Musenge NDC Claim Thrown Out

The Lusaka High court has thrown out the case in which NDC former Secretary General Mwenya Musenge has dragged the party to court.

In this matter, Musenge had sought an interpretation of the NDC Constitution regarding the status of party Leader Chishimba Kambwili, Secretary General Bridget Attanga and the entire central committee.

Musenge had contended that Dr. Kambwili, Mrs Attanga and the entire central committee were illegally in court.

Judge Ruth Chibbabuka presided over the matter.

In throwing out the matter, judge Chibbabuka ruled that the matter bought by Musenge was frivolous as it lacked merit.

The judgement now means that Dr. Kambwili remains as President of the NDC including Secretary General Bridget Attanga and the entire central committee remains intact.

A fortnight ago, Musenge had dragged the party to court following his removal as NDC Secretary General.

He was claiming that Dr. Kambwili was in office legally.

Lawyer Christopher Mundia represented Dr. Kambwili and Mrs. Attanga in this matter.

Andrew Musukwa represented Musenge.


  1. Daniel Banda



    it was well known fact that kambwili he is a powerful and strongest leader of ndc, viva ndc, imbwili ni mbwili.

  3. mulobezi

    Is it a political party or cooperative?national democratic co-orperative.

    • Doubt Katwishi

      With what it has gone through, it qualifies to be a cooperative. A political party for instance would not have a care taker. Kkkkkkk

  4. JB

    It’s like the judge is bias,it’s musenge who formed this party

  5. Bashikulu Em2a

    Fyenu ifyo.Am not educated,finito.


    Mwenya Musenge don’t fight you just back to PF rejoin. Kambwili no where he go 2021, Ck can’t form government next maybe to combain with HH !!!

  7. Fines afive, five

    Comment ….Mwenya mdala you come to Upnd and adop you as cb coodinator kikikiki Ba bemba mwashupa boy musenge !!

  8. KanyeKanye

    Mwenye Musenge tekwesha! Remember what they have done to your fellow bembas. Just stick in there or go to pf or better still green party.

  9. puzzled

    imbwili ni mbwili atleast ck is making noise not ba mwenye musenge

  10. Village dweller Choma

    Musenge the biggest loser of all time! Go go Mbwili ni Mbwili!
    Mbwili join hands with HH and kick out Paya Farmer.
    Long live Mbwili and NDC.
    Long live HH and UPND.

  11. Abena Kafue

    JB is it true mwenya musenge formed ndc? I don’t think so. Musenge has failed to attract members.

  12. emmanuel


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