezi Drilling and Exploration Company, has re-mobilized to complete the remaining 15 per cent of the works.

He explained that the works include construction of an eight kilometre water pipe from Margaret Mwachiyeya to Chongwe Town.

“The project will see the development of a well field with four boreholes, construction of a 400 cubic meters ground reservoir, construction of a booster station and laying of a transmission pipeline,” Mr Zulu explained.

He added that it is envisaged that the Chongwe water and supply project will, in the mediium to long term, address the water supply challenges that have been experienced in the recent past.


  1. Mr PM

    Thanks for this beautiful news and pray that it becomes a reality rather than just mere words to make us happy.this is the development we want see .

  2. puzzled

    ati k5million are u calculating even the money dat wil be stollen through corrupt means

  3. Anthony mumba

    We will believe when it happens

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