2 Arrested Over Fake G12 Certificates

Police have arrested two people for being in possession of fake grade 12 certificates.

Examinations Council of Zambia Public Relations Specialist Ronald Tembo, who confirmed the development, said the duo was arrested when they tried to verify school results at the Lusaka Service Centre.

Elliot Muntanga aged 43 of Lusaka’s Chalala Area and a fourth year student at Lusaka Apex Medical Student was found with a fake 1995 grade 12 certificate allegedly obtained at Kamwala General Certificate of Education Centre in Lusaka.

Tembo said the other suspect is Precious Tembo, aged 32, of Chalala in Lusaka who was also found with a fake 2004 grade 12 certificate from Parklands Secondary School whose examination she never sat for.


  1. Doubt Katwishi

    Precious Tembo? Mmmmmmmm. I won’t say much.

  2. Nyeeeeeeleti 🙉 🙉

    Mapolo namachende yanu,I wasn’t sleeping pounding the whole night to get six points whilst you wer sleeping ati I get one ku matero you are even ku University imbwa imwe.you are the same guys when you graduate as doctors killing us coz of your dander heads imbwa imwe🐕🐕🐕

  3. Nyeeeeeeleti 🦉 🦉

    How about Muntanga, you won’t say much aswel

  4. James

    There are no shortcuts in life see what has happen now, please for genuine certificates you can go back to school and sit for exams under GCE you will make this time, free advice take it or live it.

  5. Bk

    Arrest The

  6. lulu

    hmmmmm 😨😨shame!!

  7. ackronnkandela@gmail.com

    Those people are the one who is making data’s how can them can make fake certificate? Take them betraiyed because they will cause lezznes to the youths



  9. No idea

    Mm mm mm mm mm mm life imprisonment uyoooo us we are struggling to pass aweeeee boma ilikuti

  10. Frank Chombela

    I think the university is in it for money. The so-called Kamwala General Certificate of Education Centre is supposed to be in Lusaka. Even the name is a work of fiction. And the culprit even went as far as 4th yr in mefical sch? My goodness, Zambian lives aren’t safe.

  11. Ba eazy

    Nikupusa deal with them satanically

  12. Smart k

    Frank chombela u r right i agree with u, becoz wen u r entering the university u av to take the original state of results to the police for verification. Even me i think same the university is in for money mmmmm fake college’s. Uza muziba yesu mudala and madam.

  13. enock

    Comment too bad actually they deserve stiff punishment.

  14. Jay1

    Lekeni abaiche ha ha ha…..life is a journey…. Sometimes you are forced to do things coz of the way the system operates….what can you do you are 40 chakati and then wherever u want to do ati grade 12 certificate…lol…kuchi foja we…ha ha ha! Not everybody should be educated to have a life….

  15. Ian

    But how did they enter the university?

  16. Floyd Kambita

    This idea fake certificates has destroyed our country. People should learn to work hard for any paper given to them. Law should visit anyone who cheats.

  17. Amashisha

    They have violated the law but if they were doing very well in university then they should get a penalty that does not interfere with their tertiary study so they can finish their study. Cutting them from university and send them to jail is no a benefit for the government but a consequence that will eventually turp up for the government.

  18. Nozipho

    They failed to commit themselves and secrifice their leisure time while knowing they want decent jobs and life.There are many others out there stealing state money in the same way.shame yourselves mxm

  19. Bughatti

    You reap what you sow

  20. Ferrahri

    @Amashisha,dont promote laziness in pupils by allowing those culprits to continue with their studies at university.let them face the law

  21. James

    Nothing is hidden under the sun

  22. Peter Nkhoma

    well,let the law take its course…

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