Kamanga Loses CAF Election

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga has lost his bid for the CAF Executive Committee member position to Mauritian candidate Mohammed Samir.

Kamanga amassed 12 votes with Samir getting 38 votes while eSwatini candidate Adam Mthetwa received two votes.

The elections were held at the on-going CAF congress in Cairo with two candidates in the Southern zone withdrawing at the last minute.

Zimbabwean Fenton and Elvis Chetty of Seychelles pulled out at the last minute.

The seat being fought for was previously held by Kalusha Bwalya who served two terms.


  1. John Isaiah Bwanga

    Hard lack Kamanga please try next time cousin!

    • Division One

      We will continue supporting you Andrew. You gave it your try. Its better than to leave that SEAT to GALU the thief. We have been embarassed by the same GALU’s theft . We should not let this GALU get anywhere corridors of power .

    • Bk

      Kamanga just back what he was doing to Kalu.He funded Call boys to boo!!!!! KaLu in stadium’s

  2. HH

    The position was for Kalu. But problem Kalu cannot support his fellow Zambian due to kalijo. Hard lucky cousin, anyway never lose hope. Bonse ndimwe ba kalijo. When Kalu was a president for Faz you were not good towards him ba kamanga wesu. Alanififine chakulaba.

  3. AK

    Mr Kamanga has failed to run football in Zambia. He can’t win elections at CAF level.

    • Daniel Banda

      The usual negative and not appreciating attitude towards other people. Did you know that pessimistic people harm themselves especially when they fight the truth. Did you experience a football season failure since Kamanga came into office? The transitional league was a success under Kamanga. Demonstrate wisdom by justifying your accusation or I might judge you harshly.

    • Jac

      You try and stand next time

  4. Finthu niweka

    Kali u stop kalijo kwati te bamu Zambia,so he didn’t vote for kamanga.

  5. dudecof

    Kamanga was fighting kalu when is was faz boss, its like kamanga want to copy everything kalu does very feel people know kamanga by the way so friendly advice to kamanga to stick to his shadow and is a lcon.

  6. dudecof

    Kamanga was fighting kalu when is was faz boss, its like kamanga want to copy everything kalu does very feel people know kamanga by the way so friendly advice to kamanga to stick to his shadow and kalu is a lcon.

  7. mulase

    Kalusha is a sellout nd selfish guy.He can do anything just for money.Mind u..its not only Kamanga he was fighting but all Zambians.Y did he have to support the Mauritian guy as if that guy will help FAZ in any way?I hate Zambians who fight their own brothers just for money.

    • Jubula.

      Mulase I hate Zambians who are so narrow minded as to think a Zambian should support a Zambian just because they are from the same country

      • Bina

        Well said, should we support for the sake of supporting? Lets grow up.

  8. Bashikulu Em2a

    Have you ever seen kalu backing a fellow Zambian?Remember kalaba’s issue?Kalu opted for a Zimbabwean!So,mauritian has won,and ba kalu is going to have something.Am not educated,finito.

  9. saimbwende

    cikala yu we told him to leave it to Kalu, he is just a spoiler and full of hate for Kalu. i personally am happy that he has lost miserably. Next you are losing your presidency at the next FAZ elections, idiot.

  10. Madalitso M Phiri

    I am vindicated. Kamanga saw it fit to bring down or embarrass Kalu by accusing Kalu of corruption. Today Kalu should be accused again for Kamanga’s own failures? Even Simata Simata qualified Zambia to Afcon without dropping points in the qualifying serries during his tenure. Today we have a FAZ president whose job is not football but fight Kalu… I remember he used to say Kalu is a footballer. He is the manager. But between the two who has delivered? For those who do not have facts about Zambian football learn to research. Kamanga’s history is full of nothing but failure because of his big ego. They say pride goes before a fall. Good lesson for him and his blind followers.

    • Madalitso M Phiri

      Meanwhile, let us just continue watching Afcon without Zambia participating. If Kamanga continues, the status quo may continue. Once beaten, twice shy.

  11. amaz

    it was a well known face that Kananga will lose. kalu is not his level.

  12. Escape from Sobibor

    Kalusha Bwalya is so happy about thiz results


    This what we always said would happen. There times and levels in life when you must take and heed (to) advice. This was one such time for FAZ. They went into this election fool hardy and against heavy odds,hoping against hope.
    Zambia is the loser not Kamanga. We are not happy. We have been sold out, short changed and injured.
    Next time FAZ should not even put up a candident, not until they stop their squabbles. Let the Zimbabwe candident go to CAF.

  14. Youth movement

    Kamanga did Nothing wrong by just exercising his right.

    • Madalitso M Phiri

      It is not a right if someone introduces an integrity test, when he knew he falsely accused Kalu of corruption. Why then did FIFA acquit Kalu? Isn’t it true that Kalu has been damaged more by Kamanga’s actions? I am an observer…

      • ROKA.

        You are dull!This is the dullness which takes development backwards! Surely can’t you how football management and administration have changed. Integrity has been put in place.Clubs are what is rightly belong to them.No cadreism as was the cake under the precious leadership. By the man was found guilty and fined though at reduced rate!Blutter is no longer there!This is the man who protected corruption in the name no interference from government and yet governments contributed a lot of money. Arrogance towards government and sports council of was pathetic! VIVA Chimanga Changa.Continue educating Zambians that football is now big business!!

        • SHUSHUSHU


        • Positive Criticking

          Under who’s tenure of office did Zambia lift the AFCON cup? Who brought Herve Renard? Maybe at MTN Super League and these other Local football tournaments where we are praising ourselves! The attitude of PHD when someone is in the driving seat is bad. It is time. It is somehow a known fact that when one of the two rivals was in the driving seat, the passenger wished to drive. However, this is football but it has proved to me that it is poor leadership that is failing us Zambians. We are heartbroken and always shifting our attention to seeking solace by watching European football and pretending to be part of them even where we are not known. Castle and Mosi gains market when watching European football unlike when Zambia is playing! Use our hard earned money properly to always put a smile on our faces.

      • You can compare kamanga to kalu Zambians let learn to appreciate kalu has a lot for us bringing Africa cup to Zambia is a small achievement why are we choosing to be blind Zambians we too forgetful

        Kananga is failure & can not be compared to great Kalu Zambians we are too forgetful

    • What right?

      The right to go and see that you can’t win?

  15. Evans kabelenga

    Kamanga hasn’t archived anything in terms of football in Zambia

  16. Madalitso M Phiri

    It is not a right if someone introduces an integrity test, when he knew he falsely accused Kalu of corruption. Why then did FIFA acquit Kalu? Isn’t it true that Kalu has been damaged more by Kamanga’s actions? I am an observer…

  17. Brayo

    It’s good he lost because he knows nothing about football and he is full of hatred for Kalu. He fought Kalu when he was president and always try to copy our football legend. See what happens in March next year or whenever faz elections will be held. My heart bled to watch Mauritania at afcon and not zambia all because of ak. Jealous people never win

  18. Dr Honest

    that is good, don’t copy kalusha is good for life

  19. Dr Honest

    kalusha for life, great kalu is our man will support you always

  20. Try again

    Tough lack sir, try again if chance arises.

    • Ridi Kyula

      Which next time? Who will be foolish enough to allow him?

  21. Emma

    viva kalu,job well done,…checkmate kamanga

  22. James

    Good start Mr K,,,,,,, the future is very bright, we need zambians in that CAF executive forget about king kalu he is very selfish.
    Don’t give up Mr K try even next time we need people who are willing to work with other zambians not what king kalu is doing only after making a name for himself.
    Our FAZ president we are behind you sir.
    Tiyende pamodzi, we only have one zambia.

    • king buga

      u always say kalu is selfish,ati aweh niwakalijo wait have u ever asked ur self this question ”wat has kalu done to u and ur family”

  23. Gessik

    Those of you who want to draw comparisons between these two are wasting time. The two are in two different categories .The only common thing between the two is the FAZ Presidency tag .After all this one still remains a footballer while the one remains something else ,l mean Kamangabolitcs.

  24. Edgar Chafula

    I’m not talking about their capabilities but I want to say one truth that under Kananga even some stewards for Africa under 20, 2017 tournament have not been paid even now. These people who came from different local football fraternity sacrificed a lot to travel to the tournament, their lunch and any other aspects of their service at the tournament. To the disappoint of the administration, they can not have any answer even now. Please help.

  25. Chulube

    Ukulinganya fimofimo kulomisha! You must crawl before you can walk. The big lesson here is that you reap what you sow. Kamanga saw it fit to fight Kalusha and rebel against him to the extent that Kalusha could not even do his job properly. He wants to match Kalusha in everything out of jealousy. The truth is that Kamanga will never achieve what Kalusha has achieved, so just chill and be who you are and do what you are good at(which is NOT football).
    Kuluza situlesa manje kalusidwe!

  26. Dog bite

    Kananga must resigned as Zambia’s faz president and his wife if at all he is married must divorce him football in zambia has fallen below his ass so must declare as impotent for not impregnating and bear a child at football house. Idiot

  27. SEE MIND

    Fooball pa Zed his dead through Kamanga leadership. You Zambian folower football please stand up now already we drawn 2021 with tough group we need a experienced coaches!!!

  28. 2021

    How many goals has kamanga scored for Zambia? even those who voted for him to have 12 votes are useless.

  29. Jay Jay Okocha

    Imagine not seeing Zambia at afcon for two tournaments! Unheard of! Zambia used to identify with afcon. It’s like a bicycle without wheels

  30. pmmc

    He doesn’t just deserve to be, he should try something else not football⚽

  31. SLK

    Did Kalusha Bwalya take part in the voting.
    If so why not apply an integret test during voting.
    How do you allow a person who failed an integret test to vote.
    Any way hard luck

  32. Ba Zambia

    Kamanga has only succeeded in stopping Kalu from getting the seat by hijacking the nomination. This spoiler attitude is bad. Believe you me had Kamanga given Kalu a chance to stand for CAF position the tension between the two would have been easier.


    KALU is jst something else, very heartless there z noway he can vote for a person from mouritania instead of his fellow zambian and this is not the first time Kalu has done this remember when KALABA was nominated on the african footballer of the year, still KALU opted for the ugandan goalkepper DAVID ONYANGO instead of KALABA a fellow zambian just becouse KALABA has won AFCON in his career while him has not One thing i understand z dat KALU doesnt want any zambian footballer to surpass wat he has done in his career i wonder if he congratulated CHRISTOPHER KATONGO 11 when he won BBC African footballer of the year LESA EKA EWISHIBE BA KALU 11

  34. Tokota

    They have done him well. God has answered our prayers and He will continue to do so. Kamanga is heartless and a thief whose interest is not Zambian Football but to enrich himself. Imagine the U20 Afcon tournament, Old and young people sacrificed their time without paying them, The 4 Nations Tournament and Zambia Vs Cameroun games, People still not paid. Is this a person we can support? Go to hell

  35. mulase

    Iwe chi Jubula..don’t call me nallow minded wen u nd yo entire clan have never played football.U don’t even understand Wat effect this loss means to Zambian football.Zambia not qualifying to Afcon is not about Kamanga but blame the Zambian economy especially the Politicians who ar busy stealing nd selling nd not helping Zambian companies to thrive.U think a foreign company can sponsor football in Zambia?Can’t u see that the standard of football in this country has gone down due to sponsorship issues.Only teams which ar well sponsored ar thriving like Zanaco,Zesco etc etc.Mufulira wanderers which nurtured your so called Kalu is no where near the elite.Can u mention only one thing or Zambian business which is doing well now?Everything has gone to the dogs.The economy is bad that most premier league teams do not even own their own buses but depend on well wishers to hire buses for them nd yet yo ministers ar busy building mansions with questionable sources of money arrested nd aquittals ar the order of the day.Don’t be so sleepy to think that football in Zambia can improve na njala.This is a Govt which even fails to pay netballers wen they go out nd u want to blame Kamanga..ma labish yako!!!!!

  36. mulase

    Jubula..If u..u support children born frm another Man or woman leaving yo own,don’t poke yo long nose into other people’s family affairs.This is a Zambian affair affecting us Zambians nd not u.There is no foreigner either domiciled in Zambia or outside who means well to us other than one SouthAfrican multi choice old soccer pundit who speaks well for Zambian football.The rest of u behave like Kalusha.Yes…he was a great footballer nd we can’t take away that from him but he is the worst football administrator Zambia has ever had.Wen Kalu was at the helm of FAZ with all the resources availed to him by Govt,he never won any major trophy for Zambia.Today we call him great kalu only for his dribbling skills but not for winning trophies.Whilst at FAZ he is also known for corrupt practices nd this is in public domain.Ask FIFA how they also know him.The fact is am Zambian nd will always support a fellow Zambian to run for positions be it at CAF OR FIFA for the benefit of the current nd future football generations PERIOD!!!!

  37. Fisunge

    Does it mean that kamanga would have worn if kaili supported him? No he didn’t just sell himself that’s why firstly he told kaili that he was a thief and corrupt how would one want to be supported by such a one I think kalu did well not to support him he could have been sighted for corruption now he knows that he can’t win alone it’s time kamanga Shud learn to respect his friends Viva kalu you’re an icon Fifa knows you could have influenced the càf

  38. Barotseland

    Why is that people from the eastern province always lose elections.
    For example Rupiah Bwezani Banda and in 2021 will be the man from Petauke/Chawama.kikikikkiki!

  39. KanyeKanye

    Easterners should count themselves lucky in 2021, they will be rescued by this man from cowthern province, who is experienced (5X) in loosing. Kkkkkk

  40. levy malasha

    Kali was better than Kamanga

  41. Zulu Williams

    Kamanga can’t manage that position, that much I new

  42. Let me talk.

    Let’s learn to appreciate. Kalusha Bwalya is an icon for Zambia. Equally Kamanga but fighting for supremacy, recognition and power, is not a good attitude. Both are Zambians and Kamanga holding an influential position in Zambia so as to improve on Zambian football but before going for a CAF election, we could see wrangles, politicians taking sides, this and that- an administrative failure indeed. The one who had been at CAF before, would have coached the other on how it goes had there been agreeable term of wanting to contest. Fighting started here between the two but look at the result! No one has sold anyone but God has decided.

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