Kitwe Police Retrieve New Born from Pit Latrine

The Zambia Police Service and Kitwe Fire brigade officers have retrieved a new-born dumped in a pit latrine.

Kitwe City Council Public Relations Manager Roy Kuseka has confirmed the incident saying the baby was retrieved around 07:30 hours in Saint Anthony settlement of Kitwe.

The Zambia police had failed to retrieve the baby and called the Fire Brigade for reinforcement.

“Yes, this morning, the Kitwe Fire Brigade was called in by the police to retrieve a baby that was dumped in the pit latrine. The time the baby was picked, it was still alive and we have since handed it over to medical personnel at Kitwe Teaching Hospital for observation,” Kuseka said.

And Kitwe Teaching Hospital (KTH) public relations officer Phebby Chileya said the baby girl who was taken to the hospital around 8:00 hours this morning had a low temperature but has since stabilized after doctors put her in an incubator.

Chileya revealed that the baby is weighing about a kilogramme and is responding well to medical care.



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